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  1. Harvest Cay is NCL's private island. You need to pay for EVERYTHING there! There are ferry's to other places for other excursions. I looked into it, but didn't make much sense, because the timing didn't work out. Check out the Belize forum in the Ports section for more info/questions maybe?
  2. Hated it! Food was the worst on the ship! Show was so stupid, made zero sense, and believe it or not, I actually fell asleep at the table! Wine Lovers, however, was great!
  3. Loved it! I'm in the wine business, and it was very entertaining, for me, anyway! The owner of the production company is my wife's client, so we were obligated to see it, and did not regret it! Food was fantastic, wines were decent, and the show was very entertaining!
  4. You're good to go! We had 7:00 reservations for dinner and 9:30 shows. Enough time to chill at the bar, or go to the casino for a few..
  5. Not my favorite. We took an Uber to Ron Jon's, went to Cocoa Beach for an hour, bought some shirts and went back to the ship...Not much to do
  6. Nothing but good things to say about my experience. My wife went out of MIA in May from EWR, direct, non-stop flights, we had the same when my family of 4 went in August. Booked cruise out of Venice in 2021, expecting the same.
  7. You can take them back to the cabin. We never took bottles back with us, because after dinner we went straight to bourbon or cocktails. You can always get a fresh bottle the next night. I had them open a bottle of Lucente for one glass, he ended up charging the PPB for the bottle, because nobody else would probably drink it by the glass within the next day (spoilage). In regards to a bottle of VC, its $99 on board, or you can purchase it state-side for around $45-$50, plus a $15 corkage per bottle. If you truly drink that much champagne, then I'm envious of your liver function, as mine is failing quickly, lol!!! But also, if you truly do drink that much champagne, then yes, its worth it, because the bubbles on the regular menu pretty much stink!
  8. For a 21 day cruise, I'd stick with the regular package. Its $730pp for the cruise? That's a lot per person. I thoroughly enjoyed the PPB on our 7 day, but if you think you can get away with good spirits, and halfway decent wine for 3 weeks, I'd stick with the PBP. If you want to splurge on a nicer wine by the glass, or bottle, splurge and get 20% off, or pay the difference plus 20% gratuity. Honestly don't think I'd be able to justify it for 3 weeks, and I drink a lot, and love great wines and top shelf liquors, but I'd "slum it" and splurge a couple times if I really wanted something special.
  9. Heard it wasn't too old. Looked like an above ground pool, with decking around it. Was nice, clean, crisp and definitely a great place to relax, especially since the ocean water was murky...
  10. I'm in the fine wine business, and tend to be a "wine snob"....goes with the territory I guess, lol! We got the Premium Plus (PPB) mainly because we had some OBC and it only cost us $145 out of pocket. Besides the cost, the wines were definitely better than what they offered on the Premium Beverage Plan (PBP). Besides the wine, which I'll get to, we also enjoy top shelf Bourbons. The PBP included some decent spirits, but with the PPB, we were able to drink Woodford Reserve, Whistle Pig Rye, along with some other more expensive "libations". We also were able to get bottled still and sparkling water wherever, and whenever. Now onto the wines....Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV.....sells for around $45-$50 retail. It was listed for $99/btl and $34.95/glass. Every night, we enjoyed a bottle at dinner. Heck, every time I went through the Atrium on Breakaway, I had a glass! We drank quite a few bottles of Diving Into Hampton Water Rose, which retails for over $25, on their list for like $79. Also enjoyed the 91pt Lucente Super Tuscan, similar pricing to the Rose. Simi Alexander Valley Cab on the list, as well as a nice Barolo (can't remember the producer), and a killer Cotes du Rhone and great Sancerre from Jolivet (IIRC). You also were entitled to 40% off any wine by the bottle that was not included, and the prices were not completely out of line! Dom was like $239, so with the 40% off, you're paying about $10 below cost (in NJ anyway). Lastly, you get specialty coffee at dinner, cappuccino's and espresso's etc. They even were nice enough to bring for my teenagers too! Also, my wife and daughter went to Starbuck's on the ship, expecting to see the room charges, but they never showed up! Don't know if that was a mistake, or an attribute to the PPB? I have no clue to this day! Bottom line, I think the PPB is COMPLETELY worth it, if you are a real wine drinker, like higher priced spirits, like bottled water and an espresso after dinner. However, we booked a cruise from Venice to Montenegro, 4 Greek Isles and Czech Republic, so 6 ports in 7 days. Not opting for the PPB, because we just won't have enough time on the ship to truly enjoy it. We'll "struggle" at dinner with what's available, and if I feel like splurging for ONE bottle, I will.... Good luck with your decision, hope I was able to help or sway....Cheers!
  11. Home Departure City - EWR Arrival/Destination City - MIA Airline(s) used - American Number of Connections - 0 Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 10:48am - 2:00pm Return Flight departure/arrival time - 1:30pm - 3:30pm Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? Yes, 1 day prior # of Days Prior to Departure Flights Were Ticketed? 55 Got lucky when I first saw the flight scheduled at 6am on Saturday, I called NCL, and they were able to change my flight to 10:48am the day prior.
  12. Shows were 7 and 9:30pm IIRC. We had dinner at 7, and had plenty of time to get to the later shows. Sometimes they even pushed the shows back to 10. Even specialty dining, you'll have plenty of time.
  13. We had a CC Meet & Greet, and they gave us all NCL Breakaway Lanyards, that had a breakaway (no pun intended) clip 3/4 the way down, which was fantastic! Someone actually had brought a hole puncher to the M&G, which was a GREAT idea! Otherwise, I heard the guest services desk has them as well. As long as you don't punch over the magnetic strip, or any of the pertinent info on the card, you'll be fine. Bottom line, they sell them on the ship, if you need.
  14. The only Champagnes they had were Clicquot Yellow Label NV, and Nicolas Feuillate Rose NV, which were both great. The wines retail for about $50, but on wine lists, they would usually be over $100. They were supposedly running a special on the Veuve at $99, and $34.95/glass. Don't remember the Nebbiolo, but the Luce Lucante was a great option for a Super Tuscan. Rated 91pts, and retails about $35, so I didn't feel cheated. We did drink a few bottles of Bon Jovi's Dining into Hampton Water Rose, retails for about $24.95, was on the list for $72 or $74. Don't remember the name, but the Sancerre was tasty, as was the Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet. We truly enjoyed the PPB, especially since we had a bunch of OBC and only paid about $180 for the two of us. I am a fine wine distributor in NJ, and am spoiled with the wines I drink, so it made it all the more better!
  15. Coco Cay also has a new pier. Wish they would do the same with "all the food and drink you could want" at Harvest Caye in Belize, what a joke that was!
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