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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback, it was helpful. Yes it was definitely a lesson learned! I met with my entire medical team which is huge, before and traveled with a zpack and some other medications. Which were useless for influenza. They also ran over $2000 in tests and most were at my request. Being one of the first patients of this influenza epidemic didn't help. I think that if had happened now it would have been treated appropriately. But yes in future I will not purchase travel insurance through cruise line. Thanks for your insight.
  2. So sorry to hear. And trust me I count my blessings daily
  3. Hi all I'm new to this but thought I would reach out to the group on possible best way to handle this situation. I cruised on Norwegian Spirit in October, 2017. About midway through the cruise I became very ill. I have end stage heart and kidney failure and have had 2 bone marrow transplants which I communicated to ship Dr. I had body aches, cough. Fever, low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, thrush and severely dehydrated. They ran many tests and gave me s breathing treatment, did not quarantine me and diagnosed me with a cough. They told me to come back if i needed a breathing treatment, which i didn't. Needless to say I quarantined myself since I wasn' even able to stand. I was taken out by wheelchair on final day. We flew home and within 8 hours we were in the hospital. I was diagnosed with influenza type a, pneumonia and I was septic due to being at advanced stages . With the simple fact of me already being end stage heart and kidney failure it is truly a miracle I'm alive. I submitted a complaint to Norwegian and was compltely blown off. Looking at cdc recommendations and talking to several travel agents I should have been quarantined and possibly medivaced off ship. I had purchased travel Insurance through Norwegian and if they had followed the correct procedures I would have been reimbursed for the time I was quarantined. I almost feel that they didn't follow the guidelines to not have to pay these benefits. I am terminal and this was a trip to Greece on my bucket list. We spent over $5000 and was only able to experience half of it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed
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