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  1. Personally I had no qualms tipping this amount for our private tour guide as she was so great, and I doubt she makes much money. We went with the suggested amounts
  2. We just bought ours there. Our hotel sold them it turned out so it was easy
  3. Pretty sure this is a fake endorsement
  4. pretty sure that’s a fake endorsement
  5. In SPB they have a bar with a sp3cial decorative wrapper. They sell them on the ships too. In Helsinki- frazermints!
  6. Id suggest a private tour for SPB so you can customize, there are some kid-oriented ones. 100% make sure you get them to see Grand Maket (scale model Russia)
  7. For ours they pretty much set the schedule. I believe by the time we got to them it was 10
  8. Both alla and SPB have excellent reputations. We used TJ which is also great
  9. The main SPB tour companies are excellent and extremely reliable; their reputations depend on that. We had a private tour for our family of 4 and no issues whatsoever getting back with plenty of time. We used TJ
  10. Another good option for Copenhagen is the Copenhagen card if you are there a couple of days. We really enjoyed it there, so I’m glad we had a couple of days there
  11. Wanted to give this a bump in case anyone is considering a cruise like this for the summer!
  12. That is too bad about the short day, I wonder why cruises are doing that? There is so much to do, 2 full days is merited for sure. We used TJ and had a private tour a flr just our family (2 adults, 2 kids). It was amazing and with the small size our guide managed to whisk us by lines easily. We were able to fully customize our tour (see my trip review linked below). I would not miss the hermitage, Amber room and st catherine’s. We could have done without the hydrofoil from peterhof, but peterhof itself was beautiful.
  13. That’s a big bummer to have such a short visit, but make the best of it. Book a private tour and customize your itinerary, make a full day of it! We used TJtours and loved them
  14. I don’t know about the weather but the cruise/ports are fantastic. We were there last July and it was brutally hot everywhere, so October so October should be an improvement. Be sure to book a 2 day small group tour in SPB with one of the major tour companies...you won’t regret it!
  15. I don’t think possible to have much freedom in SPB, however we found our (private) tour with TJ absolutely fantastic and worth every dime. We didn’t have or need headphones. I understand your apprehension as we decided to do a ship’s excursion in Stockholm and it was completely mediocre.
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