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  1. I am of the understanding that Princess Cruises now just from their Southampton cruise ship Princess Saphire have kettles in their rooms to make your own tea or coffee. Catching up with P & O. Hopefully this is something they will expand to their other ships over time. To be honest this is one of the biggest selling points for P & O for many Brits. I am a real lover of coffee and a fussy coffee drinker and hate instant. So going by your review I wouldn't go near the coffee in the buffet or main dining room. I can bring my cafetiere (my favourite way of making coffee anyway) and make my own. I also do not drink tea so my coffees in the morning more important. I understand these ships one can get hot water from the buffet but everything I have read it seems it is not hot enough. I do not understand why these ships do not improve somewhat on their coffee in main dining rooms at least in this day and age. I mean how much trouble is making a nice cafetiere for someone when having breakfast in the dining room. Or even have a pot of filter coffee on and serve by the cup. They could also use this coffee for their room service which on Princess Cruises seems pretty good apart from that. I find it ridiculous that with all the money one spends they cannot get that basic right. Nowadays people generally are more discerning when it comes to coffee and prefer their ground coffee. It seems cruise ships haven't caught up. They should check out complaints in sites over the internet as they will find this is a complaint brought up over and over again. So simple to address and make themselves more attractive. If one is spending a fortune to cruise with them to me this is such a basic. I know to others who do not care about coffee this may seem a small point but if I go on holiday it should be about me relaxing and enjoying the whole experience and coffee is a big part of my enjoyment. We all have different priorities 🙂
  2. New website is not good. The old one although not the best was a bit better. Simple things like their basic faqs are not difficult to put together and a bit of a mess and a hunt when looking for specific info which used to be more clear on one page. Great example I just wanted a reminder of restaurant opening hours for breakfast and when you go to their page say for breakfast you then have to click on a separate link for times and then unbelievably, you get a page not found. Such a simple thing and basic info. Just one example. Seriously a company of this size needs to get their act together. I do remember a few years back they had some problems but now it seems alot of effort to get simple info. Not that user friendly and a bit offputting. Are they trying to keep everything a secret haha. I got the times eventually doing a google search but not from P & O. Such basic info should take seconds. It seems by other posts this has been around for at least 3 months so surely they should have got their act together by now. Not impressed for a company where one is likely to spend thousands. Substandard imo. I did eventually get to the opening times on P & O but that was a direct search link page via google. Not using their link while already in FAQs help. So it is clearly there just their links dont work. This is such basic stuff.
  3. Hello this is my first post so I hope I am in correct place. Now that it seems P & O have placed new restrictions on alchohol one can bring aboard :( I am interested in seeing up to date room service bottles of spirits menu. I saw an older one last year which had some drinks showing but did not seem to have one of my favourites in it which is Baileys. I need to decide which one bottle to bring with me and the rest I will buy from room service. Can anyone help please?
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