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  1. 5 day cruises is 1000 points just fyi.. Or atleast it was on the Sunrise 3 weeks ago.
  2. I took my neice and they didnt ask for it. I had it just incase but more than likely they wont ask for it.
  3. There was a leak in my Cabin on the Carnival Fantasy. It was a terrible smell and I now wonder if it was sewage or grey water. The carpet was soaked. The ship was sold out and I had to deal with it. The only thing I got was a steak dinner and a bottle of wine from guest services.
  4. If you have any left over balance after the cruise then Carnival will mail a gift card with the remaining balance to your home. I got mine one week after my trip. Fast
  5. I mean if I want to do anything online like pay my balance, make purchases, and etc... I can do it myself online or over the phone instead of having to go through the TA.
  6. You can still do everything online and you can work with other carnival employees if you use PVP. I cant stand when I'm locked down and have to do everything through the TA.
  7. It's a really nicely remodeled ship. Its beautifully done and the updates to the cabins were awesome. Is it perfect? No but alot of people over exaggerate the flaws.
  8. I never received an email but it is under my VIFP promotions. So check it. It may already be under your account and you don't know it.
  9. I do it all the time. I book as a single and add in later. Just make sure you don't do it too late because of capacity issues.
  10. If that's your kids then they have to let them board with you unless the adult booked in that room is the other parent/mom. That is Carnival's policy. In other words... If the other adult in the room is non parent then they can board with you. Again assuming that the minors are your children.
  11. 11 is the largest I've been able to get. Just incase anyone else is wondering...
  12. Eat at the steakhouse the first night (embarkation night) and get 50% off on all bottles of wine. You can take the wine you purchase back to your cabin.
  13. It sometimes happen that early. On the bright side... Anytime on Vista is ran really well and you can book your time using the Carnival app on your phone. Just make sure you book ahead of time each day.
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