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  1. Respectfully, I disagree. That's precisely why the should and likely will. The tourism industries are completely decimated because of Covid outbreaks. Requiring vaccinations is the simplest and most effective way to mitigate that risk as best they can with minimal negative impacts. I feel for the people that genuinely cannot get vaccinated for legitimate reasons, but have zero sympathy for those that don't because ~reasons~
  2. The nice feature with the concierge was the shuttles and pre-night hotel which basically make it everything done to get to the ship for departure. I think this is super useful in a part of the world you are not familiar/language barrier or just very uneasy and there is value in that for me. That said, Vancouver is not exactly a difficult, crime ridden festering part of the world and I don't think the premium for concierge would be worth it for me personally. If you can swing it, I agree the PH may be a way to go. Mariner was my first Regent cruise and I loved it. We'll likely go back on it this fall when things start to hopefully normalize a bit.
  3. I saw that too. A yearly increase is to be expected (inflation if nothing else), but I can't imagine it would be anything significant and the complete unease of the market. I think promos will be aplenty for some time. I certainly am not going to rush to book the cruise we are thinking of for fall 2021 because of this.
  4. While you make your choices, you also chose to suffer the consequences of said choices.
  5. I don't think it should be mandatory either, people shouldn't be forced to do something to their body that they do not consent with. BUT, not having a vaccination shows how either incredibly narcissistic, confused about safety, or shockingly poor critical thinking skills you have. Measles is making a comeback because of those who wrap themselves under the cloak of "enlightenment" and "choice" when we had it beat. Why people seem to think they know more about vaccines and medicine in general than those who have spent their entire adult life researching on the subject is nuts.
  6. It's too early to tell how long immunity will last. All that I've seen for the Pfizer vaccine so far is "at least" 3 months but, it is expected to last significantly longer. Almost certainly far longer than catching COVID and using natural immunity. That said, by the time this is said and done there will be more than 1 vaccine, probably several within the next few months, and nobody truly knows how long immunity will last. It may be months, it may be years. A booster would not be surprising, but who knows. I think everyone should carefully record which vaccine they take as they'll probably have some differences. Unfortunate, but not entirely surprising, Vaccines are designed to trigger an immune response so someone could find themselves uncomfortable and possibly in a bad place. That's why even with "regular" vaccines right now the pharmacist/dr usually doesn't want you to leave for 10-15 minutes, even those without known issues.
  7. I think ^^ is an entirely reasonable outlook. If you are unwilling to wear a mask for a long time, stay away from cruising until you don't have to. Especially with the demographic of the typical Regent cruiser. Hopefully it won't be too long, but there is so much confusion and people being scared of vaccines (talk about 1st world problems!) it might take a while.
  8. There is literally nothing to cause any concern about in that article, other than giving the scientifically illiterate at a level significantly less than grade-schoolers, a soapbox. No disrespect meant to grade schoolers.
  9. Gosh I hope so. People who do not vaccinate against dangerous diseases once proven safe are the epitome of first world entitlement problems. Safe is always relative, nothing in life is 100%, absolutely safe, including living in your fallout shelter in your basement wearing a tinfoil hat, but short of common relatively minor side effects vaccinations are one of, if not THE highest risk/reward medical interventions going in the history of humanity. Literally. People in the free world have few norm "duties" to do in their lives, but this must be one of them. If they can't do the simplest thing to keep potentially deadly viruses from not only hurting themselves, but more importantly spreading to those that cannot immunize, have issues. Either incredibly narcissistic or simply incredibly confused about the efficacy and safety of modern vaccinations.
  10. Forgot to post here, but our was cancelled late Feb and was posted May 28 - I think almost exactly 3 months. They also refunded my culinary courses without my prodding. Now just to deal with cancellation insurance on my flights to MIA lol! I'll give regent a + on this cancellation experience for myself. Wasn't immediate, but it came and without a lot of fuss. I'm just glad I didn't desperately need the $$... although if that was the case I probably wouldn't have been booking a Regent cruise in the first place.
  11. For a FCC, probably not, but for a paid in full cruise that didn't happen and the time has come and gone, I think they might. I'll do some checking today. I'm not sure what the time window is... but for myself I did purchase insurance for the first time ever so hopefully I should be covered either way.
  12. Oct 1, 2020. To London for the Sotheby liquidation auction LOL!
  13. I'm genuinely considering that. I have insurance on it as well, so I should be covered either way.
  14. I could think of worse circumstances for a stranded crew member. At least they are with people they know, in familiar surroundings and have access to services. Better than being stuck at an airport sleeping on a bench or having to pay a hotel every night.
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