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  1. They could have just made the overall change effective for cruises starting in May 2021 since those itineraries aren't even available to book yet and avoided this whole debacle. I am assuming I will ha e an email tonight or tomorrow showing that they are giving me an option for my BW balcony on Symphony in April 2021.
  2. Harmony is definitely going into dry dock April 2021. We were originally booked on it. We were notified in mid to late June that our cruise was cancelled and given options on what we wanted to do. We are now booked on Symphony for April 2021. I do know Symphony will not be replacing Harmony (at least in April 2021) since the Harmony cruise was out of Port Canaveral and the Symphony cruise is out of Miami.
  3. You also can't use the %discount and OBC rewards together, only one or the other. My husband and I just added the $100 OBC for each of us today to the cruise I just booked last night for May 2020. Since we could each redeem one, that gives us an extra $200 OBC for our next cruise.
  4. The app does work but I wouldn't rely on it too much for the schedule everyday. When we were on in June it was not showing everything the cruise compass did and it showed some things that weren't in the cruise compass and weren't actually available on the ship. No chat feature using it on Enchantment.
  5. We always opt to prepay daily gratuities when we book our cruise. They just add it to our cruise fare and it is already paid for when we go on the cruise. If you haven't done this, you can contact royal or your TA and have them add it on for you.
  6. We do cash account when we cruise. If your cruise is shorter one, less than 7 nights, you will only be able to charge $300 before having to pay on your account. We have had no issues doing a cash account. Our last cruise, I ended up paying with a card on the last night. They charges my card for what was charged and I had them leave it on my account in case we decided to get specialty coffee or something along those lines the last night. I didn't have any extra holds put on my card. The cruise before that one, I just paid the bill with cash at gs on the last night. It's easy to use a cash account and it helps my husband and I stay within our budget for vacation.
  7. Just to update: We decided on the April 17, 2021 sailing on Symphony. They did price protect our reservation and give us the extra $200 OBC as stated in the email they sent when they cancelled our Harmony cruise. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. You guys are great!
  8. Royal just called a few minutes ago to make sure I had seen the email and to see if I had any questions. The agent I spoke with did confirm that Harmony will be going to dry dock April 2021. Thanks for the help and suggestions everyone. We have narrowed done our choices to 3 that they are offering and will be making a final decision about which one tonight.
  9. We aren't picky about what day of the week departure is. I don't work at the this time. We are raising our grandbabies (who will not be going). My husband's job is pretty flexible with scheduling so we go places we want to go or ships we want to try. I'm just trying to make sure what we pick to replace the original sailing isn't going to run into cancellation for maintenance like this one did. I do know emergencies happen and it's a little under 2 years so anything can happen but I like to be fully prepared for our cruises ahead of time so that once I board the ship, all I have to do is relax.
  10. Our original sailing was St. Thomas, St. Kitts and Cococay. We are leaning towards the April 4th with that itenarery for the replacement but may still pick another one. They did not state dry dock in the email, only routine maintenance. I am wondering if I can find a dry dock/maintenance schedule or anyone knows where I might be able to get this information.
  11. Just got an email that our Apr. 25, 2021 on Harmony is cancelled. How can I find out the maintenance schedule for the ships and dates they offered. I want to try to make sure I don't keep running into this problem. They also said our original stateroom category will be price protected at the original cruise fare rate and since we have a balcony we will also get an additional $200 OBC. Below are the ships and dates they are offering as replacements. Allure of the Seas departing from Miami, Florida on: April 4thsailing to Labadee, Haiti | Falmouth, Jamaica | Cozumel Mexico. April 11thsailing to Nassau, Bahamas | Charlotte, Amalie, St. Thomas | San Juan, Puerto | Labadee, Haiti. April 18thsailing to Cozumel, Mexico | Roatan, Honduras | Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas. April 25thsailing to Philipsburg, St. Maarten | San Juan, Puerto Rico| Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas. Oasis of the Seas departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on: April 4thsailing to Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis | Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas. April 11thsailing to Cozumel, Mexico | Roatan, Honduras | Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas. April 18thsailing to Philipsburg, St. Maarten | San Juan, Puerto Rico| Labadee, Haiti. April 25thsailing to Labadee, Haiti | Falmouth, Jamaica | Cozumel Mexico. Symphony of the Seas departing from Miami, Florida on: April 10thsailing to Cozumel, Mexico | Roatan, Honduras | Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas. April 17thsailing to Labadee, Haiti | San Juan, Puerto Rico| Charlotte, Amalie, St. Thomas | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas. April 24thsailing to Cozumel, Mexico | Roatan, Honduras | Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico | Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas.
  12. Call club royale and ask since they are the ones who actually redeem these for you. The number is 1-888-561-2234. They will know all of the details for the obc and the 10% discount. I do know that you can't use the discount and obc from myvegas together. You can only use one or the other but beyond that I'm not sure what the restrictions are.
  13. I had booked through c&a at the end of June. I called today to get our c&a #s added to the reservation. When I booked, we were less than 2 weeks back from our first cruise and our numbers hadn't been issued yet. I asked about the myvegas offer and they transferred me to club royale, who answered my questions. I then redeemed my points and had hubby redeem his points. Called club royale back and they added to my reservation with no problems. Said it will take a day or two to show up but I will get an email showing it when it does.
  14. I just used 2 today. One was from my husband's myvegas account and the other was from mine. We are in the same cabin. That gives us $200 obc. The club royale desk was very helpful and knowledgeable.
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