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  1. With a world pandemic that is killing people perhaps the title of this thread should read You can thank the CDC...
  2. There is no way I would cruise next week. Until a vaccine is made I don’t see what will be different this fall. In fact the experts predict the second wave could be worse. We canceled a December cruise. Don’t need to worry about it.
  3. Nobody would cruise tomorrow. Why would anything be different this summer or fall? There is no cure or vaccine in sight. In fact most are saying the second wave will be worse.
  4. Really- you are comparing the flu to this virus? Please! You are correct there is no vaccine for the flu but there are a “just a few “ more issues with this virus. In case you have not noticed, the world has shutdown because of this virus and you actually think you will be on a cruise ship in August or December.
  5. I like cruising but I will wait at least 6 months after it starts. Would not consider cruising until a vaccine is created. 18-24 months for a vaccine and at least 6 months for cruises to start and another 6 months for me. I really don’t think I’ll be on a cruise ship until 2023 I seriously expect cruises to be the very last industry open and unfortunately a number of companies will no be in business do I expect it to be different.
  6. From what the experts say I think GA is Maia mistake and will probably have an increase in cases/deaths. Myself, I have more trust in science than I do politicians. I wish them luck but I’m not optimistic. Time will tell.
  7. Not a hope. The cruise industry will be the absolute last industry open. Absolutely the last. A vaccine is needed before anyone sails. The experts are still estimating a vaccine is 18-24 months out. My guess is sometime in 2022
  8. Back to the original question if you will be sailing in June. I would say there is a slight chance you will be sailing June 2022. No way this year, very doubtful a year this June and only a small chance in 2022. The risk and liability is too high until a vaccine is created and proven which is 18-24 months away. The cruises industry will be the absolute last industry open.
  9. You and your GF are much closer to the action. Thanks for what you are doing. Hope your right for so many reasons.
  10. Here is my logic. Even tonight the “experts” are saying 18-24 months for a vaccine. Cruises will the very last to get going. Very last, so add another 6 months. We are in 2022. Hope I’m wrong. Curious how you think it will be sooner?
  11. I know I’m not getting near a cruise ship until there is a vaccine. Regardless of your thoughts I would bet a lot of $$ that no one will be cruising until 2022 if the lines survive
  12. The cruise industry was one of the first to be impacted and I expect it will be the absolute very last to get going. There is no way anyone is cruising this year. A vaccine is needed first which is still 18 months away and I expect the cruises will start 6 months later. Sometimes in 2022 is my prediction
  13. Great news! I hope it works and hats off to the volunteers.
  14. Cruises were one of the first to feel the impact of the virus and I believe will be the vVERY last to get up and running. A vaccine is 18-24 months away and my guess is cruising will be another 6. My guess is late 2022
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