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  1. New vlog has just gone live! I tell you exactly how much money I make working onboard cruise ships!
  2. Guys, I'm 5 subscribers away from 400! If you haven't already, smash the subscribe button, and keep up to date with all my work on a cruise ship vlogs! www.youtube.com/ChristopherWongVLOGS Thank you again for all the love so far! We're just about to leave Port Canaveral, ready for yet another busy cruise. I spent today in Publix buying lots of essentials. This is how I typically spend my turnaround day.
  3. Here on Mariner, we don't even have baccarat. I would assume it's more common on the ships in Asia.
  4. So today is a sea day. I'm sure for everyone here, sea days are relaxing and a lot of fun. For us crew members, it is actually one of the busiest and longest days of the cruise. We be can working up to 14 hours. (including our breaks) My schedule on sea days as an Assistant Casino Host is 11am-4pm and then 7pm-1am Working in the shops my schedule was 9am-11pm (45 minutes for much, 2 hours for dinner)
  5. Just made a little thank you video! Thank you to all of you who have watched and showed support to my vlogs, and I have loved getting to meet some of you who have come onboard my ship. I have also just finished filming a 'how much I earn' video as well, so look out for that. Any guesses out there as to how much my salary is?
  6. These cruises are so quick, I guess we just never crossed paths. 3 and 4 day cruises keep my very busy all the time. Thank you. One day I hope to make vlogs for Royal Caribbean full time, so hopefully my YouTube channel will get me there.
  7. Celebrations on Oasis class ships must be epic! I would love to be a guest one day.
  8. The package I buy is $60 for 900 minutes. Lasts for 30 days.
  9. Yes, this was when I was still working in the shops. I do have footage of the crew party, but didn't include it, in case it got me into trouble with the company.
  10. Just posted my video from New Years Eve on Independence last year! Let me know what you guys think. Anyone here cruised during New Years?
  11. I believe the casino use to open earlier in Coco Cay, but recently changed it this year to open at 5:15pm I think in Labadee the casino is open all day.
  12. Ha ha! He knew, he just went along with it for the vlog!
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