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  1. I rebooked our cancelled May cruise for Valentine's Day weekend 2021. Fingers crossed things are better by then!!
  2. Got my gc refund for our cruise today. I was pretty sure we were due one, but not holding my breath on it. Hopefully, we will still have our Feb cruise and can use the gc to purchase an excursion!
  3. Staycation. Staying on land. We have Vegas planned now, as well as a trip to Glacier National Park. Both are cancelable, if necessary due to the crud. Cruise is still booked for February - hopefully the Imagination is not axed. Been watching The Love Boat on MEtv on Sundays, laughing and getting at least a tiny bit of fake cruising.
  4. I wonder what will happen to reservations on those ships? Credit towards a new one, or refund, or moved straight across to another ship? We are booked for Imagination (older ship) in February.
  5. Rebooked at the end of March for Valentine's Day weekend 2021.
  6. May 10, 2020 to February 14, 2021. Same ship, same itinerary. But rebooked to ocean view and main deck instead of Riviera deck inside room. 🙂 And $300 obc now.
  7. We have thought about that also. Only purchasing 100 shares though. Most of our stimulus checks will go towards medical bills. I had major surgery at the end of February and I know those bills are going to be coming in soon. And I am on medical time off (would be an essential employee if not) until mid-May without pay.
  8. Nope, not showing up on that. But the credit did on another email. If it does not show up in a few months, when hopefully the chaos has mellowed, I will call to ask about it. I do have a copy of my previous cruise paperwork saved, just in case, as well as the email showing the credit, should there be issues. Thanks!
  9. Ok, I see it on the email. Don't quite understand everything, but it does show as a credit/coupon.
  10. I anticipated our May 10 cruise would be cancelled today and put a new cruise for February 2021 on hold yesterday. As soon as the announcement was made, I called Carnival. Was on hold for 35 minutes. Gave CS rep the old booking number, new on hold number, and he flip flopped everything for me. Only thing I cannot find is the OBC anywhere on my new reservation. But I do have the paperwork stating and old cruise information just in case there is an issue in February. Kind of relieved now that it is all rebooked. Not sure how wonderful the Baja cruise weather will be in February, but any vacation is better than none, and I had to book around school days.
  11. Set to travel May 10th. Cruise is not available to book anymore, so I am anticipating a cancellation of it tomorrow. I have the "new" cruise all picked out. Should I put it on a temporary hold until tomorrow? Should I just book as normal for the monthly payment route, and have Carnival do all the rerouting of my money? Any advice? (New cruise won't be until next February - and cost is approx. $50 more than current booked cruise)
  12. I'm still debating what I want to do if/when my Baja cruise from Long Beach is cancelled for May. We are unsure when we would want to cruise again, but don't want to lose out on any potential additional credit either. this gives me more time to play around online and figure out things this weekend.I Edited to add : our cruise is unable to be booked on the website, so pretty sure it is cancelled.
  13. We are confident enough to assume it will be after our planned May 10 cruise. Yesterday, my son's university cancelled graduation for June. that prompted me to cancel our airline tickets and sleep/park/fly hotel reservation. And tearfully cancel our graduation hotel stay. we cancelled everything *except* our cruise, as we are holding out until the end of the month, to see where things go. Aka : what will Carnival do when they cancel it.
  14. I don't drink, but when we finally get on the boat, I am going to get the drink of the day in the Red Frog Rum Bar Tervis. I got the Blue Iguana Tervis last cruise, and want the Red Frog one too!
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