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  1. Rumors for years, since the last update. Some day it will turn out to be true.
  2. This, it all depends. The 14 day is a yes, the b2b see above.
  3. I can't get off work. 4 can go for about $800, 2 for about $450, port fees and taxes included. You can get a suite for 4 for about 1200
  4. Logistically, it's hard for any of the crew just to get off the ship for two weeks. They need hotels, transportation, food etc... All of which they get for free if they stay onboard. Now those that are coincidentally going on vacation immediately after that, they may choose to take a couple of extra weeks.
  5. Depending on the length of the cruise. They will add them all at once toward the end of the cruise.
  6. I only know what I have read, but for all the ports, except mahogany bay, you have to be clothes while the ship is at port. Mahogany bay you can go nude as long as you are within carnivals area. And yeah, a lot of sunscreen would be needed for anyone that hasn't already gotten that all over tan, I am sure!
  7. Oh lawd...... I am out of this one, I know Frankie personally... Lol. He is awesome though!!
  8. Thanks!! Yes, this is what I was looking for. Do they do the same deck parties, hairy chest, etc??? Also, for those that can't look away, look at this amazing itinerary!
  9. Don't any of those new cruisers want to do their own exploring and figuring things out?
  10. Specifically looking to see if anyone has had experiences with activities, etc....this isn't a lifestyle friendly. All I have heard is that from others is the crew is the same. Just wondering if the CD lead the sailaway party, will there be shows in the theatre and trivia... etc...
  11. I'm talking about the Carnival cruise director that would normally be on the ship. Anyone done the nude cruise on a carnival ship? If so, what was it like activity wise, same shows? Etc.. etc.. Looking at the 14 day from Tampa that nearly circles the Caribbean... what an itinerary!
  12. They work fine at the kiosk EXCEPT they won't let you put in a dollar amount to apply from it, meaning a trip to guest services.
  13. Oh goodness, are you going to Singapore? Those lower decks in the very front can be very noisy from the waves. Some like it and some don't. Others cruise and dont hear it. I hope it works out for you, and at worst it's better than being on land!
  14. You should cruise more then... open your mind... They give you a big bottle of water at dinner when you have Cheers....
  15. If you count on your luggage being there it won't be. Don't care about it? It will be there before you even drop it off. This is either a 4 or 5 day cruise. Save the money for something else.
  16. Oh, and if there are 3-4 of you together you may be seated at a table to yourselves, with a chance of being seated with others at a larger table. If for whatever reason you don't like your assigned table (that comes with assigned time dining) ask to be moved the next day. They are really accommodating.
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