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  1. According to a financial statement just released from Carnival Group. If ops do not resume soon, It will directly impact its ability to start to repay its loans as of May 2021. This is very bad folks. Royal has more outstanding debt then Carnival currently does. It beginning to look very grim folks. My vote still stays with NCl financial collapse first, by March 2021.
  2. NO!!! Not even the first half of 2021!!! Vaccine before cruising out of the USA
  3. Slacks and button down oxford. Simple, light & packs well. also I tend to wear that every night. i find the ships rather cold anyway.
  4. Thanks for support. However, at the end of the day. we all just want to be back to normal. Or as close to that as possible. This is my only vice (cruising) this site is our distraction to some extent. Hope you and you loved ones are all well. Warm Regards, JH
  5. It’s like watching the same movie over and over and expecting a different ending...🧐
  6. Like USF. Disney will be ghost town as well for the foreseeable future. switchbacks are not a real issue. As you may think. the length of time one is exposed to covid is a greater risk than a casual exposure. with the exception of Direct inhaling of infected micro particles, touching ones face and exposing nostrils, mouth & eyes to the virus. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.miamiherald.com/news/coronavirus/article242846836.html
  7. Again, HOW can that possibly happen. That’s when the virus will surge again. Please stop dreaming and face reality
  8. We visited Vietnam a few years ago. Found the people to be friendly, kind and generous. For a poor country the people are very respectful of those visiting their country. i can see how they easily adapted and were able to fight off covid. The world can learn from them. They just go with the flow. and they got it right: We as a country are too good to listen to better judgement. We will have to go back into lockdown again.
  9. CDC is not mandating this. There was a lengthy article in travel agent trade publication about preventing future lawsuits. This is something discussed with A team of epidemiology experts, and other health professionals. Cruise lines need to do this as it can also block legionnaires and other airborne pathogens from circulating in the HVAC systems. CDC did not mandate robotic cleaners. But the cruise lines are buying them too.
  10. No, the only casualty most likely will be NCL. they had cash flow issues prior to this outbreak. They probably will be bought out in a hostile takeover. Everyone else has the cash to keep every third light on for 12-18 months.
  11. I will bullet point it. cruise lines still repatriating on ship crew All ships will need to go through a touch less refit of common areas. bathroom door, sink, soap dispensers, ect. ALL HVAC system will have to be sanitized and refit for using .03 micron air filtration filtering. Every cabin, every ship, every single individual duct. it takes 3-4 weeks for a ship to go from cold layup to back to service ready condition. they have to re staff the ships, transfer crew from all over the world back to service ready levels. International air travel Must return to a minimum of 90% pre lockdown percentge to allow foreign passengers to take international flights to join the ship embarkation. Countries MUST reopen all ports to allow ships to return to service. I can go on and on, but i think you are getting my point. This will take the better part of a year to do check off these items to return to revenue sailing.
  12. Again, CRUISING WILL NOT HAPPEN UNTIL LATE 2021 & POSSIBLY INTO 2022. why do you think they have been still selling cruises, knowing the6 are going to cancel. The answer is to get 100’s of millions i. Interest free loans from the passengers wo 5ake the 125% FCC. Also that is why tne lines have all been stockpiling BILLIONS to keep the operating for at least 12-18 months without passenger revenue. NO MORE CRUISES FOR A LONG TIME..... FROM ANYWHERE. OTHER THAN A FEW SMALL RIVERBOAT CRUISES.
  13. You will not see a cruise out of the US until late 2021 or early 22. Most likely not until a vaccine is available.
  14. With Cunards press release today. It does not look for ANY summer cruise to happen. Will the other follow? Or do you think Aug 1st will still be the relaunch date of most lines?
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