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  1. It was free when we did it, and we were very surprised at the quality of the show. Too bad they're charging for it now - that would make it a more difficult choice.
  2. We did the Manaus to Monaco itinerary in March of 2018, and loved the Amazon portion. Yes, getting to Manaus was a pain. We spent two nights in the Hotel Villa Amazonia before the cruise, and enjoyed walking around, seeing the Opera House, spending time watching fishing boats selling their catch, people watching, as well as a Seabourn excursion to a village and rubber plantation. We loved kayaking on the Amazon as well as the zodiac trips. All were worthwhile. Yes, don't miss the free Boi Bumba show in Paretins. Amazing! We did the zodiac to Devils Island, and liked the tour through the ruins (especially after rewatching the movie Papillon). We got the yellow fever waiver, and had no problems with mosquitoes. We did wear insect shield clothing as well as using insect repellant lotion with Picaridin. It was a great trip!
  3. I had the same problem yesterday. Today it's working!
  4. I would love to hear from you, frantic36, after you're on board and can try it out. What wall were you thinking of hanging the bag on? I'm laughing at this...
  5. I'll be interested to hear how it works, frantic36. When is your cruise? I'll hope it's before mine (January 4th), and that you let me know if it's a successful solution!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has found ideas for shoe storage on the O class ships, veranda suites. My shoes, and my husband's, have mingled together on the floor of the closet underneath our hanging clothes on our previous Seabourn cruises. With a much longer cruise coming up, I will likely pack a few extra pairs (and my husband might go crazy and bring one extra pair). Any additional shoe storage spaces I might have overlooked?
  7. Has anyone had experience using one of the over the door shoe holders on a cruise? I'm concerned they will damage the closet door and/or not let the door close completely. When I look at reviews on Amazon, many people love them (in their own home), while others show pictures of damage or state the door doesn't close with it on. I'd love to try one, but with packing space so precious, I hate to bring something unless I'm quite sure it will work. Thoughts?
  8. We found the washing machines to be very busy on both the Odyssey and Sojourn, but used them on our first two cruises on Seabourn. Then we were able to use the Seabourn Club perk of one bag of laundry per week free, and we were very happy with the service. I am an expert at stuffing a lot into one of those little bags! I take a couple of dresses, and then a number of dressy tops to wear with my black pants for evening. It works. I may be a bit tired of my clothing choices on the 2020 World Cruise...
  9. The woman I talked to at Luggage Forward said their restrictions are slightly different than TSA, because they use cargo planes that aren't pressurized the way regular airplanes are. Also, she said they have concerns because they might be dealing with customs, getting to your cruise or at the end of the cruise.
  10. It's very interesting to me that so many people feel it is fine to save a sun lounger for an hour. I would feel embarrassed to leave my things for an hour and expect to come back to that spot. If I go to lunch, I believe I should take my things and give someone else a chance to enjoy that space. A thirty minute grace period is quite generous.
  11. I called Luggage Forward this afternoon. They said "no food, no alcohol, no aerosols, no shaving cream in cans, no lithium batteries, and no medications (even over the counter medicines). Liquids are okay, as long as they don't have "high alcohol content." The CVS in Miami will be convenient for some of those bigger things, like mouthwash. Thanks to everyone for your great ideas. They helped me think through how we will handle it!
  12. That's interesting. I just looked at Luggage Forwards website, and it says you can pack anything that could be a checked bag on the airplane. I think I'll call them to check. That's the company Seabourn uses, so we'll have suitcases going with them anyway.
  13. We're meeting the ship in Miami, flying in from Seattle, with two nights in a hotel before we board. I would do the Walmart route, but they don't carry many of the items we need. It would definitely not be nice to arrive at the hotel and not have the package. Hmmmm.
  14. Has anyone had luck with sending a box of toiletries (or anything!) ahead to either the ship or your pre-cruise hotel? The amount of liquid and lotions needed for two people for five months adds up, and I'm concerned about the added weight in our suitcases. Any advice for me?
  15. My brochure for the 2020 World Cruise says, "Unlimited Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Pressing," if you book by May 31.
  16. We haven't had problems booking some excursions when we're onboard. Yes, some will sell out, and we do try to book ahead any that are a must-do. Sometimes, though, we find we get a better idea of what they'll be like after hearing the port talk onboard, or talking to the Destinations coordinator. Estate Planning Questionnaire February 2019.pdf
  17. Our Mariners aren't doing so well, so you'll be okay if you switch to a Seahawks cap.
  18. I actually like admiring those who dress up on formal nights. So, go for it! You are right that, in general, it has gotten a bit more casual, but you'll usually find some very spiffy dressers in the MDR on formal nights. Enjoy, whatever mode of dress you choose.
  19. Yes. I signed up for the email notification, so, hopefully, I'll get counted. Thanks again.
  20. Thanks, MadMarine! That was more helpful than the information I'd found before. It looks like we can do it online.
  21. This post is aimed at US world cruise travelers. We will be on our world cruise from January 4, 2020 to May 28, 2020. I believe the 2020 census count occurs during that period, and we are concerned about not being able to be counted. Politics is dicey enough without being counted in our district to receive appropriate representation in our government. Does anyone know how we can register while we're out of the country?
  22. You sound very organized, Heidi13! I'm impressed! I began working on our excursions a few months ago, for the January 4th 146 day cruise you'll be on, Bennniee. I read through all of the ship excursions for each port, a port or two per day, and mark those I think we might be interested in. I used the itinerary to create a chart, leaving space to pencil in possible excursions with their prices, because we were trying to get an idea of what we are likely to spend on excursions for the whole cruise. Research on ports is gradual, as it is overwhelming, and my husband tends to get more into the research and private excursion possibilities than I do. I also like to note the main language spoken at that port, and the currency, as well as noting if US$ are usually accepted. We've been very happy with our Seabourn ship excursions in the past, and tend to go with those if we are doing an excursion in a port. I know they are often more expensive, but I really like the convenience. So far we've only actually booked one of the excursions, but will gradually begin to book a few more, especially if they seem like a "must see." With that long of a cruise, we'll keep researching as part of our onboard entertainment, and book many as we go.
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