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  1. Thank you Erika, Were the evening shows good, we just finished 2 Celebrity cruises in the last 3 months and entertainment was horrible!
  2. Hi all, Wife and I are looking at Alaska for 2020 And was wondering how well Royal Does it. We travel a lot on Celebrity, But honestly after 2 cruise this spring looking at other options. Celebrity is going down hill on the Entertainment. We Did princess Alaska land Cruise in 2016 and was great, but always wanting to try other lines to see new things, So How was you Land Cruise with Royal Caribbean? Thanks K and J
  3. I agree with opinion on lounge acts, they were ok, I wouldn't call them great, but good to sit and have a drink and listen,. But not anything where we said we need to go back and watch them again. But the Main Theater shows was what was lacking The Pianist was very good, Brokens String wasn't very good for our tastes, or even the Broadway Show. The last evening was probably the best of the shows we saw.But the Tenor singer and the other male singer was n't much in our opinion. WE sat in the back and a lot of people were leaving with the 2 male singers. But after show , only real option was Silent Disco which wasn't our cup of tea or the Improv which we try once and that was surely enough. .. They need to step up with some late night shows in the small theater , comics, or something of that nature. Especially on sea days.
  4. Just had concierge class c2 on Solstice, great balcony on the slant, very large, you to get priority tender if you have any. Champagne is just cheap Brut and the canapes to your room in the after noon aren't much. At dinner we at our table tried to figure out what they were, Wasn't very appetizing . Also get shower gel and shampoos and conditioners in little bottles. I wouldn't have paid for it but Celebrity offer it to me . Was cheaper than regular 2A or B balcony, I just they were't selling.
  5. its a shame they don't have the Alchemy on your ship. We had it on the Liberty and was great, I think it right up there with the Martini Bar on X. Agree the dinning room leaves something to be desired but the entertainment is above X. Alot of late night shows and entertainers. We did a 12 day Destination Cruise on it and was great cruise, not a lot of over the top partying and very few kids.
  6. here's a quick information about our very recent Solstice cruise Hawaii to Vancouver . Sorry not a writer just some information . Wife and I are not new cruisers, with 20 cruises behind us. 1st our room, we had a great room, 12249 on 10 deck, C2 class with angled balcony Wonderful size balcony with plenty of room for 2 chairs and ottomans and table, great to have breakfast on while it Hawaii. Bed was near balcony and overall room and ship were in pretty good shape. Room attendant was just ok, never had a day that he remembered everything, No ice, couple of times forgot bath mat, , no wash clothes a couple of times, and no shower gel or shampoo a time or two. Really no big deal, he seemed over worked. But room was in a great location, 50 feet from elevators and no noise except from balcony above who seemed to like moving chairs and tables around in the early morning lifting and dropping them down the the deck. Dinner in Main dining room, was in our opinion was very good, Service was good but seemed our waiter was really rushed , He seemed frantic at times. We missed the normal engagement we usually have with the waiters.. They have always been fun to talk to. Shows, boy they have really gone down hill. It was a big conversation about lack of good shows. It seems like its been a big cost reduction with the entertainers. No comedians, illusionists, . We always enjoyed a late adult comedy show They had a improv pair that performed a couple of nights, After general chit chat with table mates and other cruisers they seemed to say it was their cup of tea to say and would go see them again. . They did have a great naturist, Brent Nixon, if he's ever on a cruise your on, don't miss him. We were on the Silhouette in February and the shows there were pretty weak also. Looks like Celebrity is moving toward using their house musicians to provide around the ship entertainment. Casino, boy never saw such a dead casino. Never more that half the tables never had players. I was playing roulette one night and was only player , it seemed like I was the entertainment, had about 10 or people watching, even had people sitting next to me not playing, was surprised they didn't ask them to move, but said nothing. I stopped shortly after. Craps table mostly empty, at most 2 people, don't think I ever saw that before. We had to tender in 3 ports, and in Maui was very rough, I felt sorry for the mobility impaired guests, getting up and down those steps on on to the life boats they used as tenders. It would of been nice if they gave those folks a little more room, but the seem to want to pack the boat! We talked to captains club and about entertainment, on both Silhouette and Solstice. And there answer was it about the demographics of the cruisers!!! We have a another cruise booked with Celebrity and thinking were going to cancel and try another line for a change. Over all the Celebrity seemed be be trying to be the new Holland America with attracting a more mature crowd. Decpl wi.
  7. Not a problem at all, Did it about 6-7 times, from Baltimore and Philadelphia airports, Book a am flight and will be there by 3 easily .
  8. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 12-249 DECK #:10 CLASS:C2 AREA: rear midship BED NEAR: Balcony QUIET?: Yes extremely quite(except for rude people above dragging and banging deck chairs early in the morning) BALCONY VIEW: Excellent BALCONY SIZE: Large on and angle Reclining chairs and ottomans and table, WIND A PROBLEM?: No wind problem SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Close to elevators.
  9. Thanks for taking time to do report, enjoy your cruise. Kand J
  10. Just had this happen on our 2-22 cruise. Booked on ship and told agent we didn't want to use same agency, When we returned home, contacted the agency we wanted to use and gave them the booking number. Company called back and said they could't take it as it was already assigned to another company. After 1 hour of phone calls and told them we would cancel cruise, they transferred us to resolution supervisor and she said what we had to do to get it bad. I said sorry, i don't have to do nothing , you have to do or I cancel that and another cruise we have booked. It took 5 days but they got it back and assigned to the new agency. They said agent on board make the mistake.
  11. The above poster was correct about Sushi on 5, it was almost empty every time we pasted it on our Feb. 22nd cruise. We use to enjoy Bistro on five.
  12. DocJohnB Thanks for the review. I think the cruise line lost sight of the anytime, select dining or your time or what ever you want to call it. When it first started you couldn't reserve a time you just showed up when you wanted and wait a few minutes and got a table. Next they started letting people reserve time for the whole cruise so they all started picking times around the main seating for the entire cruise., Kind of defeats the purpose we think. A couple of cruises ago we would walk down and be giving a pager on Princess and go sit at the closest bar, Usually in 20 minutes would be called. When we get in, there were dozens of tables open. Asked Maitre D about it and he said they are reserved but no shows and he has to wait 20 minutes before filling them. . Decpl
  13. Yes there is a smoking area area next to sunset bar, usually crowded and not much seating on our last cruise.
  14. Cementhands, I don,t recall Zumba, but not saying there wasn't. Cruise director was Rich and was pretty good, his suporting staff not so much. Afternoon trivia one day had a Spanish speaking mc and was very hard to understand, a lot of people looking around and asking what he said, lots of people left after the first couple questions. Sasset, shows were 7:00 and 9:00 Lot of dancing in main foyer with like band playing , mostly before dinner and after.
  15. Diesel , weather in Bonaire and Curacao was in high 80's and very windy in both countries.
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