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  1. I just finished a call with an NCL Worldpoints rep. I called a few weeks ago to find out what to do if my cruise was cancelled. I was told to call to request the return of the 60,000 points I used to upgrade. I just got the email that the cruise was cancelled and called to make the request. The answer was that while you are ABLE to get the points back, because all of the agents are working from home they do not have the security set up to access the bank system. "Call again when you see life getting back to normal and people are returning to their offices". Considering that they are in Florida, this could be a long wait! The good news is, the points will eventually be returned.
  2. There is enough real information, from medical and scientific professionals, to know that no one is cruising in April, May or June. Meanwhile, anyone with an NCL cruise booked from April 12 forward is still being told their cruise is happening. The NYC pier is housing a testing center and hospital ship. Seattle is closed, Canadian ports are closed, etc etc. It is time for them to make an announcement, at least for the next two or three months.
  3. What happens if a new reservation using the FCC is cancelled at a later point in time? Full value of FCC will be credited back to the guest’s latitudes profile if cancellation is outside of standard penalties. Cancellation penalties will be withdrawn from the FCC amount if applicable and remaining balance will be attached to guest’s profile. This is from the FAQ under the Peace of Mind policy. I'm waiting for them to cancel the 4/19 Bliss. I used FCC from the Getaway fiasco to pay for part of that and I hope to get it back to apply to the Star Iceland cruise I booked for July 2021 using the 10% from the cancelled Spirit Japan cruise in November. They are going to need a new accounting system to keep track of all of this!
  4. 18 months until there is a vaccine, if we are lucky. I was supposed to retire next week so I could travel. I'm dropping down to 20 hours and staying employed for the near future at least. I can't wait to get back on a ship but I'm not willing to risk death to do it.
  5. I had very similar symptoms on the Getaway TA in April 2019. Half of the ship was coughing. Just plain old “cruise crud”.
  6. Not my logic, experience. The Getaway TA last April was shortened by two days and they changed the ports. We had seven days notice that we had to change flights or find a hotel in the UK. We got a partial refund, $300 in expenses and a partial future credit. I got my final check in late June. There were people in the roll call group still waiting for payment in August. Your expectations are overly optimistic.
  7. March 5 was only a couple of weeks ago. On a good day when they only have problems with one ship the credits and refunds can take a few months. You are just delaying them further by adding a credit card inquiry to the mess.
  8. There is definitely a pattern here. My refund was for everything I cancelled on the 9th except the DSC.
  9. The 30 day itinerary change was part of the letter from Harry Sommer (the one that ended with the comment that he was still taking his family on a cruise in Europe in May). That letter and likely the 30 day promise has disappeared from their website. At least, I just searched and can't find it. Things are changing fast but their lack of communication just makes it worse.
  10. I called on 3/9 to cancel my spa pass, water, internet, etc. The credits are on my credit card account today.
  11. Well, that is technically true. They are at anchor to make room for the Gem to dock. That does not preclude the fact that there could have been exposure on the last cruise.
  12. If you go to the Lenawee website http://www.lenawee.mi.us/ and scroll down there is a box on the left with their facebook posts. The announcement is in that section. It is about five posts down from the top in that section of the site.
  13. I just called about the extras I cancelled and they said it may be a little longer than the standard 7 -10 business days. I did get right through on the phone though, no wait time at all.
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