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  1. Thank you so much all for all of your helpful information. I have had responses from both companies and they said it was unlikely to view bears on their advertised Misty Fjords bear viewing tours in September, both recommended alternative trips i.e. Traitors Cove and Anan. Unfortunately both of these are out of our price range, the exchange rate from NZ is horrific at the moment and near doubles the cost of everything. We have instead booked a land based tour and will be crossing our fingers and toes for bear viewing! We have booked through Aurora Tours as we were impressed by the reviews and that we would be touring with a local solo operator.
  2. Thank you, that is really helpful. I have sent them emails and waiting for responses at the moment. Genevive.
  3. Does anyone know how to work out which berth you will be at, to then work out which car rental company to use (i.e. which is closest). We are in Juneau 10 September on Golden Princess and wanting to book a car as well.
  4. Hi there We (3 ppl) are in Ketchikan on 9 Sept on a cruise. We would like to do a Seaplane in Misty Fjords with a landing to see bears. I can only find two companies doing this: - seawindaviation.com - alaskaseaplanetours.com If there are any other options, or anyone who's done this and has any recommendations would greatly appreciate. My mum is a bit mobility impaired on uneven ground so can't really do any of the bear tours which require nature walking. Thank you all.
  5. Hi We are looking to book a 3 berth interior cabin either Coral or Golden, does anyone know the layout options? Is it always 3 singles, or can you have a queen and a single?
  6. Also any recommendations for Cabin Code? I was thinking IC as seems to be more mid ship which is possibly more stable? But any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. We are looking at booking a Alaska Cruise - Northbound - in September. There seem to be two good options: 4 September (Coral) or 7 September (Golden), advice on which to choose would be appreciated. We are mid 30's couple, looking at an inside cabin. I do get travel sick, so the most stable ship would be preferable (if there is a difference between the two). I see that Golden has recently been upgraded, are there any real benefits from this? Previous posts have mentioned Coral having two good viewing decks (fore and aft viewing decks on Baja and Caribe) but I can't see any posts since the re-furb on Golden to assess whether this influences opinions. Thank you
  8. What are the food and wine cruises like competitively? A lot of up selling? Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  9. Thank you all for good tips. Was so much easier with booked dinners and made sure we had our gear to dress up for great Gatsby. Awesome cruise. Would love to do another anytime!! Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  10. Doing the three day comedy cruise ex Auckland on 3Aug. Anyone have any tips /things to know for this type of cruise? Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  11. How did this go? Did you succeed in taking one on board? Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
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