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  1. It's a good plan. It doesn't take long between the two locations and there are always lots of water taxis available. Plus it's cheap at $3US per person. But why wouldn't they just get an excursion directly to West End from the dock rather than going on the West Bay excursion?
  2. It may be easier for you to tell us which ones you are thinking about so we could help you narrow it down.
  3. Here are the times from both ports Mahogany Bay to Little French Key - 20 minutes Port of Roatan to Little French Key - 28 minutes Port of Roatan to West Bay Beach - 22 minutes Mahogany Bay to West Bay Beach - 40 minutes
  4. Which terminal - Mahogany Bay or Coxen Hole?
  5. If snorkeling is your thing, West Bay beach takes it hands down. Not much coral/sea life in the LFK area. This guy did a few videos in the West Bay area. Stunning sea life
  6. Actually, the snorkeling from shore in West Bay is very close to the beach and absolutely top notch. There is absolutely no need to get on a boat. You are correct that there is boat traffic but there are specific channels for the boats. https://www.google.ca/maps/place/West+Bay,+Honduras/@16.2727217,-86.6010329,871m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8f69c28bc660f773:0x1caf61a67790bf24!8m2!3d16.2764779!4d-86.5968422 If you walk to the south end (shown in the map above), you can be swimming with the fish in about 30 feet. I can't compare because I haven't snorkeled from Maya Key bur certainly from the aerials, there is way less coral. https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Maya+Cay/@16.3110439,-86.5388936,908m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8f69e886d07b1137:0x6d31f3f5ebab35e1!8m2!3d16.3111444!4d-86.5372269
  7. There is no set rate in Roatan. You should negotiate before you get in the car and pay after you get out. As for paying/waiting, it would depend on where you are going. If you are going to West End/West Bay, there are tons of taxis there all the time. Pay for the trip one way with one driver then pay for the trip back with another. You should not expect any driver to stay with you all day unless you are paying for their time - which would be quite significant on cruise ship days.
  8. I second the opinion on Ruthless Roatan. Tim and Michelle are great hosts I've been twice. Both my trips with them have been sunset cruises but it's worth checking to see if they do daytime. They have "custom" charters on their web site. https://www.ruthlessroatancharters.com/
  9. This makes me laugh hysterically. White lions! From a Honduran circus! Not just lions but white lions that are extremely rare. And the response from LFK owner - the gypsy circus owner living hand to mouth. Really! If that were the case, they could have sold the EXTREMELY rare white lions to just about any place in the world for 100s of thousands each! Perhaps I should find the gypsy circus owners and tell them they can sell their white lion pups to rich Americans for a ton of money so they don't have to live hand to mouth. And if it wasn't from a Honduran circus, it would be from some other country and they would have permits and paperwork. Perhaps you don't understand how much paperwork is even required to bring a dog into the country! So where is the paperwork for all the non-indigenous animals they have. They should be able to show it to anybody that asks. Especially since it was obviously very recent - the lions are still babies. And bringing camels to a tiny little cay in the Caribbean! Wow, very very humane. Beyond one lion, there is nothing "rescue" about this place. And if they were really concerned about the welfare of the animals, they would give them to a real rescue or rehab center. And the word of the owner against allegations with no evidence to back up his claims isn't great evidence. Honestly, this should be so easy for him to dispute simply by producing the permits. He could put this all to rest very quickly.
  10. The reef destruction is evident. This is something they shouldn't do. The island in Diamond Key was for sale as a pristine island in the summer of last year. So everything that has happened to that island has been in less than a year. As for the "rescue" part, from where exactly in Honduras does one "rescue" white lions - a highly endangered species from the African continent, not Central America, of which there are only about 300 in the entire world? Why would Macaw Mountain have to have spent months and months rehabilitating the birds they rescued from LFK before they could set them free back into the wild? Doesn't sound much like a rescue to me. As for "proper trial", you seem to think the entire government of Honduras including all the involved agencies is corrupt anyway. So why would you expect a proper trial? Seems contradictory. But when all your information comes from the owner of LFK, I wouldn't expect different.
  11. The owners of LFK claim the confiscation was initiated by Maya Key. Doesn't mean it was. Who else is saying that? Where is your proof? In fact, after the confiscation, a few birds were sent to Maya Key and they forwarded them to Macaw Mountain because they couldn't properly care for them at Maya. Macaw Mountain acknowledged they had to rehabilitate the birds before they could release them back to the wild. If it was about competition and Maya "stealing" LFKs animals, why would they keep none? Your argument has no logic. Especially since you say you've been in Roatan 3 times and went to LFK every time and it's the only reason you get off the boat. So it seems that your opinion is ONLY coming from the people at LFK and isn't well informed. Besides, these posts are about their destruction of the environment. There are now acknowledgements by the municipality of Roatan, the Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Merchant Marine about their destructive activities on the reef. But I guess you know better than the government of Honduras ... even with the evidence of the destruction of Diamond Key and LFK's own web sites. You can go on supporting businesses that are destroying the reef. But I'm hoping many people will make better choices than you.
  12. Well the government isn't recommending LFK. In fact, many agencies in the central government are now looking into LFK, their lack of permits and their environmental destruction. It's hit the news now.
  13. Walk off. A fairly long walk. And if you have booked excursions through the ship it's still long. But if you have booked them privately, you have to walk that whole way and then over a big hill to the main road to meet your ride. Coming back, they can all drop you off right at the closer location though. It is .6km to meet a taxi and 1.3km if you have to walk to the main road to meet local transport. Some may come closer (.9KM) but others will tell you that you have to walk to the main road.
  14. Lots to choose from in the West End. I dove with Island Diving Center (booked directly rather than excursion) when I went from the ship in May. Early pick up, early dives and time to see the village after your two dives before heading back to the ship. More importantly, you should think about which dive sites you would like to do. I recommend El Aguila wreck as your first dive. A nice wreck at 100ish feet. Hole in the Wall is another favorite with advanced divers. http://www.roatandivingcenter.com/
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