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  1. Does anyone know if she's taking the crane with her, or if they were able to get it off? Just curious...
  2. My bad...I had one of the other vessels "stopped" and unmoored. Oasis still moored.
  3. Looks unmoored and maybe being pushed out with the tugs?
  4. Don't know how true to word this site is, but found this on www.vesseltracker.com (1st time I'm aware of "the hull bent in", and the blurb they have from the day before said "damage was significant"):
  5. We were booked on the July 14th sailing, to celebrate my daughter's HS graduation as she really wanted to see Italy and Spain. I called RC and the rep on the phone did acknowledge what I read on the RC blog to be true, there is damage underside (he specifically mentioned the propulsion). Also said something about the ship being placed "on hold". With my final payment being less than 2 weeks away, and wanting to still have a cruise to go on, we are moving the NRD and FCC applied to the Oasis to the Ovation of the Seas in Alaska - SO excited! Losing $100/pp for change fee of NRD (along with some sweet rates I had and obc), but happy to have a ship which hasn't been injured at this point - making lemonade out of lemons! Good luck everyone - hope you find your lemonade stand 😉
  6. When do we think they will say exactly what the damage is? Just curious if the repairs will be more intense than what they are currently planning on and will require more time. Would love for them to tell us the complete truth of the damage, once known, and the repair plan/timing so everyone can plan accordingly with whether they want to wait it out or cancel and rebook. Ugh
  7. We are booked for 7620 and 7622 on Ovation of the Seas - curious about the "obstruction" as it doesn't seem bad from everything I've seen on here. Thanks!
  8. We were on the LOS sailing when Hurricane Harvey hit in Aug 2017. Couldn't dock at Galveston, big nightmare. It seemed like RC learned from that experience on future sailings and had their PR coming out quicker, plan of action in place, etc. as it definitely wasn't there for our sailing. Luckily, we had travel insurance and that covered our flights home to TX from Miami, where the ship was diverted to, extra meals/drinks from Sunday until we got home, rental car from airport, etc. I heard some pax talking onboard about future cruise discounts, etc but never saw that. Since that happened during our sailing, at the end of it and beginning of another week sailing, there were 2 groups affected. However with no pax onboard now, and it being Tuesday, they can plan ahead - the good news. What concerns me is the safety of the ship for the transatlantic. If what others are saying is true, that even with minimal damage the inspections could take awhile, then unfortunately many may be affected. Guess we all just need to grab our popcorn and watch this thread come 5p ET (and it will melt down, as it did everytime we had a PR for our Harvey cruise!)....
  9. So glad to hear there were no life-threatening injuries! What do you think the odds are they move the fall AMPed dry dock to now, when she gets to Europe? If they are cancelling cruises if she's damaged, why not? We are booked on July 14th Med sailing...debating about moving it if there are long/major repairs. I don't want to pay $ for this cruise and flights if she'll be damaged goods during our cruise. 😢 I have 2 weeks until final payment, so I'll sit and wait...🍿
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