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  1. Terrible shame for the staff that may lose their incomes and livelihoods. Let’s all hope they get fixed up with alternative incomes quickly.
  2. This is just awful, awful news,! Our thoughts go out to the poor men involved, along with their families, friends and crew mates.
  3. Good luck with your season ticket discount Saint,....I’m waiting for a refund for unplaid games on mine. All the best.
  4. We had a cruise in a deluxe cabin to Norway booked two years ago. We had paid our deposit and upon re checking the cruise price we were gobsmacked to find the price for our cabin had been reduced by approx £900. We e- mailed TUI explaining the situation and asked them to reduce the cost we were expected to pay to reflect the new pricing of the cruise... to our great disappointment TUI ignored our repeated e-mails. We subsequently cancelled our booking, losing deposit,...if I recall correctly, it was £300, rebooked at the new , lower price thus saving approximately £600 on what we were originally prepared to pay.... Hope this response is of some help/guidance to you.
  5. We need to remember that TUI is not a living breathing person with emotions and feelings. TUI is a large business, who's sole aim is to make profit. given the above, then we cannot expect TUI the business to "care" . Some of its employees will empathise, and may try to help as best they can within the guidelines set by the business,.....but remember, the business exists to make money,...not to "care" Its a crappy situation that you have found yourself in with regards to your flights, but in this instance the flight portion of your holiday does not fall within the control of TUI and so they will take no responsibility for that. I wish you well recovering lost monies, but I wouldn't expect TUI the business to take any responsibility for your separate flight booking im afraid,...they do not exist to care,...they exist to provide holidays in order to make profit......for themselves and any shareholders.
  6. Sorry to have received an email this morning advising me that our cruise on Discovery 2 for November this year has now been cancelled We were due to cruise from Dubai through India, to Thailand and ultimately Lankawi ( did I spell that right.?) Anyhow, the cruise has now been cancelled, and we are really quite gutted not to be going, although we definitely believe it’s the best and correct decision by TUI given the pandemic. I’m kind of grateful TUI have been decisive and made this call in good time. We hope to be able to re book this, or a similar itinerary in the future when it is safe enough to do so. A worldwide vaccine can’t come soon enough so that we can all get back to enjoying our lives to the full once again.
  7. A Marbella cruise all the way to Mumbai eh.....you must have been on board a long time😂 Yes, we are also looking forward to visiting Goa,....all things well. keep safe from a very Blue Manchester 👍🏼
  8. It's a crying shame, particularly for the hard working staff that may lose jobs and incomes. My thoughts are with them.
  9. We have booked a two week cruise on D2 in November this year. We sail from Dubai, and onwards to India, Thailand, Malaysia....I remain optimistic things will be back to normal (ish) by then, and really hope so as a visit to Mumbai has long been on our bucket list. 🤞
  10. I have a top tip for you,.......get off the plane and at the front of the line of disembarking passengers as best you can,.....it may save you an awful lot of queueing. I've visited Sangster airport approx 20 times, and the above works for me.
  11. To access the lounge (club mo bay) ,......as you approach the bag search area, just after check in, you'll see the club mo bay agents on your left,....you can't miss them, as they have a great big stand at the entrance to bag search. Show the agents your club mo bay tickets, and they will escort you to the priority security lanes,. Once through security, just follow the signs to the lounge..which in our opinion, is very nice, and a great way to end your holiday.
  12. Well done Dave, good for you. If Marella are not competivley pricing their cruises we should all look elsewhere as you have done. It's surely the only way we can encourage them to be more competitive with their pricing structures.
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