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  1. We have UDP on Radiance this September B2B Vancouver to SYD. Can one of the concierges (we can access either lounge) make our reservations or do we have to go to one of specialty restaurants?
  2. Yes - we were in the Royal Suite on Grandeur with Francis the Concierge when we got the extra special treatment.
  3. We have been on Grandeur many times and have known Francis for years - the one time we were in the Royal Suite, we got the extra special treatment that you describe - he gave us his personal cell to communicate with him pre-boarding, walked us through security/checkin, and treated us great all cruise. Evangeline (I think that is her name) was the room steward for that side of Deck 8 forward and she was great as well. The combination of Francis and Evangeline on Grandeur when they both were there was unbeatable.
  4. I think that Caribbean Paddling generally gets very good reviews - the only complaints I have heard about the kayaking is when the area near the cul-de-sac shore has a lot of sargassum seaweed and is kind of smelly and gross. You could ask them in an email how it is now.
  5. Tintamarre is not in Orient Bay - Green Cay is in Orient Bay and has relatively good snorkeling. Tintamarre is a destination for many snorkel trips - what you see off beach where common excursions go are turtles and some other fish. Far side of Creole rock, toward shore, has some good snorkeling but the snorkel excursion boats typically do not want you to swim around the rock. Off Pinel there is some decent snorkeling but hard to find if you do not have guide. If you are OK with open water swimming, and can swim a little more than one-third mile over and same coming back, you can swim off Orient Beach over to Green Cay - need to get to north-west side.
  6. If you were thinking of something like the Butterfly Farm, you might enjoy Parrotville - here is a link to a blog post about it: http://www.3rdculturewife.com/parotte-ville/
  7. Your post is a little confusing at best. At all times, 24 hours per day, women may be and some are topless on all french-side beaches, including Orient Beach. Pursuant to the rules, 24 hours per day, you can only be nude (that is, no swimsuit at all) on the southern third of Orient Beach - which is referred to as south of the rocks in front of where Pedro's was - or it can be referred to as the Club Orient Beach. Outside of the main hours of the day (main hours being 9 to 4) - some people may still walk the beach nude - but that is against the local law and most who do it carry something to cover up if requested.
  8. Do not know what you are trying to say, but it is not accepted (or technically legal) to be nude on all beaches on the french-side.
  9. From 9 am to 4 pm, when cruise ship passengers are most likely to be on Orient Beach, it is very rare for anyone fully nude to be strolling up and down the beach. Years ago it was different, but in recent years, full nudity north of the rocks during that time period is not normal.
  10. That is the universal definition of "clothing optional." Complete nudity is permitted on a clothing optional beach. Female toplessness is a different issue. Female toplessness is legal on all beaches french-side.
  11. I would suggest comparing the ship excursion to what you would do on Random Wind - which goes to Mullet.
  12. No. Only the south end of Orient Beach - the Club Orient Beach - is clothing optional. The bar/restaurant and beach at Bikini Beach Kon-Tiki Kakao Beach are NOT clothing optional.
  13. Yes re restrooms. Not sure about wifi.
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