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  1. In the world of business..... unfortunately money = loyalty. Enjoy your cruises and stop dwelling about the meaningless "perks" I rather know I'm going to beautiful places, on an amazing ship, and can afford the trip I booked.
  2. SAME - I also want to know what people do with all of these videos and pictures they are constantly "shooting" Oh wait..they posted it on their IG stories and have about 100 different "stories" of the same crap thinking we all want to flip through that! LOL at the poster who mentioned firework shows too. LOL
  3. I've traveled with large groups in the past and it's always best to link all reservations from the beginning. It's made our trips run much more smoothly but there are still times where we might have a wait a little longer since we always select my time dining.
  4. I got one in the mail yesterday and it clearly stated on mine "new bookings"
  5. My boys absolutely loved 7 days of cruising and island hopping. So much so that we have planned a cruise every year for the past 5 years. They will be 17 and 13 when we go on our 5th family cruise together to the Southern Caribbeans this coming April.
  6. When I sign onto my cruise planner it shows that specialty dining options will be Chops Sabor Giovanni's Chefs Table Izumi For those who are questioning what will be on the refurb ship.
  7. I never thought about that since we have always been with other family and friends (they would have friends-family too). Good point. I would honestly be ecstatic if either met other teens on the ship. The hubby and I dont need them trailing us saying how bored they are.
  8. Yes, for the unlimited and I was a dollar short its $168 pp. The math makes it around $24 pp a night. I know it also includes Johnny Rockets which can be a different lunch option too. We have been on several cruises through Royal and were just wondering if it would be fun to change up the dining options a bit.
  9. Hello Loyal RCL Cruisers! We have sailed on RCL several times now and we are curious about giving the specialty restaurants a shot. We have never tried any of them as we have always gone with other family and friends who did not want to pay the extra $$. It will be just me, my husband and our 2 teenage boys sailing this go-round. I'd love to get feedback on other's experiences. We will be sailing on the Freedom after it's AMP'ed, and we love food. LOL. If that helps anyone. Thanks!
  10. Hi OP..I can't argue with any of your gripes. All are very valid. Only thing I can say is that our room attendant has always been extremely nice. If you have a moment to fill out their survey I would, and I would let them know about your experience with the room attendant. My friend had a bad attendant on their Alaskan cruise and they actually got a small compensation due to their frustrations. (not saying that will be the same for you.) I don't know if this helps anyone but we usually grease our room attendant as soon as we meet them. Doing that we have never had issues with our room attendant.
  11. Southwest released their flights through April 13th 2020. We are flying to San Juan April 11-20 from LAX and were able to at least book our flights going out at a great price. They book out fast so I figured I would share the knowledge.
  12. I book then just watch the prices. I saved almost $500 on our Easter break cruise by just checking to see what RCL has up their sleeves šŸ˜‰
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