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  1. @petoonya this is an ever evolving situation. Just today the Seattle Port announced a halt to the 2020 cruise season. That isn't to say that the sailing you're on can't leave from somewhere else but it's unlikely. I bet you'll be hearing from NCL in the next week about your options. https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/news/2020/03/24/covid-19-alaska-cruise-season-suspend-port-seattle.html
  2. I just ran across our useless luggage tags.... boo hoo
  3. Jump up to @JamieLogical threat... folks are checking all March & April cruises and some are switching to sold out mid-way thru mock bookings. I think if you were planning on going in March, you should unpack...
  4. I hope you get a final answer on both legs before you leave the house Sunday. Your planned trip sounds amazing.
  5. Oh my, I was in mid-mock book for a March 14 7-Day Eastern Caribbean from Miami and there were cabins, and then bam - everything went "sold out" Now i'll head back to that Pearl Panama cruise and see if they have gotten to that cruise yet. Looks like you noticed it in mid-cancel.
  6. Panama Canal: Mexico, Costa Rica & Belize from Miami, Florida April 19th (I knew the 14th was wrong...sorry about that) Midship Oceanview brings up many options for cabin selection I'm interested to see what you see for that one.
  7. Maybe its a glitch, the April 14th (or so) Miami/Panama Canal sailing has plenty of room options.
  8. I think we all were; I am disappointed and know that I have fully achieved my 'grown up" card. Cancelling was a very tough decision. I hope your trip goes off without a hitch. A few of the considerations for us was that we were booked into an Inside and the idea of being confined to that space was giving me anxiety. We booked onto a shorter cruise, but in a better cabin with a veranda. Secondly, we decided that since this is still such a new developing situation that the response can change daily. Seeing that it doesn't take much for our gov't to keep a ship from docking we just couldn't risk it. All that being said, there are plenty of ships at sea right now, and DCL seems to be on their A game when it comes to cleanliness I genuinely hope you have a great time!
  9. We were booked on the Wonder for 4/12 and just processed our cancellation this morning. The cancellation policy is a good one, giving you lots of time to reconsider, BUT you don't get the money back, it comes in the form of future cruise credits applied to a sailing within a year of your scheduled departure date. I wonder in your case if the $30,000 spread across three cabins would have to be spread across 3 cabins in a future sailing, or could you book yourself the most amazing suite for just you and your special person? Either way, it's a choice that only you can make. If you don't want to be tied to DCL for a cruise within a year, AND you're wary about this summer seems to me that you need to cancel. If you're cool with locking that cash up and giving it to DCL regardless - then carry on. Took us forever to get thru on the phones today - I was on the phone at 5am my time and it was finally resolved at 9am. That's a LOT of hold music.
  10. Oh my, this is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! emoji love eyes
  11. You could provide the receipts showing the fee charged by Delta to you for the change. NCL won't pay a penny above the fee you actually paid.
  12. Oh how I love my scrapbooks, but once the kid (now 9 ) came along all of our photos went digital. I do make an annual Shutterfly book for the kid's grandparents, and I made a special one of our cruise to the Panama Canal. I miss the hands on photos, cutting, and creating colorful backgrounds, but it seems that the online world has taken over that area of my crafty life. It's charming that you do the hands-on books. I bet they are really great!
  13. You know, when I replied to that question I knew I shouldn't touch the second question because I only have limited experience with the wifi plans... I tried to edit my reply, but my "talking out of my %ss" reply will be with us for eternity. Thank you for clarifying my comment for the OP. You too @Turtles06
  14. That would be my assumption. You can go to NCL.com and look up the name of your ship and see deck plans. A mock booking of any cruise on the same ship would allow you to see the cabin numbers. There might be a more easy way to do that, or you could google the ship and cabin number to do your research.
  15. Re: Dining. You do not have to reserve a spot for complimentary dining. You can show up and wait to eat. The benefits of reserving are if you are on a timeline, like trying to see a show, if you have a larger group to accommodate. Showing up and waiting is just fine. The waits aren't horrific; grab a glass of wine and get in line. You can also make reservations on the ship if you decide later that you need to dine at a specific time. The wifi is device specific. Enjoy your sailing.
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