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  1. Was wondering, like at the airport, if you buy first class, or have priority access or something, they put a tag on the luggage so it's first on the baggage carousel. Oh well...
  2. I’m wondering the same thing. Going on a. 4 nighter, but thinking that since we’re in port 3 out of 4 days, but also GSC 2 of those days, not sure how much use we’d get out of it without having a sea day, unless not able to tender at GSC.....
  3. Leaving in 50+ days, eDocs ready to be printed, where’s my transfers?? Booked my cruise through a TA (friend of ours), and paid for the transfers right away. There was a price drop about a week and change after I booked, so I told my TA (again, friend of mine who does this less than part time) and she called and got my lower rate, GREAT! Saved almost $300. Went and downloaded my eDocs today, and the transfers weren’t on there. I called NCL, got someone on board, and said that the $118 ($29pp, back and forth) was refunded a month ago. I was out of the country at the time, and I had no clue, nor did I see a credit on my card statement, as they said they gave me a credit. Got a supervisor on the phone who tried to explain it all to me, and it was an accounting thing. I paid the $128, which was then credited to my account, which lowered my final payment by $118, but the actual transfer fell off the reservation, and nobody told my TA about it. I said to the person what would’ve happened if I got to the airport and had no transfer? She said, I have no clue! Bottom line, I had to rebook and pay for the transfers again, which is a pain in the butt, because I thought I paid it all off already! Just one more thing. So FYI, if you do rebook for a lower price before final payment, make sure that all of your bookings that you’ve paid for already are still there. Interestingly enough, I had paid for the Priority Access for $99 that was still on there, and that didn’t go into the final payment and drop off.....
  4. The wave runners are considered an excursion. It is a group and a tour
  5. Hmmm that’s good to know....I assume that a couples massage would qualify, we’ll see in a few weeks!
  6. I booked it.. For a hundred bucks, you get $50 per person spa credit, which we’ll most likely use. Our itinerary has us at GSC twice, so instead of waiting and waiting for a tender, and getting shut out of a shady spot, we figured why not take advantage....We plan to get to the cruise port around 11am or so, figuring we could get right on the ship, instead of waiting for our boarding group, which was about an hour and a half of waiting around last time. Don’t care much about the breakfast, or the canapés, but more for the tenders and the early boarding. Still wondering if our baggage will also be prioritized to get to the room. Had to wait til almost 4:30 last time on BA..
  7. I called this morning to book wave runners at GSC, and they used my $50 credit, which is great. Our itinerary has us there 2 days (weather/tender pending), and I asked the person if I booked a Clamshell the first day for $40, would the Shore Excursion Credit cover it. She put me on hold, said that their T&C’s changed as of 2/4/20, but that answer was never given to them, so we will not know until we go on the ship and go to the Shore Excursion desk...I assume that anyone booked prior to 2/4 may be grandfathered in? Anyone have any thoughts? Not that $40 is a lot of money, but it’s also a guaranteed spot with shade, which is what I want, given that we couldn’t get any shade whatsoever at Harvest Cay, because it was jam packed!
  8. Escape the Big Top was interesting to say the least. I did it with my family, they group you into groups of 10 or so with other pax, which is a good way to meet other people. I am not too fond of these types of activities, so I left the group, got drinks, came back, started drinking, while they solved the puzzles...Didn't make much sense to me, personally, but somehow my son is the one who actually won the challenge in a group of over 100 people! Totally shocked! So at least they enjoyed it. I just paid for the Priority Access, mainly because we're at GSC two days and wanted the priority tender access. Also you get $50 spa credit per person, so may decide to book a massage.... Syd Norman's Pour House was the greatest time I've ever had on a cruise ship! We were on a 7 day in August, the band was SO fantastic that we went there the 4 nights they performed! We completely missed the comedy shows, and a bunch of other things because we had so much fun! We're going back in April for a quick 4 nighter, so it will give us an opportunity to do other things like the comedy show. The band is different now, and I think I'd go in with preconceived notions and not enjoy it as much, but we'll give it a try one night..
  9. I think the American Diner is a terrible idea as an upcharge restaurant. We went by Margaritaville on BA every morning when we walked the track, and never saw it as appealing. There were many other free dining options on the ship, and never gave it a second glimpse. We were on the RCL Adventure of the Seas a couple years ago and they had Johnny Rockets, similar concept to the renderings I've seen of the American Diner, and it too was an upcharge. The only thing that was good about it were the milkshakes were included in their beverage package. I'll stick to the buffet, MDR's, O'Sheehan's and whatever specialty dining option I get as Free at Sea. Hope they reconsider this as a non-upcharge spot...might make more people a lot happier...
  10. Following...We just got the same email for the 4/18 sailing! Not that I was looking to see that show, per se, but it is nice to see a good production show of any sorts.....
  11. 61 days away from my cruise on Breakaway.....nothing gonna stop me! I'm gonna washy washy and make sure my BAC is well above the boiling point of the Coronavirus (although I am not a fan of Corona)....
  12. From what I read, Veuve is no longer included, they switched to Moet, still not a bad bottle of bubbles! I did it for my wife and I in August on Breakaway, and loved every second of it! The wine you can choose from at dinner are better than the wines on the $15 and under btg list. I work in the wine and liquor business, and know the value vs price of may wines, and no, there is no advantage to the wines on the list, only the fact that you have better options. We started out every meal with a bottle of bubbles, and even though the Veuve isn't available anymore, the Moet is, and so is the Nicolas Feaullate Rose, which is a nice bottle. We then enjoyed a bottle of Hampton Water Rose from Provence, then we would order a glass or two of something else that we thought was interesting. One day I wanted a glass of Lucente SuperTuscan, and the guy said if he poured me the glass, nobody else would probably order it, so he left the bottle.... Besides the bottles of wine at dinner, you also get bottled water at any bar, Aqua Panna and/or Pelligrino bottles for dinner. In addition, you get all the cappuccino's, espresso's and other coffee drinks at dinner, and they never charged us for our Starbucks! I also took advantage of the better quality bourbons and martinis that were over $15, and ordered doubles! Instead of drinking Bulleit, which I love, I ordered Woodford Reserve or Gentleman Jack. There are terrific advantages to upgrading. We justfified it solely on the $99 Veuve per night, the $5 bottles of water (which yes, we gave to my kids....bottled water does NOT come with the soda package), the upgraded liquors and the espresso's after dinner. They even brought cappuccino's for my kids with no questions asked! Also....If you are traveling with others without the PPBP, you can share bottles at dinner! Hope this helps, and I'm going to enjoy it on my next cruise in April!!!! (just paid for it!)
  13. Has anyone left their iPhone in the room and been able to use the Apple Watch only to use the NCL app on board? I'm somewhat new to Apple products and not sure how this will work. My last cruse last year I was still on an Android phone and my Samsung watch was able to get notifications, but never left my phone. If the watch is on the ship's WiFi, and the app is loaded, just curious....
  14. I'd rather pay $250pp deposit. Makes you less likely to cancel, and have less to pay down
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