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  1. We had 7 in our party so I got the cabana for 6 of us and then bought a ticket for the 7th. If you ask them before they tell you that they don't allow it but it wasn't a problem for us.
  2. We just off of Allure, cabin 10595 and LOVED IT!!! We actually had 3 cabins in a row with son, daughter in law and grandchildren. We had the partitions between the cabin balconies opened and loved being able to get to each cabin that way. It was so peaceful and calm and enjoyable.
  3. I have them printed as a backup but plan to use the ones on our phones
  4. We choose this ship for the children who will enjoy all of the features but we also want an area that is quiet when the children are in the children's clubs.
  5. RCI needs to use the money from non returned towels to hire a person whose only job is to go around and remove towels when the chair is abandoned or save. Then we wouldn't have to do the pool attendant's job by removing towels to have a chair for ourselves.
  6. Just checked the mobile app for Allure of the Seas for December and both the salmon and escargot are on the menus every night.
  7. We did an excursion of zip lining and then to the beach and felt safe a couple of years ago.
  8. We used to live in Melbourne and loved Bizzaros in Indialantic
  9. Prices went up today on all Beverage packages for our December 22nd cruise. I hope they do deep discounts for Black Friday and not just back to the small discounts they have been advertising.
  10. I didn't see anything on the menu that was enticing so I will pass.
  11. Thanks for the info. I just checked mine and it is a 3 so it should be waterproof. I may take it this time then. I do wear mine most of the time too. I have one internet connection so it makes sense to take it with me. Happy Cruising!
  12. I'm not sure about setting it. I also like to snorkel on cruises and my other watch is waterproof so I take it for that reason too.
  13. I actually leave my Apple Watch home when I cruise. I don't want to have any confusion on the time it tells me and in some ports less expensive jewelry makes you less of a target. I wear my regular watch so I can set it for ship time. I am always worried I will not get back from shore excursion in time.
  14. We like to make the hot chocolate and add the frozen stuff to it. Yummy!
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