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  1. I think that's common practice for any business that is selling something. I always "shop" around before I purchase, and I always check how long I have to try to find a better price and keep looking up until I cannot anymore. I have made 2 reservations with RCL so far where I was able to get a better price while continuously checking the current prices on cruises we were booked on. We booked a cruise on NextCruise a couple years back and they didn't have the "Children Sail Free" when we made our booking. A couple months later they ran that promo and I was able to get one of my kids for free saving us around $400. Then, the cruise I have us booked on in April 2020 was running us around $600pp and one day I randomly did a mock booking on the same cruise and saw that the price had dropped $115pp. So I called up RCL and asked about it, they did their look up and confirmed that there was a drop and credited me the difference. With that being said; I have never booked a cruise where I felt like it was too much for us to spend. I'm just a best bargain shopper. 😉
  2. First I want to say that I sympathize with OP. Generally, I always do a mock booking first online to see what the rates are then I call a rep. I dont remember the rep saying anything about refundable or non refundable deposits. However, I do remember them saying "best rate possible" and I knew it was the non refundable rate due to me looking at prices previously online. Now every time I have booked on NextCruise they always make it VERY clear that the rate I'm getting is non refundable and that I have 30 days to make changes if dates I selected do not work. OP- thank you for sharing your story. I do believe it will make people more aware when booking cruises in the future. I'm also very sorry about your loss on $$.
  3. OP - this is a great post and I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I will never buy these gift cards now knowing what you guys went through. What a bunch of BS!
  4. I definitely think you need to get on a 3 way call with your travel agent. Gut feeling is that travel agent didn't book it correctly. I have always booked directly with RC and have never had them take my room away to give to another guest. Maybe your agent did the "Guarantee room" option where you get a balcony room but it's subjected to change all the way up to your cruise.
  5. Did all 3 parties receive a guest reservation invoice from RC after the agent booked the requested rooms?
  6. On a table with two zeros, the house edge is 5.26%. That’s one of the highest house advantages in the casino. On a triple zero roulette table, the house edge jumps up to 7.69%.
  7. So would you recommend waiting to see what Southwest releases for their fare prices? Do you have a recommendation on "when" to purchase tickets? I'm all eyes since you seem to know a lot regarding air travel.
  8. I'm seeing similar fare prices and I'm flying from LAX. I'm holding off from booking anything until Southwest releases their fares (we are traveling during Easter break so I'm expecting high fare prices due to holiday). We have a family of 4 and I'm trying to avoid flights costing more than the cruise itself! Good luck!
  9. Our family has flown from LAX to Florida airports several times and flights for us typically run anywhere from $250 to $500 round trip. So for us it's a huge jump. My understanding though is that flights that are heading to tourist destinations where no business is done are more expensive due to airlines not being able to make that money off the last minute business class traveler. Maybe someone who flies more frequent or who has more knowledge can confirm if I am in fact correct.
  10. Nice! please send info to kelsnyder10(at)hotmail(dot)com - Thank you josh.vincent.180
  11. We are the following week April 12th. Which leads me to believe we will be dealing with holiday airfare pricing. I looked at what flights are during Christmas and tried to not have a heart attack lol!
  12. I'm hoping to see those kind of prices when they release their dates. I'll be one happy girl.
  13. Hello Experienced Cruisers & Travelers My family and I will be traveling all the way from LAX to San Juan, PR next April. Flights are unkindly high (lol) and I'm curious on what the average round trip flight cost you??? (if you live near me) I'm also all ears [or eyes] if anyone has any pointers on getting the best prices possible on flights?!?!
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