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  1. Aurora did the same on 23rd at 18:30pm. She was there for only 30 minutes then left. Perhaps she picked up passenger left by Arcadia.
  2. Does anyone know why Britannia approached Lisbon this morning at around 7am and then resumed her course back to Southampton ?.
  3. Brilliant reporting . This is how it should be helps everyone with upcoming cruises and information not available freely. Enjoy the Canaries......
  4. Does this then mean that when you arrive at the terminal ( which ever way ) you will have to take your cases to the drop off point rather than a porter taking them there from your car.
  5. Who are the porters at the terminals employed by. If they are employed by one of the parking companies then this seems to be a cost cutting exercise. On Aurora in April p4c was £40 cheaper than cps. Quote today for next May approx £5 difference. Interesting to see further posts how this developes.
  6. Same for me keep getting error message.
  7. We are booked on a Norway cruise in September this year on Britannia and the tours have just been released.!!
  8. This is a good site to try. http://crew-center.com/cruise-ships-ports-schedules-2019
  9. We did this cruise in 2016 on Azura and as stated the Parthenon is a must, it is a very nice tour. Also the small ports, Mykonos,Katakolon are very pretty, did not do any tours but walked around the town very near the port. Santorini is a special place to see but did not like the Donkeys trudging up and down the path to the top, the cable car is cheap and easy. It was very hot in September but they do have strong winds around the islands at this time of year. Have a great cruise.
  10. We were on Britannia in 2015 and saw Madeline Bell at the limelight club but we were not allocated a table ,we just lined up outside and when it opened we chose our own table but it looks like they must have changed the policy since then.
  11. The cruise we are on in April on Aurora , is now nearly £5000 dearer and it looks like there is very little availability left so you can’t really tell what will happen to the prices.
  12. P&O have always adopted this when new schedules are released. Their website states that these prices are valid until 3rd December 2018 i.e 5% and10% discount on new and past cruisers. The price they display has the 5% discount accounted for so you do not see the un-discounted price. I have just booked 2 cabins on same cruise and this has been the outcome, 1 with 5% and the other with 10%. The real question is what will the price be after 3rd December2018, will it be 5% higher, if not are they breaking any rules ?.
  13. The Aquarium is well worth a visit , it was founded by Jacque Cousteau. From here is just a short walk to the palace. Plenty of cafes and bars at the top. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Reading the email from P&O it seems you can pre register on 3rd September but it does not say any options. It looks like Iona goes on sale on 10th to top tier members only. Then on 12th to others on Iona. The rest of the fleet goes on sale from 17th to 20th. It does not give much time for people who need to consult work and other commitment before they make a booking commitment. I would have thought the brochure/itinerary would have been released say 27th August to give time to study and make some sort of decision before pre registration if they were interested in Iona specifically. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Has anyone any idea when a brochure or itinerary will be released ?
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