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  1. We were ultimately able to cancel with Celebrity and get a refund because of the 24hr grace period. We now have a travel agent and have decided to try the Regent Splendor for our anniversary. I have learned a lot from this potentially expensive cancellation policy.
  2. I would have taken the change fee, but they couldn't handle it on a 45 min phone call. I was told I have to wait to cancel the original cruise and rebook. An absolute joke.
  3. Makes no sense either, and the new cruise date/fare was a few thousand MORE. I wasn't confident in their treatment to put down another 1k deposit after the run around on the phone. So now I have the new cruise supposedly on hold, while I wait for my cruise deposit to be refunded as promised 🙄. I love the itinerary but am completely turned off by this experience. Especially at the price they want. Talking to a TA now to take over our anniversary cruise.
  4. I think what agent said is they had to refund the original cruise, and they held a new booking for the new date. Makes no sense that they couldn't just move my deposit to the new cruise. The agent kept putting me on hold to go "talk to a supervisor". I haven't got a confirmation email for either the new booking or cancellation. The conversation was not clear. Extremely disappointing service for a supposedly premium cruise line. Enough that I'm willing to walk away from the deposit and be grateful I didn't spend more with this company.
  5. I've done a lot of cruises booked myself in the past. However, with the with nickel and dime culture I think you are right.
  6. Cannot blame you. I was not aware there was NRD reservation, I wasn't offer any option. If I were you I wouldn't even trust the agent to book you, as you'll probably end up like me.
  7. I called them yesterday (directly) and booked a cruise, but wanted a specific suite which was not available on the sailing I really wanted. So I booked the following sailing. When I saw it was available tonight, I called to be switched to the new date, and it was an absolute disgrace. I don't even know what they've done with my original cruise reservation. No email as of yet. And an 40 min wasted phone call.
  8. Yes, we were in The Haven and our bid was accepted then pulled. But we ended up enjoying the cruise and learned to just book the cabin we want from the start. I'm starting to think of maybe Celebrity is not the place to spend 19K on a cruise if they cannot simply move my cruise deposit 24 hours after made. I can only imagine what the onboard treatment will be like.
  9. I booked a Celebrity Cruise for our 20th anniversary literally 24 hours ago, and saw that our preferred sailing because available in the cabin we wanted ( at 19k suite) ...and they could not accommodate moving my reservation without fees and potential cancellation penalty. I have no idea what the agent did with my reservation, but they refused to just change the deposit to the earlier sailing. I've never experienced this in The Haven on NCL, Princess, or RCCL. I am the type of cruiser that likes to upgrade my cabin if finances permit. Be very wary. Utterly disappointed in the treatment of a customer who was ready to pay a lot of money for a cruise on the Edge. If I'm out the $900 NRD.. so be it. Lesson learned. I will spend my $$ on a more hospitable cruise line.
  10. We booked our cruise over a year out and it came with: Signature Beverage Package Promo1 1: The Signature Beverage Package has a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced $9.00USD or lower including service charges. Guests may order beverages one at a time and must be 21 years or older for alcoholic beverages. No sharing is permitted. Beverage management reserves the right to revoke the package if misused and refuse service for any reason, including service of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated guests. Package excludes purchases made in Signature Shops, Mini Bar and In Room Dining, or beverages on Half Moon Cay. Is this SBP a lesser version than the one you'd would purchase if not a perk? The Signature Beverage Package (for sale) has a drink price of $11.00 or lower. Are the perk beverage packages upgradable? Thanks!
  11. Good morning, Yesterday we were notified our bid has been accepted for a move within The Haven (original cruise purchase was in The Haven). The room was assigned and credit card was charged. 5 hours later we receive an email saying "Due to system error, your credit card was processed for xxx for an upgrade that unfortunately was not available. We have issued the refund at this time. I do apologize for any inconvenience." I checked with the bank and a refund has not been processed. Anyone else have this happen?
  12. On 7/19 booked NCL Escape leaving on 7/28 and got offer to bid over the weekend. The bids are still pending leaving in 5 days...
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