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  1. I have added air as a solo for two cruises next year. They gave me half off for the BOGO.
  2. In the “olden times” last minute cruises would be dumped on a travel auction site. I retired so I could grab deals like that. Oh well…
  3. As long as they get the Spirit Hawaii by June 12 I’ll be happy. I don’t think I can handle another cancelled cruise!
  4. I’m a little over 300 days out and nothing is on my summary either. I did read that due to cancellations and changes they are busy rebooking hundreds of flights. We’re probably at the end of a long line for booking.
  5. I booked it months ago. It was showing 14 until yesterday.
  6. I have had 13 available for the Alaska part on my Spirit cruise next June. Nothing for Hawaii. Last week it increased to 14 and now it is showing only the one I booked. I’m assuming updates or a glitch.
  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Spirit next June. With Australia’s border situation I hope they don’t scrap the Honolulu to Vancouver trip.
  8. I was behind a woman in-line at guest services (before drink packages). She was screaming that she had not signed for any drink charges. They showed her the long list of receipts and she said she was just signing that she was old enough to drink!
  9. That’s what I thought. I only have the drinks package upgrade showing. I think I’ll bother my PCC tomorrow and see what’s up. Thanks!
  10. I have two cruises booked, one just less than a year away and one in late 2023. Both have the option to upgrade the drinks package but nothing about an internet upgrade. I do have 500 minutes free plus 30 for platinum. Is that odd or do they add it closer to sailing? I’ve never booked this far out.
  11. I always book as close to the elevators as possible (bad knees). I never heard a sound from the hallways on the Getaway or Breakaway. I’m sure a rowdy loud group could be heard, that’s the case in any hallway.
  12. Has anyone seen anything about the Spirit? I’m not sailing until next June but if Australia doesn’t open I don’t know if my Hawaii to Alaska will happen.
  13. I can spend $30 on good coffee, water and a glass or two of champagne. Worth it to me!
  14. The family pool on the Gem has steps. The Breakaway, Getaway and Epic all have only ladders. Those three do have steps in the thermal spa pool. The Gem does not.
  15. I have always purchased my spa pass online. It isn’t appearing as an option for my cruise next June. Usually it shows the price at least.
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