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  1. Thats a thing?? I might want to apply for that too.
  2. If I cant get the guest services job listening to complaints I would go for the chair hog monitor position.
  3. This board is where I got my training! ☺
  4. Agreed, grandfathering people in would not solve their problem. If one has ever been on a cruise where of the 3200 are sailing 1200 are diamond or platinum the issue of having so many can easily be seen. They are heading in the direction where that is the norm, if they retain their cruisers. I went on two 4 day cruises last month, one I was the only diamond, the other there was about 6. The platinum meeting area seemed to have alot of people in it. Of course, I dont know who was really platinum and who was friends of platinum, which is another issue in itself.
  5. In my opinion, which doesnt matter, 125. There are so many platinums that the benefits of priority luggage, and getting on and off the ship are not so great. Too many people have these benefits. Their other option to help with this is to add a level after platinum or gold, and move those benefits to the higher level. Leave it as is, or change it, people will complain. One real thing they could do and not have to change again is to make rhe days (or nights) drop off after some years, say 10. People would complain there too, but carnival will have solved their problem.
  6. Has anyone been brave enough to try the veggie burger from guys?
  7. I find they are more forgiving on the plastic bottle rule when coming back from a port day also.
  8. I understand, as much as things change it is a good idea!
  9. They did it right then. It would be nice if they offered additional milestones or something for the folks that are extreme cruisers. The one time dinner? Maybe they should comp one every 25 or 50 days after the initial 200.
  10. The right way is you make your reservation and tell them this will be your complimentary dining for turning diamond, obviously. You do understand its a one time dinner, right? If so, did they ask? What were they told if so? They didnt just flash the diamond card and expect the bill to turn to zero, did they? Thats the wrong way too.
  11. They should really up the number of days to reach platinum to allow more time to research its benefits.
  12. Maybe not. If you only buy the ticket, and show up at the port as an "incomplete" they give you a paper copy of the contract when they complete your information at heck in. You can be paid in full but not finished checking in and therefore not have even seen the contract. Im pretty sure its one of the last things done online when completing your online check in.
  13. 80 degrees standing in the sun for hours is hot. You will get sunburned. Enjoying a 80 degree day with variable shade and not standing on concrete with your luggage not so hot.
  14. This has been my favorite thread on this site. I thank you OP for saying the things you are saying.
  15. I'm beginning to think the OP is a lawyer.... but still, I agree completely...
  16. I tend to look for an argument........I will wait....... but I have to agree with every word from the op.
  17. Thanks. I had but no luck! I got them today though, im good 🙂
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