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  1. I don't see a way to lock that slider, but in our 2BR on the Jade we could lock the door to the mini-room from the hallway. I wasn't comfortable with that as it seems like a life safety issue for those who might be trapped in that room with no alternate method of escape. I do agree with Ztras that kiddos will generally learn the first time they walk in on something they shouldn't have. Also, at 8 &10 they should understand basic human reasoning and explaining that the door will only be closed when they aren't welcome in the room. They can knock and wait in the event of an emergency. Enjoy the room, it's a lot of space!
  2. Hope you’re still recovering at home and that the pain is well managed. Keep the updates coming!!! In solidarity with you, I fell last Saturday (in a crowded restaurant) and fractured the greater tuberosity of my humerus. I didn’t get any pictures of me on the floor as the EMTs were there extremely fast, but I have an ER shot. More importantly, here is Callie, a pregnant dolphin we met in Roatan on our Panama Canal Cruise. (Taken with my iPhone...can’t complete with the amazing photos you and the rest of the gang are posting.). Best wishes to you for progress.
  3. I enjoy hot tea at home and iced tea in lieu of soda (pop) when out and about. The article is alarming but it does say that they tested the fancy plastic mesh tea bags like tea forte and not the standard paper bags of "yore". The bags are what is releasing the microbits of plastic, so use a non-plastic bag and you're golden. It makes sense that the fancy plastic teabags are not ideal; they don't compost. I'm just embarassed that I was hooked by their asthetics - I'm such an easy mark.
  4. As for the “how” you can sign into my Ncl.com and look at your upcoming cruise then click planning to look at all the extras you can add on including the beverage packages.
  5. wondering...if a cruise under the "kids sail free" promo means they won't get credit. Seems semi-logical that they wouldn't. Sort of like how you don't get flight miles for trips you booked using mileage points.
  6. Thanks for the update, we are all pulling for you. I'm so sorry the work insurance thing is such a hassle, and that what I'm about to suggest is even a thing that people have to do - but if you started a go-fund-me I can't imagine that I'd be the only one to try to help out. Once you were back on your feet (sorry, bad pun) you could pay it forward. You probably already have, but put that doctor's number on your speed dial. Virtual love from Seattle to you!
  7. Obviously, any printed brochure for a travel organization is going to be out of date about 10 minutes after it finishes at the printer, but as enticing marketing materials go it works for those folks who aren't constantly online. Car companies still publish a shwanky brochure for their cars even though you can't know what you're going to exactly get until you go into the dealership and endure time with the salespeople and their odd math (sorry, I'm bitter about the car buying process). With that said - the interesting thing about the question at hand is the dead of night departure from one port. For me, a 9 am arrival in Dublin and a departure at 4am means that instead of having a faux pub experience at O'Shehans you would actually have a full evening in a pretty great city. Just don't expect to pass a breathalizer test during reboarding. Sounds like a fun day/evening. On the one itinerary that I found that was similar to the one the OP described it had the "second day" in Dublin (leaving at 4am) but a random one hour stop in Hellesylt, Norway. (8am to 9am.) Seems odd to me unless it's a port like Colon, Panama where the purpose is to pick up folks from excursions, even then that's a VERY tight window. At the end of the day, marketing is marketing - designed to get you to part with your money. This is why the pool photos only have the one super sexy person with their umbrella cocktail on the sparkling blue day. That's the dream they are selling. The ship is technically in Dublin on two separate days, that isn't a lie. The assumption that there will be time on both days to explore...well I choose not to think of that as intentional diseption.
  8. If you are hand carrying your luggage ignore all this: The last night of the cruise you'll be putting your luggage outside your door by 11pm (they'll give you the exact time) so pack your carry on accordingly. PJ's, clothes for the next day, meds, the right shoes and whatever you'll need before you reunite with your luggage. People have been seen leaving the ship in their PJs because they forgot to leave out an outfit - don't be those people. 👍 You'll have time with your luggage to move things around before you check them into your airline so don't worry about the 3-1-1 rule until you're ready to check your bags. Oh, and as someone said above, you'll need less clothing than you think you will, but on our last 11 night Miami-Pamana Canal cruise we were happy we had 2 swimsuits each but we spent LOTS of time onship and off ship in swimgear. Have fun!
  9. NCL has a recent history of changing the dates of the dry dock and impacting a scheduled cruise. It may not have been their choice, but it was still disappointing to the folks who posted about it. If you have a choice of dates, it would be less risky to avoid the dry dock bookends. However, any cruise can be disrupted for any reason so there is no guarantee, which is why good most will strongly recommend good travel insurance. - Aloha
  10. I read this promo as being able to get in line behind Haven and PP folks for boarding. Priority does not mean first. On airlines, those of us rubes who pay for "priority seating" but aren't in First board after People who need assistance, First Class, Million Mile, Platinum, and Gold. Then the MVPs and people in premium class are allowed to board. After that the other six people get on. Other perk of premium (on my airline) include free drinks, but unlike first class where there is a dedicated person to offer beverages on any whim, in Premium they are free only when the cart comes around, that perk is equal to what the million mile, platinum and gold folks who aren't in first class get. This program seems like a modified version of that. I have a hard time believing that NCL would send these 25 "priority" folks down the gangplank in front of the Haven, and Platinum Plus folks for a mere $125 (or whatever) nominal fee. Some people might really like the "priority" feeling and for them, the cost is worth it. Many happy returns to them.
  11. Well, then I say, nicely done NCL. The paper process seemed silly and time consuming for the staff.
  12. Well, to be sure it will not be very full and should be extremely quiet on their sailing. TBH, I'm sure I'd be put out by the change as well, but hopefully the staff won't lock the dining area off so the Haveners will have access to the tables for cards, cocktails or whatnot.
  13. The drink package works immediately upon boarding. While in some US ports you may incur sales tax on the beverages until you are whatever distance away from the taxation authority. Your drink will arrive with a small slip of paper to sign and you're on your way. Have fun!
  14. Generally accurate. There are staggered check in & boarding times. Your boarding time can be delayed by many things inside and outside of the ground crews control. You are requested to not check in prior to the time on your eDocs (the 1 hour window thing as mentioned by @mapleleaves ), but coming after is AOK. There are folks who like to get to the port and start the process as soon as they are allowed to do so, and then there are folks who wait until later to avoid the initial rush of people. To me it's amazing how well they manage the efficiency of such a huge number of people off and on the ship and the dance of the luggage carts and provision loading. I'm in awe of the crew.
  15. Thank you, I knew it must be something like that. The "lack of retraction" is disappointing as we booked the Haven (Breakaway) with our DD a (terrible, awful, unemployed 9 year old) and I'm a delicate flower who needs sunshine while on vacation. But... we'll be on vacation and that is never a bad thing. Counting the days...
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