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  1. No one will be acquiring anyone. Who has the $$$. NCL is the wildcard here. They had tremendous debt before covid hit. They are in a bad position for a hostile takeover. RCI is on the top of my list to do that.
  2. Someone is not facing reality well. I think you need a HUG🤗. Face it, we are all screwed...
  3. I will loosely quote quote Del Griffith “We’d have more luck playing pick-up sticks with our butt-cheeks than we will getting on a cruise ship before next year”
  4. My good man, I am raising the white flag in surrender. You have defeated me. My head is down in shame. Kindly stop this abuse, as this entire ordeal has drained me both physically & mentally. It is you who has won this battle. Let my retirement be another notch on your belt. Well played sir. stay well, and drink in victory..
  5. wow all you did was plagiarize wikipedia. The answers are out there. I believe to spare you from further embarrassment, I suggest you cease & desist this back and forth tennis match. It’s obvious you MUST have the last word. I’m sorry but this is supposed to be a fun place to exchange knowledge and a common experience of cruising. Thank you for taking the fun out of it by your filibustering. GOOD DAY SIR...
  6. It is FACT the news media & the CDC hate the cruise industry. I do not, nor have I ever believed in any conspiracy theory. The simple fact the CDC going back to the mid 90’s has maintained a separate set of rules for cruise ships. When SOLAS was founded in Europe in 1929, they had to evolve of the years. The CDC wanted to completely override all SOLAS protocols in the 90’s when ships left from or returned to an American port. While other similar maritime laws were ratified all over the world it was the CDC in 1996 that took issue. The CDC has always taken issue with cruise lines simply because of the foreign ship registries and not having full control over the health safety standards of most vessels, they found a legal loophole to become more involved and set forth extremely stringent protocols that cost the lines tens of millions to adopt. And the media has hated cruise lines ever since the 1985 high jacking of the Achille Lauro. They had problems getting the full story from the cruise line of the event. That started a pissing contest with the cruise lines and the media trying to get information from them. I am sure you have already researched this already, so I’m a little embarrassed by telling you all this.
  7. The CDC asking the general public these questions was just a huge SCREW YOU to the entire cruise industry. The CDC asking our advice on question that the TOP epidemiologists would have difficulty answering, simply is contemptible. The CDC has gone from a leader in protecting our health and viewed as the gold standard throughout the world, to a laughable corrupt, fringe govt. organization over the past six months.
  8. you are all way too optimistic. The ships will need be re certified and inspected before they can take on passengers. Every ship in cold or warm layup is considered out of service. After 120 consecutive days without paid passengers, the US Coast Guard needs to make sure that these vessels are still safe for public transport. This is all laid out in the SOLAS guidelines. This process is time consuming and there are very few USCG personnel certified to do this. Also cruise lines will be hiring back a percentage of staff to get the ships cleaned and prepared to accept guests. That is most likely the reason for the call backs. Also many BDM’s from various lines have written off any chance of sailing until next year. They will not start during Flu season while there is an ongoing pandemic. think logically folks.
  9. According to a financial statement just released from Carnival Group. If ops do not resume soon, It will directly impact its ability to start to repay its loans as of May 2021. This is very bad folks. Royal has more outstanding debt then Carnival currently does. It beginning to look very grim folks. My vote still stays with NCl financial collapse first, by March 2021.
  10. NO!!! Not even the first half of 2021!!! Vaccine before cruising out of the USA
  11. Slacks and button down oxford. Simple, light & packs well. also I tend to wear that every night. i find the ships rather cold anyway.
  12. Thanks for support. However, at the end of the day. we all just want to be back to normal. Or as close to that as possible. This is my only vice (cruising) this site is our distraction to some extent. Hope you and you loved ones are all well. Warm Regards, JH
  13. It’s like watching the same movie over and over and expecting a different ending...🧐
  14. Like USF. Disney will be ghost town as well for the foreseeable future. switchbacks are not a real issue. As you may think. the length of time one is exposed to covid is a greater risk than a casual exposure. with the exception of Direct inhaling of infected micro particles, touching ones face and exposing nostrils, mouth & eyes to the virus. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.miamiherald.com/news/coronavirus/article242846836.html
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