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  1. ...of this I am sure, I do take the info gained on a call with a grain of salt. Muster at 4-5 would be ideal, my worry is that we'll be boarding at that time rather than at a more traditional time. On boarding day I want to get right to it. I have a hard time thinking of it as a 7 day cruise when day one is only a few hours, and day seven is really just a disembark event.
  2. I thought it had to do with tides, but when I called the help line they assured me that we will be boarding at a more traditional time and won't be doing muster at 1am - she suggested that muster would be at 9pm. Regardless, for those of us who want to view sail away it will be a late night.
  3. That's too bad. It's unfortunate that even after a few months of offering and promoting this "upgrade" that the most important people don't know about it. I've just purchased the upgrade as an x-mas gift to ourselves for our September 7-day cruise and think it will be super fun not to worry about $2 here or $3 there... On our last cruise our party of 5 went thru at least 4 bottles of the cheapo/included champagne and one bottle of Vueve during our LeBistro night. That alone would make up for the cost of the package for us. Our traveling companions in their own room have been contemplating the upgrade as well, so we might have to make our money back over the course of a couple nights. I don't see it being a problem.
  4. We have something similar in Seattle - it's called the Gum Wall outside Pike Place Market. For the cost of hand sanitizer you can stick your own ABC gum on the wall. (No offence to the artist, who I'm sure wants us to see something about humanity.)
  5. I was able to take advantage of the Black Friday promo. My cruise fare dropped almost $700, same perks. I was not booked on a double latitudes points promo, so all the other perks stay the same. I'll keep monitoring prices as we are 270+ days out and nowhere near final payment. Rather than thinking we overpaid at the booking, we are enjoying the price watching. My MIL was able to adjust their rate via their wholesale TA booking.
  6. In addition to "mechanical issues" there is growing unrest in Colombia, and today the borders are closed due to the protests. Perhaps NCL and the other cruise lines either can't get into Cartagena or are deciding that the safety of the passengers is more important. We were in Cartagena in April and it was a lovely city, but if we were there this week I'd enjoy the pool vs. getting off the ship.
  7. With the PPB, will they bring you a second bottle of wine/champagne if you polish off the first one? I mean, not that my hubs and I could ever drink more than one bottle during a dinner. #sarcasm #AA?
  8. Towels - confirmed! There is also a safe in that credenza thing which was great for holding our valuables while we played. We didn't find the fruit platter until the end of the day (tucked in the fridge) but managed to enjoy it anyway. Enjoy it!
  9. We are booked on a similar-ish itinerary - RT NYC/Canada/NE on the Breakaway leaving 8/30 and our kiddo will be 9. We will be traveling with her grandparents who are 75 & 81. I imagine that the number of kids her age on the cruise will be similar to our Panama Canal cruise last year where there were less than 70 people under the age of 18 on the entire ship. She made one friend, but they had to really try as the other girl didn't speak English and our daughter is zero percent fluent in Ukrainian/Russian. She knows this is upcoming trip is more about our time together vs. beaches and zip-lines. We do plan to be indulgent with time at the pool and other kid friendly activities while on the ship. At port we won't be doing any 6+ hour bus intensive excursions, She earned the right to say she hated those after our epic ferry ride thru the Panama Canal and then multiple hour drive back to the ship. You know it's a strong opinion when it pops out not in the moment, but at breakfast a month later. I think for the Canada/NE trip I'm going to give her a camera and ask her to be our official photographer and let her document the trip thru her eyes. I know there is a world of difference between a tween and a nine year old, but I feel like these experiences can be managed and are worth the effort. With both you and your husband along you can split up to do kid things and dad things. Plus, what a wonderful memory for your girl to have - a special cruise with grandpa. One other idea is to give her an option as to an excursion - maybe there is something she'd like to do and one of the port days can be about her. We did the water park in Costa Maya just for Lucy, and while it wasn't my cup of tea she's still talking about it. So..winner winner. Granted, the Nova Scotia Water Park probably isn't as warm... but maybe there is something available that she'd like to do. Lastly, the kids club even on the Jade with almost no kids my kiddo had a blast. The staff came up with fun things tailored to the smaller group and she came back to the room exhausted every day. Go, take the kid, have fun (and let her have the electronics for down time).
  10. Great review. My college friend was the winemaker at Kestrel for this vintage. Have you tried the new(ish) WIT winery?
  11. I asked the travel specialist at our doctor's office and they recommended that we get a Hep A series. The timing wasn't quite right and we were only able to get the first shot before we left, but she said it was better than nothing. As a precaution, for our excursion days where we left the ship to be outdoors (not at the beach) we treated our clothing with Permethrin. It stunk during application, but by the time the clothes were dry the smell was gone and didn't cause the other items in our luggage to smell either. We did the treatment before we left on our trip. I am quite the buffet for pacific northwest mosquitoes but during our 11 day cruise I was free from any bites - even during our panama canal by ferry and Costa Rica canal and train excursions.
  12. Holy guacamole, I am excited to see the other menus.
  13. On our most recent cruise (11 nights in a suite - not haven on the Jade) we were offered the laundry promo twice. Our traveling companions were offered the same promo, same pricing - all you can stuff in the bag for $19.95 (ish). What I noticed is that our bags were much larger than the bag offered in the Mini-suite and the Inside cabin. I was able to get a lot of items of various sizes into that bag - fold and roll, don't stuff. I wouldn't send anything delicate or that couldn't be washed in an industrial machine. Our items came back clean, folded and a bit scratchy. However for a mid-week wash it was great. Have a great trip.
  14. It's a rainy Seattle Friday afternoon, so I am pondering life. We are a family of 2 (married couple & a 9 year old) booked into a Haven 2BR on the Breakaway. When the upgrade bidding game starts would you consider a different cabin an upgrade? Why or why not? We liked the 2BR on the Jade because we could still enjoy the cabin when the tax deduction went to bed, but am wondering about other people's 3+ people in a cabin experience. Thanks and I know it's not the most important question plaguing us these days...CC is my escape from all that other stuff.
  15. We were in a 2BR Suite on the Jade (non-haven) and thought it was great. The balcony was similar in size to that of our previous mini-suite, but we had lots of room for everything in the closets. Our little dining table was covered from day 1 in treats, snacks and paperwork but it was so nice to have a corner for every person in our party (including my mom who bunked in an Inside across the hall.) We booked the 2BR (haven) on the Breakaway and I'm excited to see how the decor and minor layout differences change the space. I will tell you that the floor to ceiling windows in the shower provide a great view, but are not privacy coated so be careful if you're using the shower in port next to another ship. ;)
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