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  1. its ok the travel agent finally called and the workmate has finally cancelled their portion of the cruise
  2. Cruise is not paid off yet I am going solo due to the workmate (bullying issues from them due to an external person who is not work related) full payment not due till 14th december 2020 cruise agent knows about me wanting to go solo and has been trying to contact the workmate to get official letter of cancellation from the workmate with no response date of departure 25th feb 2021 I have paid $300 if I cancel and rebook I loose $100 either way
  3. GOLD COMMENT AWARD!!! Not everyone likes the food served in restaurants because it isn't variety thats why they generally go to buffets
  4. I am booked on a cruise with a workmate, unfortunately due to personal reasons caused by an external bullying issue I have chosen to go solo, and as a result the workmate is: refusing to communicate with me directly at all levels refusing to communicate with the travel agent as well i'm wondering if there is some cancellation letter I can send the workmate to sign but via the travel agent? The booking is in my name and this particular workmate is under my booking What will happen if my workmate refuses to communicate with the travel agent?
  5. Wonder how much it would cost for a 6 day cruise? Im debating on wether to get it or not for my next cruise
  6. They did when i first started with Royal. They had signs stating what time specific decks could embark at the terminal
  7. firstly. I wasn’t just basing my decision on the crown and anchor points. My decision was purely to do with : 1. Cost 2. Deck location (as when embarking they usually go by deck positions) 3.Category type - like wether its an inside, outside, balcony or suite 4. crown and anchor points. I currently have just made the platinum tier of crown and anchor by obtaining 32 points. I need 55 points to upgrade to emerald which is not long away. I am currently booked to go on another vacation in 2021 with a friend from work for 6 nights. Therefore I am merely only trying to make sure that I am booked in to the correct cabin etc in order to obtain those points. if i didn’t have so much of a closer gap in points between the tier levels then i wouldn’t have bothered about it. Like say for example if i was emerald and the diamond level was 102 . I wouldn’t have bothered about it so much due to the amount of tier points that I would have needed to accumulate in order to reach that tier. Suggestion: in future it might be helpful to thoroughly read the topic of posts along with the replies of the users before making such a judgemental and opinionated comment/ reply.
  8. So i need to make sure that the booking that I’ve just finished paying my deposit on is a guaranteed cabin? Is this what you are trying to tell me?
  9. i will if i can it is a bit expensive for suites atm i am travelling with a friend and have got to make sure that the add on price to upgrade is reasonable along with being on the right deck etc etc is suitable too 😂 im a fussy minion 😂
  10. what about balcony cabins? what about virtual staterooms? what about promenade cabins? Do these cabins earn any extra or special points? im thinking of upgrading if i can just so i can earn these points as ive just moved from gold to platinum and won’t be travelling solo next cruise as im with a friend.
  11. Just interested to know what other cabin categories (like 6V, 4V for example) (other than suites) would earn crown and anchor points and how many points.
  12. Went on ovation about a week or so ago and im pretty sure that the solarium door read 16+ so could be a misprint but then again I could be wrong
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