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  1. NEW CRUISE VLOG! My take on the current health and safety protocols when it comes to wearing face masks onboard.
  2. NEW CRUISE VLOG! My crew cabin tour from Odyssey Of The Seas is now live! This is the type of accommodation you can expect to live in, when you work on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.
  3. Today has made me realize how much Facebook and Instagram has taken over my life...
  4. NEW CRUISE VLOG! This week, I share with you one of the side duties I have to do as a crew member, whilst working on a cruise ship.
  5. Haha. I believe right now the North Star has a limited capacity of people for each ride.
  6. First of all, congratulations! I'm pretty sure you are the first wedding onboard Odyssey. Staircase photo on the Esplanade is a classic. The hallway of art on the Esplanade is also very nice. I would also say the Music Hall, and maybe even the Solarium are nice locations.
  7. NEW CRUISE VLOG! Just another day in my life, and why I love working on a cruise ship!
  8. Yes, a lot of crew like shopping on Amazon - especially those where Amazon is not in their home country.
  9. The crew shop has everything we need, and I made sure I packed enough and brought plenty of toiletries with me onboard.
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