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  1. For us there was more than enough to do. We couldn’t fit it all in every day, so we’re going again next year. There are no: Bumper cars Climbing walls Surfing waves Water slides Sky diving tubes And it is wonderful. There are: Numerous lectures throughout the day. Fencing lessons Dance lessons Watercolor lessons Movies Shows Afternoon tea The biggest ballroom dance floor afloat A champagne bar Large libraries A pub with commensurate activities A planetarium Beautiful spa (we’re not spa people, but we love the one on the QM2). What do you like to do? There are plenty of activities for your mind and body, and plenty of places for quiet and peace. But it’s all relative.
  2. Hattie, thank you for all your posts (you really should take a few dance lessons for “next time”!) When you have a moment could you please answer a couple of questions for me? Where does one catch the bus to Largs? How much does it cost? Is exact change required? How long is the ride? We are trying to decide what to do when we are in Greenock next year so any info is appreciated.
  3. Tonopah

    Evening dress

    Please let us know what you think. I’m excited for you.
  4. Tonopah

    Evening dress

    We also. We’re not “dressers” before our first crossing. We bought a tux and the store threw in a matching suit jacket. We discovered we quite enjoyed dressing up for dinner and the evening. I believe you will enjoy your Cunard voyage, but I would encourage you to consider at least dressing up a time or two. They do rent tuxes on board. Happily sailing!
  5. Please report back and let us know.
  6. I couldn’t disagree more about the musicians in the Queen’s Room. Why not just hire more excellent musicians? Why take away the live music for the dancers? So what if they (WE) represent a small percentage of the passengers? I travel on Cunard specifically because they provide a dance floor and live musicians. Here’s an idea - take some dance lessons and become one of those “small percentage” folks instead of wanting to remove something from them.
  7. They did not have insurance, nor does it appear did they read the T&C. They did, however, avail themselves (successfully) of the Daily Telegraph option...
  8. Read your terms and conditions, no matter where you live. Expect to lose your deposit. Get travel insurance. If all else fails, write to the Daily Telegraph.
  9. This was helpful and informative. Thank you.
  10. You’re not wrong. It’s just that you will get a more tailored response on the specific cruise line forum. You can find the Royal Caribbean forum here. For the most part, the users on this site are friendly and helpful. Good luck on your search
  11. That’s what we were thinking, too. It will be nice for us. We can take a leisurely morning and just wander around town in the afternoon or maybe catch the Red Funnel to the Isle of Wight.
  12. Thank you. Yes, that’s the voyage. That might change things. That is a lot of time.
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