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  1. so much for air purification............. covid can travel through the air???? ban smoking in casino
  2. i love to play tables but i dont smoke i am very disappointed that they are allowing people to smoke...who can we speak to about this maybe they will change there mind.
  3. the rule before the florida ruling was vaccinated guests didnt have to wear mask or get tested
  4. people dont want to wear a mask and get tested all day on there vacation
  5. i have no desire to fly to a different country and deal with extra bs i rather sail leaving from the usa
  6. i feel ripped off i got vaccinated so i could cruise without testing and mask
  7. what makes me angry is that vaccinated guests didnt have to get tested and wear mask but because of the leader of flroida now we have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i hope they change the rules about mask and testing i dont want to wear a mask or get tested on my cruise vacation.
  9. im not paying for any test i refuse to get tested i am vaccinated and i dont want to wear a mask
  10. Disappointing I like the 6 drinks anytime anywhere like on royal
  11. when is the test cruise??? when is the first passenger sailing
  12. cdc is a waste of time and tax dollars they need to get lost they do nothing!
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