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  1. When NCL informed me that my Spirit cruise in November was cancelled, they offered a 10% credit towards a future cruise. It has to be used within 45 days and originally they said sail within one year. I just received an email from a PCC that I was assigned but have never used, reminding me to use the credit. I responded and asked if I could get an extension on the booking date, as I had seen others received up to one year to book. The response was that I had to book by March 30, 2020 but I could sail until 12/31/2022. That's all well and good I guess, except that the 2021 schedule isn't even complete yet. How can I book into the end of 2022? I think I'll just give up the 10% this time. They make no sense.
  2. American Diner made sense when the Joy was set up for the Asian market. It makes no sense at all to me now. Do they really think all we want to eat is fast food? They really can't dumb down the menus much more without turning the whole ship into a mall food court.
  3. I have sometimes grabbed an extra paper towel after washing my hands and discretely carried that into the buffet to use to pick up the tongs. Same concept as using a paper towel to open the bathroom door.
  4. I booked Six and Jersey Boys for my Bliss Cruise the first day reservations were available. I got the same email, went back online and rebooked a few days later. It has been almost a month and I am still schedule for both my original and new dates and times.
  5. No breakfast? I hope this isn’t a test for a fleet wide change!
  6. I cruise solo and always book a balcony. Sometimes I do pay double, other times the supplement is reduced or eliminated. You can check cruiseplum.com for lists of cruises with reduced or zero supplements. I prefer NCL because they are used to solo cruisers and service is generally excellent. Personal preference but just the thought of an inside or studio cabin makes me feel like I can't breathe. Everyone has different needs.
  7. If you use the Cruise Critic "find a cruise" link at the top of every page, you can search and then set a price alert. You'll get an email whenever the price changes on the cruises you choose to watch. There are a few other sites that offer the same service.
  8. Everything listed for the summer has the "less than double" solo deal.
  9. If she didn't have enough credit left that the ship cut off her card and she couldn't buy coffee (priorities!) she also couldn't buy plane tickets. A healthy credit line...don't leave home without it!
  10. Thanks for sharing so many great photos. The Spirit was my first NCL ship and I was so looking forward to seeing the changes in Japan in November. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find another time to enjoy the changes.
  11. A missed port is compensable if the coverage is included. They should subtract the $15 and pay you the difference. I would escalate this to show them what you received was simply a refund of an amount you had already paid as part of your cruise fare. When NCL dropped two ports last April I only had to submit the letter from NCL and a claim form and Nationwide Luxury Cruise sent me a check for $1250, the amount listed in the policy. Apparently there have been too many changes lately, as my current policy pays $750 and my next one is only $500.
  12. She is looking for money and publicity. That poor child did not get care because they wouldn't or couldn't pay for the treatment and wait for the insurance to reimburse them. Now she'll make a profit from the crowdsourced $$. I know not everyone has huge credit limits but, personal responsibility again. Don't get on a ship with a sick child and no way to pay to get help. Life101.
  13. It would be a much longer cruise to go around Cape Horn and back up the other side of SA. That is a bucket list cruise for me, but I don't think saving the Canal fees would be worth it for the number of days they'd have to add.
  14. Isn't that the ship with the continual missed ports due to engine issues? That cruise also requires a really expensive flight to Chile for most.
  15. That's new since my last cruise in April. Nice to see.
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