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  1. Yes.. They do the same on CCL to.o
  2. Just wanted info on the quality of the SPA and services on Harmony of the Seas. I have not been on RCL for 12 years, Sail mostly on CCL and NCL.
  3. You should be fine to go by then, I just booked RCL Harmony of the Seas for May 2022.. feeling confident that we will sail by then.
  4. I just booked Harmony of the Seas for May 2022. I have not been on RCL for 12 years.
  5. I wanted to book a cruise for July 3, or 4, 2021 but will not be booking any cruises for now.I first started cruising back in 1990 and do miss it. SAFETY FIRST !!
  6. Also you going to have cruise lines going out of business in the next couple of months too. That's why the cruise lines wants you to keep re-booking.Over 50% of cruisers are now asking for refunds instead.Just think also about all the different suppliers to these cruise line too and employees.
  7. Port Canaveral is the easiest port to get in and out of in Florida.
  8. Expect bankruptcy coming soon for some cruise lines.
  9. Carnival will not be sailing until the earliest October or November. I too can't wait to sail, but will book for May, June or July 2021.
  10. I live in Orlando FL, 50 mins from Port Canaveral,10-15 mins from all the 3 major team parks and they will not see me until next years 2021.We are starting to have a major uptick here in Orlando. Good Luck !!
  11. I cruised on the Carnival Sunshine out of Port Canaveral back on September 21 , 2018 to Bermuda and we spend 2 days there and then went to Gard Turks, this cruise was for 8 days.
  12. I will sail next year 2021, canceled my July 4, from March. Will try back NCL and RCL next years.I have not been on them from 15 and 10 years.
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