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  1. I've come to you all because you are the experts and I cannot be the only person who has had trouble with this! I have been trying for four months now to obtain proof from MSC that our ship docked late in Nassau, which caused us to miss a non-refundable third party shore excursion. This is the only piece left that I need for the claim that I entered with our third party travel insurer. On my first call to MSC they said that they must e-mail the ship to get back record of late docking and that would be forwarded to my e-mail. "They're pretty good about it and it should take a week." No dice. Second call to them they had record of my first call and I was essentially told the same thing. "We'll e-mail the ship. Takes about a week." Nope. I called again today, they had no record of my first two requests and I politely asked why proof couldn't come from their main Miami office. This docking info is obviously on file there somewhere! "That's not how it works." A few weeks ago I also used their general 'contact' form on the main website, but if you've dealt with MSC then you know that form goes into a black hole. Has anyone ever been successful with obtaining this type of info from a cruise line in order to file a claim with third party insurance? That's why I bought the dang insurance in the first place, as I always do when we cruise. But I get that my request is just extra work for MSC and in no way revenue producing for them. Thanks cruisin' crew!
  2. So I was Status Matched about two months ago and just got around to doing Status Match for my husband, which came through today. It took about one week each time. I just tried to add two children on the online form where you can add minors under the age of 18, and it would not let me proceed. So I used the 'Contact Us' to send MSC a message. Has anyone else attempted to add minors using their 'Add Child' form? It's probably no big deal if they don't get added, but will they get different colored cards from ours? Again, no big deal, just curious. After I was matched I called Expedia (as my agent) to add my Voyager # and ensure the 5% off. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my Voyager # had already made it onto my res and the 5% off had already been applied, adjusting my PIF amount for the future. It's a great little perk and I'm glad MSC offers it!
  3. Last October we took the tram directly to Columbus Cove and had a great day there! There was no shortage of loungers and you could choose from sun or shade. We had our own snorkel gear and were in the water most of the day. Dragged the kid out of the water to eat lunch and also had one hour of time booked on the inflatables at Arawak. That was fun, but exhausting, and having more upper body strength would have helped! After so much activity we got kind of hungry towards the end of the day and wished we had brought some snacks off the ship. We took the tram back to the ship and were sad to leave Labadee. It was so fun! Bring singles to tip the chair people and musicians!
  4. Hello! Has anyone done Comfort Inn to get Atlantis access recently? This thread is a bit dated so I just wanted to check if the process has changed at all. Can you still check in and out at the same time? We will be in Nassau in October 2019 with our ship in port from noon to 7pm. The room price, even with taxes and fees, beats the shore excursion price by a mile! Thanks for any updates from anyone who did this in 2018! 🌊
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