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  1. You can go into the app at anytime and choose the pick up and drop off location and it will give you a price I usually do it around the day of the week and time of day I will fly in to get a more accurate price. So if say my flight got into FLL at 1130 am on a Saturday I would get on app at a few saturdays around 1130am-12pm and check rates and then average them!just FYI to everyone who doesn’t know you can actually order ubers and lyfts for others and price checking is same process. Just choose starting and ending locations.
  2. Yes Kelly’s we are familiar with we had it the last time we got off cruise before flying the clam chowder is really good!
  3. What are some pre or post cruise dining favorites or recommendations in the Fort Lauderdale area? We do have a vehicle with 2 days pre cruise & 1 day post cruise planned! Just hoping to get some ideas. Thanks
  4. It’s not a matter of first on or first off but keeping our family together and as we are traveling with a little one it makes it easier to have the extra help from family. We are definitely not first to disembark, we are the last, the straggler group that must be dragged off the ship as we are lost in a state of denial that our cruise is over! I am just asking if our family could stick with us during checkin either way to have the extra helping hands
  5. So my family is booked in a GS on Allure, my in-laws are booked in a balcony cabin. I have linked our reservations together and when it comes to check in we don’t want to split up. Can in-laws get on with us in suite check in, or do we have to go through regular checkin lines with them?
  6. I actually prefer the melons and pineapple aboard any cruise ship!! For some reason all fruit on a cruise just tastes better and when on land it’s just not the same!
  7. I’m just saying when the person who started something can get no answers but the conversation is overrun by a different subject then we should be able to close out that topic people will find another thread to hijack always just wish it wasn’t one seeking enlightenment
  8. Hahaha after reading my rant of anger yes you’re correct. I just hate how every question I ask gets turned into something it wasn’t meant to be abd wish I could just shut stuff down when needed.
  9. Here is an idea! Give a creator of a thread the ability to Close their own thread. Sometimes people decide to take a topic so far off base we need the ability to close our own threads! It seems in the state of corona that everybody wants to only talk about corona and take every topic into the subject of corona and vaccines and more vaccines and then the never ending conversation of vaccines!!! Enough is enough and we should be able to close out our own threads when it becomes a completely different topic an issue. This would make it much easier for the moderators as well as staff! Thank you for your time and have a wonderful life!! Sincerely a person sick of hearing about vaccines!
  10. Why is it that we start with one question and the forum turns to something completely different! I started this question wanting to know if cruises next year are being sold to say 50% capacity or if they are selling as many rooms as possible with hopes of switching room number or even upgrading but it has become mostly about vaccine cruising like all other posts. Sometimes I wish we had the ability to close our own posts!!
  11. Ok this is awesome I really didn’t think they did much but was curious. We booked the suite to have the full size bath tub for our daughter who will be 2 at sailing. Maybe you can answer this or maybe someone else can but if we are in a suite and we have family not in a suite can the concierge make the reservations for both our parties together for dinners? Or do I need to use regular avenues? There will be 6 total people in our party and we have booked the ultimate dining, so we would like to eat as a family every night in the specialty dining. Hoping concierge can accommodate both our parties for the dinners.
  12. Haha so basically it’s our own private guest services with a few extras
  13. What kinds of things can and will they do for you?
  14. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-royal-suite-class this is more inclusive list than the list you had it there don’t seem to be many hidden perks as I have asked the same question before and this page was the best response I received!
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