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  1. Has anyone done this tour thru Royal Caribbean? We are considering it with our Son, daughter in law, 13, 11 and 8 year old in December. Thanks for any info.
  2. This makes my blood boil!! I hate when parents teach their children to cheat by lying about their age. The parents are supposed to set the example for their children and this example that it is ok to lie is unacceptable.
  3. I am so disgusted with RCI right now with them changing the ports around that the points don't really matter. We are one point from Platinum and had planned to book Alaska on our next cruise, but our December cruise may be the last RCI cruise we take for a while. It isn't just our port change on Allure, it is how they have allowed it to affect other cruises. And you would think they would give us OBC or some other compensation for taking away the time we were to spend at St Thomas and give us just a few hours in San Juan. Yes, I know all about the clause they can change ports at their whim but I don't think it gives them the right to jerk so many people around and throw that phrase in our faces. If our cruise was just my hubby and me I would cancel it but it is a gift for my son, daughter in law and 3 grands so we will go and have a good time anyway together.
  4. We are scheduled for December 22 sailing on Allure of the Seas and just saw yesterday they changed us from St Thomas to San Juan. I am sorry it is causing so many changes to other ships. That is not fair to you and I am now considering not booking future cruises with Royal Caribbean. When I book a cruise I chose the ship according to the itinerary. The one on Allure is a Christmas and birthday present for my son, DIL and grands and I know we will have a great time on that ship but was also looking forward to them seeing St Thomas, one of my favorites. And with the unrest in San Juan we may not even get off the ship. What other cruise lines does everyone like? We have done Carnival, no thanks, we have done Holland of America, my husband gets bored on that one. Any suggestions will be welcomed. I'm done with Royal Caribbean after December. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  5. Just checked out cruise on cruise planner on December 22nd on Allure and we were supposed to go to St Thomas and they have changed it to San Juan. Must have just happened because the shore excursions are still showing St. Thomas. This really doesn't sit well with me. I booked this intinary for St Thomas, not San Juan. And who knows if San Juan will even be available in December with all the unrest.! 2 years of planning and they are changing it. Oh, well at least I get to spend Christmas with my grandkids.
  6. I booked an excursion for December 25th on the Trip Advisor website entitled Best of Half Day Snorkeling and Beach Tour. It had great reviews and I was excited they would be open in Christmas. Nothing the ship was offering was sounding too exciting. The website let me book and pay-$513 for it and a few minutes later I get an email that the vendor has cancelled my excursion. It really burns me that they didn't cross Christmas Day off their calendar if they were not going to allow me to book or if they were full that day. And now I have to wait 3-5 business days to get my money refunded. Please be warned about booking excursions on a holiday thru Trip Advisor. I have had great experiences in the past booking thru Trip Advisor but this really frosts me!
  7. So according to this report if this continues my port stop in St Thomas is changing to San Juan because of Politics? I specifically chose this cruise because of St. Thomas. I could care less about going to San Juan or even the scheduled St. Martin's. This is ridiculous and if this wasn't such an important 2 year in the planning family cruise, I would cancel my cruise on Allure in December.
  8. They are already changing port stops to St Thomas on Allure of the Seas because of the mechanical issues. Rerouting the ship to San Juan. I am very disappointed thinking I will go to San Juan instead of St Thomas in December. Part of the reason I chose this itinerary was because of St Thomas. Oh well, there will be lots to do on the ship if I decide not to even get off at San Juan.
  9. Costa Maya and a very relaxing day at Maya Chan. Wonderful food and drinks. Roatan-great zip lining, did clear bottom kayaking and snorkeling in Cozumel. Haven't been to Coca Cay yet-that is scheduled for December.
  10. We bought a really nice Christmas Ornament on one of the ships. It is lightweight and we remember the cruise each year when we hang our the ornaments.
  11. They have priced me out. I'd rather play free trivia even if the prizes are kind of cheesy
  12. For December 22nd sailing on Allure of the Seas it is $1233.99. I paid $484.99 a couple of months ago.
  13. We loved playing trivia in the schooner too!
  14. Has anyone done the Prohibition Event on Allure of the Seas? If so, was it fun and would you do it again? TIA
  15. My husband has our accounts marked that they notify him if I charge something on AMEX. He has sent me a text more than once asking what I bought to make sure I was the one using it. Interesting enough, on one of his cards someone had used the number to make a purchase and he sent me a text and I told him to report it. I wasn't even on that card.
  16. Let me poise this question? If we are teaching our children that it is ok to bend the rules/suggestions in this case how do they decide when it is ok and when it isn't? Many years ago my son was a small 12 year old. We were eating in a restaurant that at 12 and above paid adult prices. He has always been a small eater and didn't eat more that a 5 year old would. The decision was did I lie about his age-teaching him it is ok to bend the rules? or do I set an example and pay the correct amount? I believe that when we make these decisions we are teaching lessons to our children and others who are watching. I know this is an old fashioned idea, but maybe something to think about in the future when you are bending the rules/suggestions. Also, I find the comment about the south to be very offensive. It is amazing the thread this can weave.
  17. I agree that you are on vacation and if you want to wear shorts eat in the Windjammer. Show some respect for the rules. Set a good example. You knew the rules when you made your reservation, don't make the rest of us look at your knees at our dinner time.
  18. This is totally ridiculous and I am becoming very skeptical about booking any more cruises on RCI in the future. When I book a cruise it is because I want to go to those ports. If they continue to make these random changes I am thru with them. There are lots of other cruise lines that don't make the idiot changes this one is making. In no way, shape or form is Nassau a good change for Cozumel. Been to Nassau so many times I wouldn't even get off the ship. But I also would not spend a dime while on the ship that day to make their scheme pay off. They are building all of these great ships but if they continue on this path they are going to be running no were near the capacity they need to for them to make the huge profit they love so much!
  19. They can change hourly on Royal Caribbean.
  20. I don't understand how they can justify these changes. It seems everyday there is a post that they have changed a port for something inferior. It seems very poor planning on their part. Do they not think of these excuses before they plan the itinery? We are scheduled for Allure of the Seas later this year and I hope they don't take us to San Juan. Not interested in this port at all! Love St Thomas and it is part of the reason we booked this cruise rather than Western.
  21. We drive as far as Port St Lucie the day before the cruise and stay there for the night. It is only 1.5 hours from the port and is less money. It is an easy drive and we have never had any issues. IMO the itineraries from Ft Lauderdale are much better than Port Canaveral.
  22. My TA checked about changing our red for white and they said no.
  23. If she can check her email on her phone or yours check your email when you are in port where you can usually find a spot for free wifi.
  24. We had an adjoining room on deck 3 of Adventures of the Seas. I did hear some conversation during the day in the adjoining room but not clearly. Our neighbors were considerate at night and we didn't hear anything. I would prefer not to have an adjoining room again. I don't care to know when my neighbors are in their room.
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