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  1. pf778c


    Guess you've never gotten the "hairy eyeball"...
  2. Is the SSSS a cruise thing? I got it when flying back to JFK after my cruise to Barbados and I saw at least one other lady from my cruise singled out as well.
  3. Given the choice I would pick a child-free ship each and every time. The ship is my primary destination; the ports are just "gravy". I've encountered enough children on Silversea cruises over the years, ranging from infants and toddlers to university age, and although I have found their behaviour to improve with their age, NONE of them seemed to be terribly thrilled to be there and looked as if they would have appreciated a cruise with more guests closer in age to themselves. Personally, I would rather see NO children on a Silversea cruise; it's really not geared towards families with children. I can, however, understand children of crew members making appearances; I've never really noticed more than a glimpse of them here and there in any case. But I really think multi-generational families would be better served on the bigger ships, such as those on Crystal and Regent, where there is more room to accommodate children's activities without disturbing anyone, and ensuring EVERYONE has an enjoyable cruise. I'm not looking to offend any members here with children or grandchildren, but on the off-chance that this thread comes to Silversea's attention, I'd like to add my two cents and attempt to thwart any attempts at "Royal Caribbean-ing" our cruise experience! I have made Silversea my choice over other cruise lines for a reason. Bechi
  4. And my best wishes and sincere hopes that it will all work out for your fellow passengers on board.
  5. Thanks Missy! I'll check those out and check in with travel agents as well to see if they've got any insider information. Great tip about Ponant; I never even thought of them! Bechi
  6. Thank you all! Got a lot of perusing to do... <g>
  7. Thank you all for your replies. I'll look into Crystal a bit deeper (I didn't see any information regarding single supplements when I looked, but if it's a straight 130%, that may explain why), and some of the European river cruise lines. Basically, I have time available in November and was thinking of a cruise, but Silversea is my "go to" line and currently isn't offering anything attractive with an affordable single supplement at the moment. I singled you out Lois, because although I'm not terribly active as a poster, I believe we've exchanged a word of two over the past year or so and I know from past postings here and on the SS board, you've done a few solo cruises on Silversea recently as well as on some other lines and seem to lean towards Silversea as a favorite at the end of the day, so thought your preferences might most closely reflect my own. The only other line I've tried is Seabourn, so just looking for advice on where I might find the most Silversea-ish cruise with an affordable supplement if I can't sail Silversea! Thanks!
  8. I'm trying to come up with a weekish (7-10 days) long solo cruise for this November, but my go-to, Silversea, doesn't have anything for me. Since it seems Lois has been doing a bit of research lately with the solo offerings of numerous ocean and river cruiselines, and has done sufficient cruises on Silversea to know my preferences, I was hoping she might have some recommendations for me for lines with low single supplements. Naturally, I value the recommendations of others as well; I only single out Lois since she seems to be in the same "boat" (har har) as far as cruise preferences! Thanks!
  9. During my stay at Hacienda Siesta Alegre last year, I spent a few days scouting out potential trails with Jorge, who is in charge of their stables there. They were planning on offering trail riding in addition to their current services, but don't know if this has happened yet. They are in Rio Grande and the property and stables are absolutely gorgeous and Jorge is a fantastic instructor and all-around guy. You can try reaching out to him and see if they've rolled this out yet.
  10. Why don't you just take a stroll over the bridge after you check into your hotel, sans luggage? Grab some dinner have a drink or two, and then worry about schlepping yourselves and luggage to the pier the next day.
  11. I'm hoping to see good things on my Shadow cruise later this month. Honestly, I'll just be happy to see the return of complimentary caviar!
  12. Just saw a blurb about Invictus on Linkedin and a link to some interesting photos, press releases and a highly food-pornographic video: Silversea Project Invictus. Question - doesn't serving caviar with a metal spoon spoil the taste?
  13. Uh huh! <g> It's like when you've just having finished dinner on a cruise and you're secretly lusting for that warm, buttery, tarte tatin. If you're with company, you don't want to hold them up by having desert if no one else is interested, but on your own... Well I know, I'm going to enjoy every bite along with a nice tokaji (oh yeah!), and might even request a few pralines be sent to await me in my suite as well! DAMN delightfully self-indulgent! We all deserve this once in a while and there's nothing sad or pitiful about it. Just trying to reiterate, because this silly idea comes up FAR too often, and there's no reason to think traveling by oneself should involve "being brave and making the best of it"; it's devoting some well-deserved pampering and "ME" time to oneself and exploring and allowing yourself to grow as a person (figuratively - unless you're really enjoying that tarte tatin!) When you travel solo, you tend to engage others more, and try more new things, which can be really eye opening and enriching. You may return home with a new passion, a new hobby, a new outlook.
  14. Thank you Butterfly!
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