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  1. That's right. The credit will go each person rather than the person who paid for it. Also you can't reserve the excursions for the entire group to insure that we will all be on the same one. Dealing direct with the tour providers seems to be more user friendly. They don't require payment until just before the cruise and you can book the entire group together.
  2. We are taking the family (7 adults, 2 Grandkids 12&8) to Alaska on the Discovery in May of 2022. I've been looking at excursions with Princess and directly with the providers. I've been told by Princess that I can't book everyone as a group to insure we are all on the same excursion. Also, they want their money immediately and if cancelled would not receive a refund, only on board credit. The outside providers do not need money immediately. I know it's way early but there is one excursion that so far I have only found on Princess and don't want to fork out $2000 and only get on board credit if cancelled. I've talked to two different Princess Vacation Planners and received the same answer. Do I need to call another, or is this the way it is? I'm sure there is someone that has faced this before. How did you get around it?
  3. Have cruised quite a bit on various cruise lines but never had to pay attention to kids. Have booked Alaskan cruise on the Discovery in May 2022 and will include grandkids who will be 6 and 10. Looking at the Princess website it looks like there should be activities to keep them entertained. I would appreciate any feedback from those who have used them. Also would like to know if you sign up for them before boarding or just show up. Is there a kids only pool? Thanks for your feedback.
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