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  1. You could control birds by not letting people take food out of the dining area. Resorts use mesh netting to help keep birds out of the pool area. Some of the high end resorts use a professional falconer, this works well to keep the bird situation under control. They have a lot options to try but mostly enforce don't feed the birds..
  2. Beware of seagulls. This could have been a nice excursion but the have a serious bird problem. If I would have known this prior never would have choose it. The seagulls are very aggressive. They dive bomb you and steal food from your plates. Anyone with food causes a feeding frenzy. I didn't think to snap pictures as it was happening because you are to busy trying to get away from them. I do have pictures of them circling. This could be a nice excursion if they get rid of the birds. The last picture is a whole new set of birds coming in to feast.
  3. Yes, they completely worth it. If you are celebrating something special. It is a nice surprise you don't have to pack or mess with. The strawberry vanilla cake was delicious!. If you are the OCD type the decorations are magnetic so you can rearrange them as many times as you want. It awesome walking into a decorated cabin.
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