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  1. Am in a similar position and feel the same. Have a 26 night cruise booked for December and TBH am hoping it is cancelled as dont really want to go on it now. What's is also being overlooked is that this pandemic has devastated many peoples finances and they may no longer have the finances for cruises for which they have paid their deposits. These can be fairly hefty sums of money too.
  2. its quite likely now. P&O just exteneded their "pause" date yesterday upto and including 15th October. So my 12th October cruise is cancelled (prior to paying final balance). I also have a QM2 cruise booked in this December and TBH am hoping that is cancelled too.

    QM2 2020 Refit

    wonderfull, we have a 26 night cruise booked from 15th December 2020. 😀
  4. My bill is paid for by the business. But that's doesnt mean its an open cheque. So I make sure data roaming is switched off but that phone calls or texts are enabled with the maritime network. But when we have a few consecutive sea days then allow data roaming every other day just for work related emails. That ensures costs are not excessive.
  5. A pint of Peroni in my favourite local pub is £4.25. Pint on Oceana last month was £4.80. Not much difference really. But in Newcastle city centre I can pay £5 for a pint. I found the drinks prices on my last P&O cruise to be very acceptable and compared with my local well. Now Cunard, well that's a different assesement altogether !!!!! 😡😡
  6. Our first ever cruise last year was on QV in BC. The restaurant was very impressive. Eventually the staff were ok. I have to be honest though in that the service on P&O Oceana last month was better !!! Anyway, will be on QV in BC in December and looking forward to it. There are loads of tables for two and some little alcoves with tables for two. We had table 216 last year which was a perfect location.
  7. We each took 1 litre of Morgan Spiced rum purely for consumption in our cabin. This is what P&O allow at embarkation. We enjoyed a drink when getting ready for dinner each evening. There is no limit on mixers and soft drinks. We enjoy a rum and coke and so when in port bought bottles of coke to bring on board when required. No issues. You are reminded not to bring alcohol on board at ports of call (only allowed on embarkation). But we never actually witnessed this being enforced. In terms of purchased drinks, generally, we enjoyed a drink or two during the day. Then, if in the dining room for lunch, we would have a large glass of wine. Sometimes a bottle. A pre-dinner drink, then a bottle of wine at dinner. This varied from around £18 to £44 depending on what we chose. Then a drink or two after dinner. On a couple of night maybe a couple more. Think that about sums it up. Basically, what we wanted. We also enjoyed a drink when in port, usually at a cafe or restaurant and watched the world go by. Hope this helps.
  8. Just back from a 21 night cruise on Oceana. We drank what we wanted including a bottle of wine with our evening meal and sometimes one at lunchtime also 😉 This cruise had a lot of sea days. We took on board a bottle of spirit each to enjoy when getting ready in the evening. Overall our drinks bill worked out at £60 per day between the two of us. No specialty coffees though, just alcohol based drinks.
  9. Am on Oceana at the minute and drinking what we want and roughly it’s aroubd £65 per day. So wouldn’t go down the package route. But we have an idea where it is heading. Only water, tea or coffeee is cost free during the day. Outside of breakfast, fruit juices have gone. I know this will upset some but let’s be fair !!! I think drinks should be included with the price. Yes I know those of you who don’t drink much will argue that you shouldn’t be subsidising those that do. But think about the food. We don’t eat 5 or 6 meals a day. We have a breakfast or a lunch and our evening meal. So by the same argument, what about subsidising all those who eat from the minute they get out of their bed till they go back to bed. And we all know lots of them or have seen them. So if I am subsiding these people with food then surely they can subsidise my alcohol. Also spare a thought, without taxes and duty the alcohol is probably cheaper than the food.
  10. tend to use the premier inns. About £70 B&B for two. Then with P4C at around £115. Altogether the cost is very reasonable.
  11. as i said, agree with you. They seemingly have many more beneficial terms than the rest of us. Good for them. However, we still sail with Cunard despite the inequality. Doesn't stop us voicing our discontent when the opportunity arises though, which I do in feedback to Cunard. But its not worth losing sleep over.
  12. Agree Majortom, unfortunately many things in life are unfair. Just have to get on and make the most of it. Life's too short to worry about these things. Maybe we will be rewarded on day..... LOL
  13. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, can't manage 5/6 cruises a year. But working up to it for when we retire........ I have bought the carnival shares and they are in a stocks and shares ISA so protected for when I retire...LOL Will look to buy the future credits when next on bought in December. As will no doubt book another one before the 12 months is up.
  14. Ok thanks for Host Hattie Guess will use it as an excuse to book another cruise when on board then 😉
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