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  1. Wow! We were on the Feb. 3 cruise which stopped in Qatar. Glad we had a chance. Our scheduled stop in Bahrain was canceled but that was due to security concerns.
  2. BTW the Jewel for 2019 received the highest marks fleet wide for service.
  3. Call their special number, 1 800 Eire mon 😂
  4. Yes the Jewel which we sailed on last month had an Indian menu every night and in addition they made items not on the menu as well, usually served the next evening. We have cruised with RCI, X, Princess, NCL and Carnival and it’s been our experience to simply request Indian food on day one and they will make it for you, no problem. Once one of the chefs who is Jamaican came to the MDR to see how things were and jokingly I asked for jerk chicken. And the next night I got it!
  5. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=678876&et_cid=3317225&et_rid=16708321&et_referrer=Contest_Costa_June2013
  6. We were on this ship Feb 3 out of Dubai. 12 hours before boarding an email and text was sent which read if you were in China w/i the past 15 days boarding would be denied. Just curious but does anyone know specifically what RCI did to those who were denied boarding for this reason? Thank you.
  7. Update. The refund arrived today so it took 10 working days. Thank you for all the helpful replies. Larry 😊
  8. I actually called the cc co. So far no pending refund but Im sure it will come
  9. I wonder if it will take longer as I imagine there are many more cancellations now due to corona virus. Thank you for the info. Larry.
  10. Per Princess and my TA that is not the issue. We cancelled in time to lose only the deposit. The question is not if but how long?
  11. We canceled a cruise for May 9 out of LA. Fortunately all we lose is the deposit which was only $2.00 as we took advantage of a one day promotion. However it’s been around 9 days now and no refund yet. The cruise was paid in full. Any experiences with how long it takes for the refund to post? Thank you.
  12. Actually and FYI I found out they have a kiosk on the dock.
  13. Good afternoon. I would like to know about getting to the HOHO bus in Qatar from the ship Jewel of the Seas. To book directly with the HOHO bus company is significantly less than thru the Royal but I would like to know how to get to the bus first. Can you walk, take a cab, etc, Thank you. 😁
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