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  1. We just off of Allure, cabin 10595 and LOVED IT!!!  We actually had 3 cabins in a row with son, daughter in law and grandchildren.  We had the partitions between the cabin balconies opened and loved being able to get to each cabin that way.  It was so peaceful and calm and enjoyable. 

  2. 18 hours ago, plaz70 said:


    All, I'm saying is that if the main pool is surrounded by adults and the solarium pool is empty then why should that empty pool not be opened up for all ages?  I understand wanting an adult only area on vacation.  Sometimes, I prefer that too.  I don't understand why someone would choose a mass market cruise line with a flowrider, rock wall, bumper cars, video games, water slides, etc., geared  towards kids, expect there be an adults only pool and then not use it.  Adult only areas don't need to contain a pool is no one is going to use it.

    We choose this ship for the children who will enjoy all of the features but we also want an area that is quiet when the children are in the children's clubs.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Charles4515 said:


    I have a series 4 which is waterproof. From the series 3 onward the Apple Watches are waterproof. I swim and snorkel with my Apple Watch. I was snorkeling with it at Tobacco Bay in  Bermuda and Turtle Bay in Bermuda last August. I swam laps with my Apple Watch all summer in the pool. 


    Thanks for the info.  I just checked mine and it is a 3 so it should be waterproof.  I may take it this time then.  I do wear mine most of the time too.  I have one internet connection so it makes sense to take it with me.  Happy Cruising!

  4. I actually leave my Apple Watch home when I cruise.  I don't want to have any confusion on the time it tells me and in some ports less expensive jewelry makes you less of a target.  I wear my regular watch so I can set it for ship time.  I am always worried I will not get back from shore excursion in time.

  5. 23 hours ago, johnjen said:

    Mike - give this a try. Get some of that soft serve vanilla or chocolate, a cup full of ice, and a cup of coffee. Mix all three. Wow, a delicious and free fancy coffee drink. I read this on here somewhere before and finally tried it. Heaven!

    We like to make the hot chocolate and add the frozen stuff to it.  Yummy!


  6. 4 hours ago, ChrisK2793 said:

    Allure has a propulsion problem that can’t be fixed until it goes to Spain in March for its refurb and amplification.  The propulsion problem causes it to not be able to go as fast as it normally would and that’s why they’ve had to change ports around to closer ones.


    I know but it isn't just our ship, they are having problems with several in their fleet.  It is getting to be the norm with them.

  7. We are on Allure for Christmas and it will probably be our last Royal Cruise.  I am so tired of all the changes they make as the cruise gets closer and their stupid excuses.  If I can't find a better cruise line I guess we will just stay on land.  It sad, because we do like to cruise but when I schedule for St Thomas, I want to go to St Thomas not spend a short time in San Juan.  And then I read about everyone else issues and it seems that RCI cares less and less for their customers.  At the rate they are going they are going to have all these big ships and not be able to fill them because we are getting feed up with the way they treat their paying customers.

  8. We are scheduled on Allure of the Seas for the holidays and I am really disappointed that they changed our day at St. Thomas to a few hours in San Juan.  I booked this itinerary because of St Thomas. Several of their ships seem to be have propulsion problem so its not like this is their first issue.   If we weren't taking the family I would have cancelled the cruise.  Them changing the itineraries after booking seems to becoming the norm for them and this may be out last cruise with them.  There are other choices and they need to start remembering that the competition is shining where they are losing.

  9. Depends on how active you want to be.  We went to Maya Chan and had a wonderful day with fantastic food and drinks.  We had our own area with padded loungers and they greet you with chips, salsa and guacomole and rum punch.  They also take your drink order-Great Margaritas.  They have loungers floating in the ocean and will bring your drinks out to you.  I just rested and floated and my husband kayaked.  They do have a seaweed problem that they work at constantly.  They are the most welcoming place and make sure they get you back in plenty of time to before the ship leaves.  You can find them on Trip Advisors.  We would definitely do it again.

  10. We are at 29 looking at 30 after our December sailing.  I'm not sure how much more cruising I will be doing with RCI.  They are really getting ridiculous with the changing of ports.  I book my cruises for the ports I choose and it seems over the last 6 months it is becoming the norm for RCI to change the ports.  I know they all do it, but enough already.

  11. 2 hours ago, sjb317 said:

    Solarium is for 16 and older but these kids were definitely not 16.  The one girl told one adult she was 14 but her mom quickly said, no, you’re 16, remember? 🙄



    This makes my blood boil!!  I hate when parents teach their children to cheat by lying about their age.  The parents are supposed to set the example for their children and this example that it is ok to lie is unacceptable.  

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