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  1. Anthem is still headed to Bermuda as planned (to reach there Monday and leave Tuesday). First they gave out a paper saying it would only stay Monday from 9 to 5:45 but then they took the papers back from passengers citing an error (the error was not disclosed). People already on board from a B2B cruise are reporting that they had no idea about the change and are being told by the captain that they may be sea days instead. I have made the decision not to go as long as they are still headed for Bermuda. I feel like it's being totally mishandled and if they go to Bermuda it is the least conservative decision possible and honestly irresponsible. I can't for the life of me understand why they would cut it so close to a hurricane, knowing the ride will be dangerously unconfortable really no matter what at this point. So I'm out. I can't do it and I had to just draw the line for my family. I have read about other people not going for the same reason. Too bad there could not be more communication earlier.
  2. Not so patiently awaiting news of an RCI change now that Disney and Carnival have changed. I feel like they would be crazy not to change or cancel. I'm scared to go.
  3. Thanks. That makes sense. Right now I almost feel gaslighted by it, like I'm crazy for thinking we can't go there in a hurricane.
  4. That is my exact sentiment. Our cruise is the same itinerary but Anthem. I don't even want to go to Bermuda at this point.
  5. Thanks so much for updating. I'm horrified! Lol. I would be so happy to get a call from Royal Caribbean that we are going elsewhere. Totally nervous that we will still head for Bermuda.
  6. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Does a cruise to nowhere stay close to the shore? At this point I'm so nervous I'll be happy to just sail around jersey! It's so hard to coordinate schedules. I'm so excited to spend the time with my family. Jerry is kinda killing my vibe!
  7. Thanks for all the thoughtful responses. The second I hear anything new from Royal I will come back and let everyone know. See you guys on the ship! 🤞 for a good trip.
  8. Hi, I posted in the hurricane section but then realized that might be more to discuss the actual storm and I should probably post here. We are scheduled to leave NJ the day after tmrw (Sat 9/21) for a 5 night trip to Bermuda on Anthem (Bermuda Monday and leave Tuesday). Jerry looks like it's headed straight for Bermuda just around the time we are getting there. This is our 6th cruise and we have never experienced a weather issue. Decided to bring the grandparents along this time to show them how awesome cruising is. Can someone with more experience please tell me what you think might happen with my trip? I personally just love the ship and would literally be happy to just sit on it in the harbor 😂. I'm wondering how conservative Royal Caribbean is with their decisions, how much notice they give for an itinerary change, where we might go. Just looking for best guesses from those of you who have been around the block. I'm very very anxious about this! Thanks. ☺
  9. Hi. I found this thread as I've been compulsively searching for Jerry news. We are scheduled to sail on Anthem leaving NJ on Sat Sep 21, supposed to be in Bermuda Monday and leave Tuesday afternoon to head back to NJ (5 night cruise). Now I'm crazed with anxiety. This is our 6th cruise and have never had a weather problem before- we decided to take grandparents along this time to show them how amazing cruising is 🤦‍♀️. Could those of you more experienced tell me what your guess is on what happens to my trip for to Jerry? I'm kind of hoping to be rerouted to Canada but I have a fear that Royal will decide to try and just beat the weather and possibly dip out of Bermuda early. Weather in Bermuda will be terrible. I honestly just love being on the ship. I'd stay on it in the harbor if that was an option 😂. When do they usually decide and give people notice? Are the decisions usually more conservative or are they so used to all this that they take their chances? Sorry if I sound crazy. I'm a nervous person and this is making me a little nutty as of late. Thanks. ☺
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