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  1. I admire their optimism, but I doubt any of the 2020 cruises will take place. June 2021 looks to be the most likely, given its "contained" itinerary.
  2. Our experience was also excellent, with the ships doctor and medical staff consulting with our stateside physician, before prescribing meds from the onboard pharmacy. TripMate insurance reimbursed all costs.
  3. Viking just cancelled all river and ocean cruises through December 31, 2020. What has Silversea done? We are currently booked for February 2021 on Silver Shadow.
  4. I don't see how you could make Viking crew members "fake" the enthusiasm they have for their jobs whether on board an ocean or river cruise. They know and have seen or experienced the company's program of advancement to higher paid positions of greater responsibility. They execute their duties in a professional and expert manner. I've never seen or experienced a "That's not my job" moment, but instead "let me fix that now."
  5. "Will the ship be fully chartered or only part of it?" Fully chartered. The itinerary doesn't show on Silversea's schedule.
  6. Charter by Playbill travel, Broadway in the Caribbean. We'd be interested in any experiences with the charter experience on Silversea. This trip based on success of previous Broadway on the High Seas 6 in 2016 and Broadway on the High Seas 8 in 2017. Thanks
  7. We did 2019 and are so glad to have had the experience. Pictures from trip are a great Zoom background.
  8. One other factor-- If I recall Viking financing relies heavily of Chinese sources. (Remember to 2018 World Cruise christening disappointment) So not only us there pressure on Viking, but also on their backers.
  9. My opinion and it is opinion only, Given the number of common guest spaces, Explorer Lounge, Living Room, etc, room location makes little difference to us. It's a place to change clothes, bath and sleep. We can always find a quiet nook to read, a place to met others, or to just have each others company. The main advantage of a PV is free laundry and once a day restocking of liquor in the fridge plus the extra storage space and space around the foot of the bed. Two TVs within 10 feet of each other didn't do much for us on our last cruise. Check the Viking web page for detailed perks with a PV. Repeat this is my opinion and know others will have differing views.
  10. Just returned from Viking Sea West Indies cruise. There were a number of passengers suffering from a gastro intestinal illness, probably norovirus, but never positively identified. Pools closed. Doors between Wintergarten and pool propped open, place mats, salt & pepper shakers removed from tables in World Cafe, all food served by staff in World Cafe (WC) as we went through the line. Hand washing strictly enforced entering the WC. The objective was to minimize touching common areas. Pool Grill closed too.Captain provided updates and encouraged frequent hand-washing. I heard, but didn't see myself, that one room was sanitized by the crew wearing protective gear. The procedures seemed to work after three days the pools were reopened and dining in the WC and Pool Grill returned to normal. Other dining venues were ops normal. The best strategy it to take personal responsibility. Wash your hands often and thoroughly, do not touch your hands to your nose, mouth or eyes. Avoid getting overly fatigued. We had a great time escaping the cold weather, enjoying new and revisiting old locations, seeing a number of crew from the 2019 World Cruise.
  11. Screen shot from the Johns Hopkins site. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 as of 7 Feb 2020, 2213 EST. Rational for refusing to board those who have been to China is apparent. Little need to worry about the rest of the world. 10,000 American residents have died from the flu this year (And there's a vaccine for that!!!) Over 37,000 Americans have died in vehicle accidents. (More than confirmed coronavirus illness worldwide.) Worldwide, according to the Hopkins site, 724 deaths from coronavirus. Have a great trip, get your flu shot, buckle your seat belt.
  12. eylarson


    Not on the World Cruise 2019. I've never seen it in any of the dailies. Some people did self organize for small group workouts. That may be an option.
  13. Lived outside Fairbanks Alaska for three years. Sometimes the Northern Lights were so bright I could read the newspaper walking back up the drive' Other times not so much. It's a natural phenomena and Mother Nature has her own schedule that we have yet to figure out. See skipped ports due to high winds, sudden rain showers, unseasonable heat and/or cold.
  14. We have sailed both and agree with Dhsamso. Food, entertainment, and even ship layout are very subjective. I did like the concierge level room on Oceania with current hard copy news papers and a staff member able to provide specialized recommendations. The latter available on Viking, but always had to wait. Oceania has a casino, either a plus or a minus. I'm indifferent, SO likes an occasional game of chance. Red Ginger restaurant cannot be topped in our opinion, Chefs Table close on some menus, but Red Ginger has always delivered an outstanding meal.
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