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  1. Seriously?! They have never had smoking on the sundeck!!! That’s bullshit.
  2. Super disappointing as we were told they were adding one? Did you go up there?
  3. Hello, If anyone on oasis can confirm whether they added a hot tub to the suite sundeck it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi folks, Anyone hear about whether they are putting hot tub on the suite sundeck on the oasis refurb? Thanks!
  5. Can anyone comment if they are adding a hot tub to the suite deck like they have on the harmony and symphony? Thanks!
  6. 1764 on harmony and we are doing 1748 on oasis this Jan.
  7. They don’t show the hot tubs on the deck plans on harmony and they are there so it’s hard to know if they are adding them. Thanks.
  8. We have sailed the CL with two children 9 and 7 and we loved it. Yes there isn’t a ton of privacy but there’s a big bathroom upstairs and we spent a lot of time on the balcony enjoying the view. I wouldn’t sail in any other room. You do not feel like you’re on a cruise ship so bright and airy.
  9. We stayed in the very front crown loft suite on the harmony and loved it. It is slightly cheaper than the other side rooms because they said it was slightly obstructed but it wasn’t and we loved it. We loved the proximity to the lounge. We found it very quiet and enjoyable. We booked the same room on the oasis this year.
  10. Hi everyone, We are booked on the oasis in Jan after refurb and we are wondering if they will be putting a hot tub on the suite sundeck like the harmony and the symphony? We really enjoyed it on the harmony last year. Do you know if the rooms are getting any changes? We are staying in a crown loft suite and curious if they are updating the rooms? Thanks so much!
  11. Hi All, We are wondering if we should book a cabana? We want to be sure to have a lounge chair on the beach where we can watch our kids 6 and 8 play in the water. Is it necessary? We’ve only ever done Disney and have always booked the cabana for the private beach but it sounds like in this beach you don’t need that. We are in a crown loft suite. Would appreciate any input. We’ve never cruise royal before. Cheers!
  12. Wow! Amazing. Thank you all for all of this amazing information. I really appreciate all of your insight. We are not huge Disney fans. Our kids are now 6 and 8 and so they care much less about the Disney characters and to be honest they’ve done all of the cruises Disney offers except the Mediterranean and I feel like they are ready for something new. The concierge level on Disney is exceptional. They knew us by name and went so far above and beyond so it will be big shoes to fill. We do like to have some drinks so will likely do a drink package. I’m still confused about the dining. Do we tip separately our servers in ck? Do people have opinions on the restaurant where they make the food in front of you? We’d like to try that. Is it worth getting off the ship at their island in Haiti? Castaway was so amazing, do I expect similar? Cel_cruise your upside down lab is adorable! Thank you all so much for your help!
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