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  1. Thanks so much for your response !
  2. Hi, was wondering if ncl still offer free transfer on Deluxe owner's suite (H2) on Bliss? It doesn't seems included on print material anymore. Thanks
  3. Hi, I know this thread is over a year, and things might have changed. I wanted to asked the very same question but can't find another newer answer, so hope this helps others looking for the same info. Just want to share my recent "booking" experience regarding wifi package on MSC Yacht Club (booking stage only, not onboard yet). I've booked Belissima (Asia) and Seashore (Mediterranean) 2021. Both did not advertise YC include Wifi, especially Seashore (mediterranean), there is a "all in drink and wifi package" for YC which cost around $10
  4. Forgot to mention, when I spoke to crisis team, she even told me she could make an exception to give me partial refund as long as I am booking in the same category, ie yacht club to yacht club. She said normally she would only give me another voucher for the difference, but this time a one time exception. But if the price is higher, I need to pay for the difference. She also said she could process on the spot, no need to wait, but the new booking has to be confirmed right the way, and no changes is allowed.
  5. To follow up on this. I spoke with a friend today, he told me MSC "was" indeed planned to issue the credit 14 days prior to departure day originally, however, these are just personal opinion, nothing official from MSC. Due to following reasons below: 1) Originally, the affected cruises were only those Asia and Europe, nothing in America for example. MSC might hope people could rebook to other designations. 2) There is no extra credit in the beginning, so, it really doesn't matter what date/place you book, they hold your money 100%. The didn't lose anything, but secured your money. A
  6. Hi, For those booked with MSC USA (other counties might have similar language), I spoke with a friend today, who reminded me this: WHAT IF I ALREADY APPLIED FOR CRUISE ASSURANCE AND MY MAY CRUISE IS NOW CANCELED? impacted guests who previously opted in to our MSC Cruise Assurance program for a 100% FCC are now eligible for the higher 125% FCC. If you have been impacted by the canceled cruises until May 29th and previously submitted a request through MSC Cruise Assurance, YOU MUST CLICK ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW AND FILL OUT THE FORM TO MAKE YOUR CHANGES: Caribbean Cru
  7. Hi, laundry package should be no difference than excursion. Just want to confirm, did you purchase the package online or thru TA? if thru TA, then you probably need to contact your TA. Worse case, you just need to ring up MSC. But if you asked for refund and could wait for 60 days, then it's less hassle just stay put. edit to clarify, you could purchase and pay for your cruise fare via TA, and purchase the add-on yourself online by log in using your booking # or your online account, which should also allow you to cancel online. But if you purchase the "add on" via TA, than yo
  8. Hi, You are probably right, I merely point out info given by MSC. And those are old info now. First first quote is from FAQ, and the full language is 2 days prior to sailing for cancellation, but 14 days prior to sail date will issue FCC if assurance plan already applied, so its not apply for assurance plan 14 days prior. (As I said before, I confirmed the info with MSC CS) 2nd quote is copy from MSC book (btw, the font highlight is made by MSC, not me, they indeed highlight as 14 days prior to original departure date.) Now, they changed to 14 days after the
  9. fyi: Rescheduling your clients for the MSC Cruise Assurance program is easy.1) DO NOT cancel the original booking (doing so will activate our normal cancellation policy)2) CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT BOOKING ONLINE or call us at 1-866-337-4309.3) We will then issue a Future Cruise Credit 14 days prior to the original sailing date and email to agent for your client’s use.
  10. I am sure you are right and make total sense! I was told by US phone agent from Miami, I even confirm with her saying so I should have it by Mar 21 then? (my sail date was Apr 5) she said yes. Anyway, it doesn't bother me much, as long as I will get it. Update: I just did some research, here is the original wording: it did say 14 days prior to the original cruise departure date. Why not just cancel on my own and call in for the Future Cruise Credit? xxx....Do not cancel the booking. Log onto MSC Book and click on the MSC Cruise Assurance link found under BOOKING to reg
  11. For those interested in reading FAQ for US booking, this is for "Non Caribbean" sailing between Mar 14 to May 29. I was told the FCC will be given 14 days prior to original departure date, now changed to "please allow up to 14 days after original departure date." My 14 days is coming up soon, will see what happen before I ring them again. FAQS What ships and sail dates are canceled? MSC Cruises has halted operations for all sailings fleetwide March 14 through May 29, 2020. For sailings that are canceled March 14 through May 29, what actions do I take if my clie
  12. When I spoke to the agent, I told her the same thing, questioned her should the prepaid item refunded. The agent seems very experience, she told me, yes, that's correct, but given MSC back log of service, she highly suggested cancel all the prepaid items before cancel the cruise. Even before I hang up the phone, she reminded one more time, "don't wait until last min to cancel the prepaid items, some people forget." Oh, btw, during our discussion, we discussed if the price on new booking is lower, I asked if I could add another cabin, she told me yes, as long as I am traveling. This
  13. Hi, It's under price detail -- > price break down, I just click on the item and then cancel. Not sure if this make a difference. I did create online account to see my trip instead of just log in the trip using booking # and last name. You can see a lot more info if you create an online account vs just log in using booking #. Hope it helps.
  14. Hi, I spoke with MSC agent, she advised me cancelled the prepaid item first before requesting for refund or FCC, which we did ourselves online, and we received the prepaid item refund within 24 hours (2 separate bookings). I guess they would only process your prepaid item along with your booking, which takes significantly longer. We requested FCC couple weeks back, only received system generated email confirm as such, nothing else. At that time, was told will get the credit 14 days prior to our sailing.
  15. @BermudaBound2014 I pull this from MSC USA site, which included whole Italy on all cruise ( not just Bellissima and Lirica). The old wording is something like "affected area in northern part of Italy".. 3/6/2020 UPDATE: MARCH 6, 2020 - 1:15pm EST NEW TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS ADDED ENHANCED EFFORTS TO HELP PROTECT ALL GUESTS & CREW We have today updated our precautionary health measures for all guests and all crew who are due to travel on any of our cruises. The enhanced changes are t
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