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  1. I have severe arthritis in my left knee, result of a motorcycle wreck. When it really acts up I put Capsazan on it. Works great. My doctor put me on Nebumetone which helps keep the inflammation down. I also always wrap my knee with Tommy Copper sleeves, work great. I don’t leave home without them.
  2. There were shops right on Front Street right off the pier selling Cubans. I saw a sign on the outside of one of the stores saying Real Cubans went in and there were three very nice ladies running the place with a good sized humidor. Can’t remember the name of the place though. Sorry. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. You can see its beautiful at Mullet Bay. We did notice that we were there about 3 hours and only saw four planes land over Maho. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Went to Mullet Bay in mid-May. Beach and water in great shape. Dont know what it was like before but there are only two portajohns to change into. A lady cooking great food, selling drinks and a lot beach chairs and umbrellas to rent. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Alot of people in the water when we were there last week. Water looked nice and clean Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. We are just back from our cruise aboard the Allure of the Seas. First stop was Saint Martin. I know I have seen a lot of questions here about the status of the island. Philipsburg is coming around at a fast rate. You hear a lot of hammers and saws working. From being there in the past it looks about 75-80% recovered. All the shops have come back. They are really happy to see tourists. Was told by the locals that Norwegian has dropped Saint Martin as an itinerary. We talked to a few cab drivers who told us that no one will take you to the French side of the island. Roads were still under construction and resorts still being rebuilt. Caught a ride with Denzel who took us to Mullet Beach and Maho. They were in good shape but on the way you can still see a lot of damage. They are just now rebuilding the 5 star resort and the casino there by Maho Beach. Which you can see were completely blown away. The bays right around the airport must have had about a dozen good sized boats still half submerged with big holes in the hulls. We were told that the Dutch government has sunk 550 million dollars into Saint Martin’s recovery, the French govt. nothing which is why the slow recovery on that side of the island. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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