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  1. LOL I remember that thread - it was hilarious!! 🤣😁
  2. We've never automatically gotten ours, always had to ask. They're really kind of tacky, it's just cool to have them - we've certainly earned them. When we turned D+ our concierge made an announcement in the lounge and presented them to us with a little ceremony - it was really cute. Later I found out friends had put him up to it - still it was fun, and the only time I've ever actually worn one! We rarely see anyone else wearing them - except for the Mariner last month. Saw lots of people with pins, but couldn't tell what level they were - it'd take a magnifying class to tell the difference! But I think when we finally get to Pinnacle, we'll probably wear that one 😉
  3. We turned D+ a few nights into a recent B2B. While we didn't get benefits till the 2nd leg, our DL concierge made a special announcement in the DL the night we technically had the points, and gave us our pins. It was really sweet. He also made sure we got status and perks on the 2nd leg. I had asked the LA and he was not helpful at all.
  4. Paddles are provided. My husband plays (I don't) and he says the ones they have aren't that great, he usually brings his own. Depends on how serious a player you are I guess.
  5. We made D+ on our recent Adventure B2B. The LA was not helpful at all. We talked to Rafael, our fabulous Diamond concierge and he made it happen. He even made an announcement in the lounge when we made the point cut the first week and presented us with our new pins. He made sure we got our new cards and all benefits added for the 2nd leg. Alternatively, we met a couple going from Emerald to Diamond on the same cruise and the LA would not acknowledge their new status. He said they had to wait till a future cruise.
  6. Just off Adventure as well. Rafael is in DL. He is the best!!!
  7. Got that right. Their IT is a joke. They totally messed up my and DH accounts - eliminated all his points including his C&A# and gave them all to me - plus when my husband tried to log into his account w/ his email/pwd it came up with my name and information. Took multiple calls to multiple people, spent countless hours over the past month to get it fixed. No idea how it happened - my husband and I have separate emails and passwords so it definitely wasn't us - and of course they won't admit it was their fault either.
  8. The one and only time we've done it so far was on our recent Radiance cruise. We waited till we got onboard to book and ended up w/ a substantial discount. If you go, I'd recommend waiting to book, and asking upfront for a discount. Unlikely they'll offer one. Our experience was fabulous - it was held in a private room, unlike other ships I've heard about that cordon off a section of the MDR. The chef and sommelier spent a good deal of time explaining the selections, and food/wine/service was first rate. We are considering doing it again on some of our upcoming cruises, hoping to repeat our wonderful first experience!
  9. I think Pekes & Polls will definitely go; perhaps they will shorten the Invitation to the Jellicle Ball (that's always been my least favorite part of the show). Probably shorten some of the individual numbers as well - I don't think they'll eliminate any of them. Guessing based on changes I've seen over the years (since the first time I saw it on Broadway in 1982)
  10. Disappointed to hear this as we thoroughly enjoyed our Chef's Table experience on Radiance and have a couple of upcoming Mariner cruises with extra OBC we were considering spending on the Chef's Table. I don't think we'd enjoy this location. Is it unique to Explorer class (or Mariner itself)? Having the private room on the Radiance really enhanced our experience. We will definitely check out the location on future cruises before we reserve.
  11. Alaska was a big bucket list, one time only trip for us, so we chose the Radiance, which does one way cruises, then added a land tour. If you do the round trip cruises, you'll miss so much of Alaska. The land portion was amazing, and by far our favorite part of the trip, although the cruise was fabulous. Whatever you choose, enjoy - Alaska is indescribably beautiful, photos really don't do it justice. You've got to see for yourself!!
  12. You don't say when your visit will be, and that could make a big difference in wait times, but I agree with other posters: you're talking about an extremely expensive day and most of it spent in transit or waiting in line. Wait times for the HP attractions can be hours. I live in the area and have an AP. I waited 2-1/2 hours the other day for the new Hagrid coaster (totally worth it, it's awesome) and that was a "short" wait. The other HP attractions could be anything between 30-120 minutes. If you purchase the Express pass, or are willing to do single rider lines, your wait may be shorter. Honestly, if you can manage it you'd be much better off planning a vacation at the park. There is so much to enjoy at Universal, it'd be a shame to miss most of it b/c of the limited time you'd have as a cruise port stop.
  13. I had to re-register for all 3 of the M&M's I had previously signed up for, including our April, 2020 Harmony sailing.
  14. Thanks! We were hoping by being a bit farther back the slide wouldn't obstruct the view as much. Feeling a little better about staying on the Boardwalk again 🙂 Sorry for hijacking the thread, John, and thanks so much for your review! Really enjoyed taking the journey with you.
  15. Can I ask which cabin? We used to love Boardwalk cabins ---29, even as far back as --17 b/c of the gorgeous wake view, but have been a bit concerned with the addition of the Abyss. We're on the Oasis next year in 10317 - will we be able to see anything through the slide?
  16. Just note, if you have thick and/or long hair, or actually want to style your hair, the hair dryer in your stateroom will be worthless. I finally started bringing my own.
  17. We were on Radiance in June in aft cabin 9260. We loved it, although I did move around a lot during our Hubbard Glacier day - got some great pics from our balcony, also went out on deck up front (great views but a bit crowded), and down on promenade deck 5 (less crowded, closer to water) All excellent views, different perspectives. If you're lucky enough to snag an aft - don't give it up!! 🙂
  18. Oh please don't book an obstructed view aft cabin. They're awful - big deep balconies with lounge chairs, having to look at the ugly wake of the ship. Check out some of the pics that have been posted. They're terrible!! 😉🤥
  19. I was on the Festivale in 1979, my second cruise. The first was Holland America Statendam in 1976. I remember getting a booklet printed with the names and home towns of all the passengers. That'd be quite a hefty book on today's ships!
  20. I agree. CATS is one of the most popular stage shows of all time. It's been seen by millions and has grossed billions worldwide. It changed the face of musical theatre. It's not for everyone and I respect that. But it wouldn't still be around if most people felt the way many on this board seem to feel. I love CATS. I saw the original Broadway cast back in 1982 and have seen it countless times since then. Whenever we're on the Oasis, I attend all three performances. I'm the one up front singing (silently) along with the cast to every song. 😎
  21. Please post your experience with this cabin when you get back, especially how much/if the Abyss blocks your view. We are booked in 10317 on the Oasis next year after the Amp'd up drydock, so are wondering about the impact of the Abyss. We've done BW balconies many times on Oasis and Allure which currently don't have the slide. You should get a good view of the ocean (we've been as far back as ---15 w/ no problem) but I don't know how much the Abyss will affect your view.
  22. That's exactly what I do! I keep notes during each cruise, what went well, what didn't, noting especially crew we've encountered who've enhanced our vacation, and on very rare occasions, didn't. I make sure they are noted by name in the survey. They work hard and deserve the recognition.
  23. We were on the Radiance a few weeks ago. Much more casual than our Caribbean sailings, tho there were more than a few jackets and ties on formal nights. We did collared shirt, pantsuit both nights. Even in the diamond lounge (which tends to be more formal) we did not feel out of place. Alaska in general is very casual everywhere you go. It was actually much warmer than we'd expected. The best advice we got was to wear layers. Do that and you'll be fine. Some areas were cooler than others. It was an incredible experience, hope you have a land tour planned - that was the best part of the trip for us! Take lots of pictures, but remember to just relax and soak in the unbelievably beautiful, unspoiled wilderness that surrounds you and enjoy!!! A couple of suggestions - take the shuttle to Hoonah when you get to Icy Strait Point. It's a lovely native Alaskan village. Worth the visit. Go to the front of the ship for Hubbard - you'll get the best views of the glacier. If you're into craft beers, there are a lot of opportunities to try a wide variety of Alaskan beers, it was a highlight of our trip!
  24. When I did it a few years ago, for the dolphin swim we were in water deep enough you had to tread, they do provide flotation devices but you have to do some of the work. I am NOT a strong swimmer and I did just fine. It was an amazingly fabulous experience. I would never have chosen to do it b/c of my poor swimming ability, but I won the tour in a raffle and it was honestly one of the best experiences I've ever had. Enjoy!!
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