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  1. I can't actually answer the specific question .. but simply based on your very interesting screen name I had to respond 😀 I provide a link below to a discussion re Silver Spirits Package which I was involved in. Inside that discussion are comments about the contents of mini bars - what is in them and what can be substituted. There are a couple of photos as well. We were in Penthouse Junior Suite and the Explorer Suite is a step up from that. I think there will be enough information in the discussion to be helpful to you. Our experience from 2 cruises is the staff who look after the mini bar are very flexible and accommodating. Click on the photo below and it should take you to the beginning of the discussion. Enjoy. LM
  2. hello lonagarr We were on Orion in January. I wrote this in an earlier CC Forum post ... We disembarked a few days ago in Sydney. We packed our bags early on disembarkation morning then went to Explorers Lounge for waffles / breakfast. We took our bags with us to the Lounge and just left them in the corner out of the way. Several others did the same. When we were ready, we simply walked off the ship with our bags. We had to be out of the room by 8am and off the ship by 9.30am - both easy to achieve if you are reasonable early risers.
  3. Good plan PC, yes we take our payment confirmation as well, as that shows the grats and SS Package inclusions (just in case!). Best wishes for your next trip. LM
  4. Thanks Pushka .. yep understood. Good advice. Miataphile .. please feel free to ask a follow up question, but if your only question is 'will my camera connect to the ships wi-fi' .. does your camera connect to wi-fi at home or any public wi-fi ?? If so, yes it will connect on-board using the same connecting process. If you are actually asking can I use wi-fi to download photos on-board, hopefully the info above is helpful.
  5. That doesn't make sense does it ? What I have described is how to download photos from the camera to the app whilst not using the ship based wi-fi. The process described does work, but it does not answer your question about linking your camera to the ship's wi-fi. Apologies for my confusion. So I guess my question is, if your camera has a wi-fi function and if you carry an I-Pad, do you need to connect the camera to the ship's wi-fi ? Hopefully someone who knows what they are taking about will chip in. LM
  6. Not sure if this answers your question .. but I think yes. Whilst on-board we download our photos from our camera to the Cloud using our I-pad. On our camera we select the wi-fi option and it then displays 'TZ90-2366DC' for wi-fi. We go into settings on the I-Pad, select wi-fi and choose 'TZ90-2366DC' from the various options. The camera then asks if we wish to commence transfer and we select yes, and the photos then transfer from our camera to the Cloud by way of the wi-fi connection. If you don't want to use a Cloud storage option there is likely an app for the camera which you can download onto an I-pad (or similar). If you don't carry an I-pad (or similar), then sorry, I probably haven't answered the question 😀.
  7. Thank you SS .. many of us have been hoping some WC'ers (or Segmenters !) would let us know where you are and how you enjoying the experience. Please feel free to send more updates. Safe travels, LM
  8. hello PC .. Aussies are different in several ways so maybe it is just a local thing. 😀 We booked direct with Viking. In Australia our price always includes gratuities (obviously the up-front figure is higher for us to cover this) but I'm not sure if your bookings are the same ? Our pre-paid gratuities status is in the system - so the cards are probably just to make us feel better. In NZ when we checked in they told us to keep the cards as a souvenir. It is nothing flash .. a white card with some printing on one side, a logo, a picture of a ship, and a thank you. It does remind us that bus drivers, guides etc are not covered by the pre-paid arrangements and therefore we should tip them directly. Regards, LM
  9. Einstein quote and cat fur magnet here as well. I forgot to add .. there has been some discussion in this forum about the need to produce the booklet in the pouch ('Cruise Documents') when you board. When we were boarding in NZ they did ask us to produce it along with our passport as we passed though security - I had it in my bag so no problems. Some people had to go searching for it. As best as I could see .. some people could not produce it (assume it was in the luggage which was already checked in), but that didn't seem to stop them from boarding. So I guess, keep it on you just in case. LM
  10. G'day Pushka. Ours arrived today as well for departure from Bergen in mid May. The pre-paid gratuities card says it should be handed in at check-in, but on both occasions so far we have been told on-board it is not necessary (the computer system knows all!). Same for SS package. FYI .. if you have an I-pad, the pouch is just the right size. Yes it does make it real. Cheers, LM
  11. I should have added .. by my reading you will need a multiple entry visa and you may be refused entry to the first Chinese port of call if you have plans to visit more than one port and only have a single entry visa. Again, please check how this all applies to NZ'ers. LM
  12. hello again Harbourside. The Chinese Embassy in Australia has a website which explains (in a confusing way) what Aussies have to do to obtain a visa. In relation to multiple entry visas for Tourists the website indicates .. L visa is issued to those who intend to go to China as a tourist. The invitation letter should contain: 1) Information of the applicant, including full name, gender, date of birth and etc. 2) Information of the planned visit, including purpose of visit, arrival and departure dates, place(s) to be visited, relations between the applicant and the inviting entity or individual, financial source for expenditures. 4. Consular officers decide Consular officers are authorized to decide whether or not to issue a visa and its validity, duration of stay and number of entries. Again, this relates to Aussies but it seems to suggest we have to explain (in the application) that we will require multiple entry (and why) and they then decide. I assume NZ citizens would have a similar process to follow. I'm not sure if the Chinese Embassy in NZ has a similar section - but if not you may have to get in touch with the Embassy and seek advice. Cheers, LM
  13. Pray for a technology failure ! In Auckland they scanned my passport photo (as I assume they did for everyone) but after we boarded I received a call from Guest Services - the scanner had failed to capture mine. I was asked to come to Guest Services for a new photo (nice smile allowed 😀
  14. Pool, the gentleman in the red shirt is standing at the Pool Grill. The pool is left of screen. Have a look at a deck plan as this helps to put the area into perspective. LM
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