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  1. My TA checked about changing our red for white and they said no.
  2. If she can check her email on her phone or yours check your email when you are in port where you can usually find a spot for free wifi.
  3. We had an adjoining room on deck 3 of Adventures of the Seas. I did hear some conversation during the day in the adjoining room but not clearly. Our neighbors were considerate at night and we didn't hear anything. I would prefer not to have an adjoining room again. I don't care to know when my neighbors are in their room.
  4. We are schedule for December 22nd sailing on Allure with stops in St Martaans, St Thomas and Cocoa Cay. I do not want to go to Nassau. Been there done that many times. Would prefer not to go to San Juan. Not a favorite there either. Wish they would let us know what they are doing. It is frustrating to plan.
  5. Wish the Deluxe Beverage Package for December 22nd Allure of Seas cruise would go on sale but I guess I just keep watching. Also the package for the Soda and Voom. I paid $21per day on Adventures of the Seas last fall.
  6. You also have to consider being in ports on Sundays. We were in Martinique on a Sunday and most of the city was closed so a walking tour on our own was quick.
  7. 238 long days. Not good to wish my life away but I do wish the cruise was sooner.
  8. We are scheduled for Allure for Christmas 2019. Really looking forward to it. One thing to take into consideration is that a lot of St Martin's will be closed because we will be there on Christmas Day. I usually book our shore excursions with a private group but may have to book it thru the ship. I wanted to do the Great Race but they are closed that day.
  9. Look at your reservation confirmation email you got from RCI. It has it on there.
  10. Ok. Thank you. I checked the deck plan and didn't see any indications either.
  11. How do you find out if it is a different fire zone? I have 3 rooms right a row that I want the dividers opened.
  12. We are assigned to A on Allure of the Seas for December 22nd sailing. Look forward to hearing Panzafit finds out about their cabana location. I was surprised when I just checked our reservation there was an assignment. Please let us know how you like the cabana.
  13. Cabana is on sale right now for$559. Was $699. I had to buy an extra full day pass because the cabana was for 6 people and there are 7 of us. 3 are kids who will probably spend most of the day in the water. I will watch for it to go even lower in price but because there are limited number of them didn't want to miss out
  14. We are planning to use the slides on Coco Cay. Just booked a cabana yesterday that includes all the slides.
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