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  1. I hope they're still working on the site. Can't believe they removed the search function and categories to sort rewards by.
  2. They got both kinds of music, country and western.
  3. I did the one in Cozumel, it's wasn't tough to get into, but I could see it being a little tough if you had a frailty or disability that made it tough to climb a ladder. I think there was a warning about it on the site/booking page.
  4. I've gotten a few upgrade emails in the last year and most haven't been good enough deals for me. I actually ended up taking an upgrade off of a ocean view to an ocean view deluxe for $32 (7 day cruise)
  5. It's probably not worth it if what you have now is working for you. Especially if your mother has the casino card and can get most of her drinking done there. I think almost everyone should try cheers once though. You may have to book a cruise with more people, and have one be an under 21 relative. Then you share a room with them and your mom shares with the other and you can get cheers just for yourself.
  6. I love the horchata martini.
  7. bo luc lac has a point. Of course I've let my kid have the rest of a shake I couldn't finished, so I'm not claiming some high position here.
  8. well it is carnival. you know he wouldn't be the only one.
  9. It's probably safer to just leave the bottle in the room and bring glasses to the buffet. Or heck, fill up a large thermos/yeti/big gulp if you don't want to have to go back to your room for a second glass.
  10. I was watching a cocktail creation contest one sea day. 3 or 4 people made their own alcoholic drink and some judges voted on the best one. The winner got some prize and the drink was served that day on the ship. There was some big old dude that was wasted that stumbled up during the middle of it trying to order a drink. It was pretty funny until he got belligerent and had to be kicked out.
  11. Brunch Afternoon Tea Time Trivia assume drinking before/during/after all of these activities.
  12. We enjoyed TJ on our last cruise. He was fun and upbeat.
  13. yup I do this all the time. You can get audiobooks from your local library for free through the Overdrive app
  14. that sucks, but I don't think changing the passenger should be an issue. Maybe someone with experience can confirm. Also once he gets his gf set up and confirmed, watch the ex, a few weeks before they leave, suddenly change her mind and allow your grandson to go.
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