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  1. The rest of the dates Cruise Date From To Nights Itinerary H026E 07-Sep Fremantle Sydney 12 Southern Australia Explorer H026D 07-Sep Fremantle Brisbane 14 Southern Australia Explorer H027D 12-Sep Adelaide Fremantle 24 Round Australia H028E 19-Sep Sydney Fremantle 17 Northern Explorer H029N 21-Sep Brisbane Fremantle 15 Northern Explorer H030C 06-Oct Fremantle Sydney 13 Southern Australia Explorer
  2. Is this what you're after? Cruises H017 and H018 aren't on this list, but there is mention of Fiji from Sydney and Brisbane in the press releases. IE June/July (Not easy to format on a phone, but try cut and paste into a spreadsheet if that makes it easier) Cruise Date From To Nights Itinerary H013N 01-May Fremantle Fremantle 3 Getaway H014N 04-May Fremantle Fremantle 8 Coral Coast H015N 12-May Fremantle Fremantle 10 Coral Coast H016N 22-May Fremantle Fremantle 3 Getaway H016P 25-May
  3. I’ve usually found it appears in your Travel Summary under the SPECIAL SERVICES section within the last week before the cruise.
  4. Can confirm it’s the second. Have crossed over the increases a few times, as have some regular travel companions. It’s USD converted to AUD on Princess Au cruises and straight USD elsewhere.
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