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  1. We were just at Sunset again in March. Great food and service.
  2. I'm a Non-smoker, and totally agree with the No-smoking policy. But, I personally would rather smell pot smoke, rather than cigarette or cigar smoke. Just a personal preference.
  3. I deserve any comments I get. I'm real good about covering my bald head, and my skin from the sun. What got me, was how fast they got burned. I used to wear my turnout gear, and fire boots when I was walking on fire! I guess I forgot to pack them for my cruise.😉
  4. I did not. I didn't realize just how bad I had actually burned them, until we got home. They had hurt for the rest of the cruise. But, my soles turned rock hard, and had to be removed piece by piece over a weeks time. Almost as hard as a shell.
  5. I received the same offer. But, unfortunately I can't do any of the 8 or 10 sailings listed. But, I just received another "Mailing/Book" on Saturday from them. That listed like 10 "Holiday" sailings, and it said "20% off + $750 off". And, it had a thing about a "Free Bottle of Remy Martin? 1783"
  6. PSA for all of you future Edge cruisers. We sailed on the Edge 3/24-3/31/19. Be careful on the pool decking. I burned the bottom of my feet extremely bad on the decking. Full 2nd degree burns across the soles of my feet. It was hotter than any other deck that I have been on. And yes, I knew it was HOT, while standing beside the pool. I just didn't realize exactly how hot.😫😟
  7. I don't understand why people feel "So cheated". The cruise lines are trying to maximize their potential profits, IF a cabin is currently not sold, OR if a cabin becomes "Available" last minute. This can be due to cancellation or any other reason, before the manifest is sent to CBP or DHS, 24 hours before the sailing. Why in the hell are people so "put off" about this? If you don't like the price, don't bid. Otherwise, do you feel that there is some obligation for the "cruise fairy" to grant you a free upgrade. This is a business. The sole purpose of the company, is to make a profit for its investors. Nothing more, nothing less. They owe us NOTHING more, than the cruise and service that we have paid for. Do you get mad when you go to the car wash, and you pay for the "Basic wash", and they don't give you a "free" upgrade to the higher wash? You have the choice to pay for it. Why is it so damn trivial to so many people?
  8. Again, these posts are regarding how "Service dogs" are not being hand fed at the dining room tables, painted like zebras, and paraded around in a stroller with people petting them. Also, they are NOT allowed to sit on the furniture. What you have stated about your students needs, are legitimate. It doesn't matter the size of the dog. It is how it is handled, and how it handles itself. I believe that we ALL are in agreement, that they come in all shapes and sizes. It's the behavior of the owner, and the dog, that "Give it away" that they are just a "Pet".
  9. I can only afford so many hours in there, in 1 day. Especially, if they're tight. They were typically open until 2:00.
  10. I usually bet about $2-3.00 a push. That's funny, Seaside killed me. The slots on Edge were almost as tight as on the Seaside. But, it was more enjoyable. Because, I didn't need to cut through the smoke to play, or go home with really bad acute bronchitis. 😎 The Edge is a beautiful ship. I just need more late night activities.
  11. Nav, Are you going through URComped? The slots were TIGHT! Casino is nice. If you like to smoke, you're out of luck. It was so nice without the smoking. Lot's of new slots. Zeus, Wonder Woman, 88 Drums, Lightning Link, Lock-It, 4- Wonders, Buffalo Gold, Crystal Forest, Bier Haus, etc... Very good selection, just TIGHT. Tables weren't good from the people that I was with. Except one person, that did very well. I believe he was playing craps.
  12. Demi, actually seemed like a decent host. But he went to the end of the bar, and spoke to them one by one. Then, unless we made a point to chase them down, they would ignore us. I ended this cruise with just over 3000 points. Those are the ones that show on the slot screens. So, I believe that would equate to $15,000 coin-in. As for the water, I had asked for Evian in the bottles for my girlfriend. The package she had bought included those. We had to have a discussion regarding that issue. But, Michael resolved it fairly easily with all of the other servers and bar staff in the casino bar area. It was confusion on the staffs part. Michael was by far the best server that I dealt with.
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