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  1. $10 items include beach bags, cheap sunglasses, cover ups and wraps ( including those for larger ladies ) and costume jewellery - they had different sales on different days. It was my first ever cruise last month. On an 11 night cruise During the day I wore shorts and tops or sundresses over swimwear and in the evenings just some pretty summer dresses, I took a couple of more sparkly dresses to wear on the evening chic nights. I took a pair of closed toe sandals for excursions, 1 pair flip flops, 2 pairs of sandals 1 black, 1 white for daywear and 2 pairs of sandals 1 silver, 1 gold to wear in the evenings, plus a couple of wraps to wear over the dresses if it got chilly. I took 2 handbags, one was asmall across body bag for daytime/excursions and the other an evening bag. I took various bits of jewellery including a statement necklace and a couple of pairs of dangly sparkly earrings. Hope this helps as some suggestions. I am middle aged and overweight and didnt feel overdressed/ underdressed or out of place, everyone had their own style so just relax and enjoy.
  2. We were on celeb reflection end of Jan and upgraded on our 11 night cruise from premium to drinks and more at the cost of £152 ( not sure what that was in dollars!) We had to explain the package to our room steward who wasnt aware of it which took a day or 2 to sort - after reading previous posts I was expecting issues and took a drink out of what the package included with us! We only had 2 bottles of red wine - after a trip to guest service to try and get 2 more bottles/ swap for white we were promised this would happen but didnt. Halfway through our cruise we had a change of room steward - same problem again- because he wasnt aware, it took us another couple of days to sort again , resulting in a visit from the stewards manager. We did eventually get it sorted and he did swap the red wine for a couple of bottles of white Pino I requested but we never did get the 2 extra bottles. We got some mini bar charges on our bill which we then had to go back to guest services again to resolve. We never got the pringles or kind bars replenished only the drinks. The cans of coke tasted very 'tinny' like they were old stock they were using to refill with ( said for airline use on them? ) as opposed to the cans we got ourselves from the bar. When my husband went to use the casino credit to play in a Texas holdem poker tournament he was told he couldnt. He argued that he was told he could use it on a table game which Texax Holdem is , he was told as it was a tournament it didnt count! We did enjoy the wine tasting that came as part af the deal. We did take the 2 bottles of wine and some of the mini vodka with us when we left the ship. On balance it was a lot of hassle & I dont think we would bother with it again!
  3. When we came back from excursions if we had missed lunch we would grab a plate of the 'afternoon tea' food from the buffett - sandwiches, cakes, pizza, salad , a couple drinks from a bar and take it back to the cabin and have a late lunch sat on our balcony . One evening after an exhausting day out we fell asleep for a nap and woke up at 9.30! But it didnt matter ...we went out watched the late night show in the theatre and then had some food about midnight from the buffett! Pizza, pasta, salad, cheese & biscuits, cake and cookies, fruit . It was our first cruise and we loved it. We did get a drinks package and enjoyed trying lots of different drinks we dont have at home. They do have a non alcoholic drinks package you can but which covers sodas, premium juices & smoothies , speciality tea and coffees, water and non alcoholic cocktails
  4. WeCurrently on reflection and just been to the ABCs. This was our first ever cruise & first time to the ABCs. Aruba - our favourite island and we were there overnight. We had dinner at barefoot beach ( booked in advance) you eat on the beach watching the sunset amazing service, food & views. The second day we did the half day UTV adventure- booked through Aviator and was a small tour (3 UTVs plus guide).it was great fun with some great stops- company called Rockabeach tours.You do need to be a confident driver though as its proper offloading. Curacao - we did a jeep tour excursion I booked independently . This was good but the scenery was very much the same...you can only see so many cactus and waves crashing into rocks! We spent a couple of hours walking round the really interesting town after the excursion and enjoyed that more. Bonaire - we did an eco RIB ride a ship excursion. Again it was good but not what we were expecting. To us a RIB is like a speedboat and we were expecting to go through the mangroves to see the flamingos. What we got was driving past the flamingos quickly in a bus and then an hour on an inflatable boat slowly going through the mangroves whilst the guy explained about mangroves for an hour. A great guide but not what we thought were getting. We did get 40 mins on the beach at the end and got the guy to stop the bus on the way back so we could take flamingo pics. We dont do snorkelling and dont really enjoy sitting around on the beach all day. So I just picked things I thought we would enjoy 😊
  5. We did try with both mine & my husbands phones ( both androids) I'll give wifi connection a try and try turning off & on my phone . Thanks
  6. Dont know if anyone can help. Just bought this for our cruise next week. Usually just use our phones but wanted to get some pics on the water etc. We have downloaded the ap to connect with our phone. Tried connecting via bluetooth and the camera is shown as connected on my phone. But in the pairing registration screen the camera is just ' searching and then says smartphone not found. I have a Samsung J4. I know we can still use the camera bit was hoping to be able to send some pics from the phone to family etc whilst away. Thanks for any advise
  7. Thanks everyone or the advice I'll just bring ours with us .
  8. Can someone please tell me if there is somewhere to weigh your luggage on the Reflection, so we can check weight of cases for our flight home. We do have our own at home we could bring,but if there are some onboard it's easier not to. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  9. Has anyone purchased the photobook? The explanation doesnt actually explain what you get . Thanks
  10. I've already checked in and my boarding passes are available to print. But today I've just upgraded from premium to drinks and more Package. Will boarding passes be updated to show this? Should I print them as they are showing the premium package or just wait for them to be printed at check in when I board? Thanks
  11. Thanks for this Purplesmurf . We will definately go for dinner then. Paul - January on the reflection will be our very first cruise for my 50th birthday ,but I've been following these boards including your adventures since we booked early last year. Thankyou for sharing as your posts and pics really bring the cruises to life and add to my excitement and anticipation 😊
  12. I have just seen PALL and CALL my online sea pass . I believe PALL indicates that I have the premium drinks package could someone tell me what CALL means please. Thanks
  13. Hi, we are in Aruba for the first time in Jan and are there overnight. I have booked a table at barefoot beach. Can you please tell me if this is worth it or just touristy? My husband is allergic to fish & shellfish and the smell of fish can make him ill so it does limit our options of not going to a fish restaurant or anywhere too enclosed. Thanks
  14. Thanks everyone for all your ideas. We are not hoarders and I hate dusting ! So not planning on bringing back loads of stuff but after 2 years of planning & saving this is probably going to be a once in a lifetime trip for us to celebrate my 50th and our 20th anniversary so we wont get to visit any of the places again and I want a few momentos to remind me of what I'm hoping will be amazing holiday. I will also make a scrapbook of the holiday with photos , tickets from excursions and maps etc - I still have the one I made after our honeymoon to Malta and enjoy looking back on it. Between us we have 5 kids & 10 grandkids so I expect we will need to save room in the cases for a few gifts too! Only 2 months to go now so the excitement & countdown has begun !
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