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  1. Just checked bank account for another reason and I was shocked to find £2000 paid back into my account. Very nice surprise as we had asked for FCC instead. This was for Iona cruise 30th May 2020 but never mind we will await new brochure to see if there is anything of interest.
  2. We have just received the same email. I asked for fcc not refund but same as daveoc I am concerned something has gone wrong. I asked the agent when I called them is there any way I can check if fcc has been added but she said they are looking into it to see if it can be added to cruise personaliser
  3. Had 3 cruises this year and were really looking forward to them. Only been with p&o so cannot comment on other cruise lines but are desperately sad these will not be taking place as been looking forward to them for so long. Last cruise was Aurora 2019 so going forward have Azura booked in 2021 for 50th wedding anniversary but would like p&o to open up new destinations like Cyprus and Israel perhaps.
  4. Cancelled our booking with p4c for May, no problem very quick and only took 4 days from start to finish. well done p4c....
  5. Same as you jean , we have 3 booked this year and 2 in 2021. Kind of hoping that they cancel some of them so it gives us a bit more options, at present it looks like we will be losing some deposits as we have nowhere to move them too.
  6. Just tried to ring P&O message says their new opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9:15am to 5pm.
  7. Thanks for your reply, I was hoping anything over could be used as OBC. Never mind I will have to find an expensive cabin instead.
  8. I have searched but cannot find a answer so can anyone tell me for instance if I take £2000 fcc and I choose a new cruise that totals £1700 what happens to the balance left. Thanks.
  9. Iona just leaving Papenburg .
  10. Whilst in Spanish waters 10% is added to bars ,Restaurants and room service. From horizon news paper on Aurora 2019.
  11. As our cruise is getting nearer I have started taking a look at the plans. I find it a bit strange that the Boarding areas on deck 4 seems to be not a lot of space. Perhaps it’s just the way the plans are drawn so will have to wait and see.
  12. You only get the drop down box when the first name on the booking logs in. Then you tick a consent box to enter all passenger details from the one login.
  13. We are veritably new comers to cruising only done 8 since 2012 all on P& 0 so I am interested to know what major changes have been taking place. I know the sweets and the flower have gone from the cabin and the silver service from the MDR and the gratuities have gone but I can’t think of anything major that has affected us personally. Would be good to know what we have missed.
  14. Forgot to mention to cross the river you can walk over the Louis 1 bridge or take one of the ferries. The lower walkway of the bridge is only a single pavement which can get quite challenging when it’s busy or the ferries which are cheap and regular and a nice view of both banks.
  15. We were on Aurora last year and there were shuttle buses from the port to Oporto. They run along the coast road then down into Oporto and they started and finished near chair lift station on the side of the river where all the Port Cellars are located.
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