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  1. Just had this happen on our 2-22 cruise. Booked on ship and told agent we didn't want to use same agency, When we returned home, contacted the agency we wanted to use and gave them the booking number. Company called back and said they could't take it as it was already assigned to another company. After 1 hour of phone calls and told them we would cancel cruise, they transferred us to resolution supervisor and she said what we had to do to get it bad. I said sorry, i don't have to do nothing , you have to do or I cancel that and another cruise we have booked. It took 5 days but they got it back and assigned to the new agency. They said agent on board make the mistake.
  2. The above poster was correct about Sushi on 5, it was almost empty every time we pasted it on our Feb. 22nd cruise. We use to enjoy Bistro on five.
  3. First off let me start by saying, I am not a whitty great writer. I will give you our insights on our recent cruise. We booked cruise fairly late ,in late December, luckily they still had aft balcony available . So we booked aft stateroom on deck 8. Wife always want to try one. Let me start by saying we our a mid -sixties couple and this is our 18th cruise. ths was one of the quietest rooms we ever had, But warning to people with walking issues , its a very long walk to theater. Only had a soot problem one day, was next to last sea day and it was like it was snowing , soot flakes as big as 1/4 inch. we had to leave balcony. it was around 4 in the afternoon.But that was it . We arrived Friday at Fll got on an early flight as this was all that was available at a reasonable cost.We arrived at cruise terminal at 10;45 and was aboard in 15 minutes. Nice quick service. Our room was available at 1 PM. and met our attendant Reynaldo, Great attendant. Was like a ghost,but room always clean and ice bucket loaded. Did the evacuation demo, that was the dumbest demo with cartoons I ever saw, was truly ridiculous . We had late seating as it was the only one left when we booked. Had a nice table for 4 , but the other couple never showed. Waiter and assistant waiters were great ( Angel and Ipong) This cruise had the best beef/steaks that we ever had on a cruise. Room service for a few balcony breakfasts was alway perfect and exactly on time. Was nice sitting and eating on the aft balcony . It has a little more depth than the side ones. Nice and relaxing watching the wake. Ocean view cafe nice most of the time, but keep running out of plates on sea days. On to Entertainment, comedian first night Miguel ? was pretty good. 2nd night was their show with different acts and trapeze acts, was ok. 3rd night was a rock band Billy Mcguigan, let me say, we seen a lot of shows over the years and this was one of the best!!! Next night was another musician , he was very good also. and the next was a female singer Lorraine Crosby , her show was good also.Fridays show was there own show which I thought was pretty lame, wife said it was just ok, wardrobe looks like it was picked up at Walmarts. Last night comedian was pretty good, can't recall his name though.. Theater was never full to capacity. Other entertain mostly singers ands house acts. Late night entertainment was mostly Karaoke and lounge acts. One late night show the Marriage game and that was it . No late night adult comedy at all, Ship was pretty dead after 10:30. The at sea speakers were ok, not very well attended, Think it was due the the subjects. Have seen much better. Casino was fairly busy was nice with no smoking. Actually got a couple of free drinks while playing. On to the pool, as always chair hogs galore, I usually walk first thing in the morning and the people where out in force reserving chairs around pool area by 7:30., One day I watched a woman show up with eight flip flops and eight books and put them on chairs in front of pool, in front of a officer talking to deck attendants and they did nothing. She left and when back down the elevator. Ports were nice, we have been to all many times and did our own thing, mostly beaches but did do a sunset catamaran in Aruba. We thought the ship was in great shape, mostly older crowd and very few children.., Disembarking was fast, we did walk off , though customs and in a Shuttle van, cost $11 PP at 8 and at airport at 8:15. Checked in and though TSA by 8:30 All in all very nice trip Any questions, will try to answer. Kand J
  4. Just back from Silhouette cruise, and like posted above , everything from Tuxedos and gowns to Walmart store attire. There's been a great decline in dress code.
  5. Decpl

    2nd choice

    Wife and I enjoy Princess alot. I think they would work for you. J and K
  6. We did the Kauai one about 6 or 7 years ago with NCL and it was pretty good. On our up coming cruise in April with Celebrity we have one booked in Maui, Hana And Haleakala Helicopter Exploration
  7. Thanks for the review, the reasons you mentioned is one reason we never went back to NCL after one cruise. K and J
  8. As stated by Jim_Iain, wife brings a full supply of shampoo. conditioner, body wash, face wash and body lotion. Me I just use what they have. I never had any issues.
  9. Probably won't be changed. We done Guaranteed a few times and were never moved after initial assignment.
  10. Crew members don't have a lot of space to store trinkets and snacks . We aways leave auto in place and add cash to an envelope for good service, Usually like to give it to them in hand also with a thank you and a hand shake. K and J
  11. You will enjoy Celebrity, food is good, not a lot of children, and great service. I should ad that we like Princess a lot also, as we are Platinum on Princess. . We cruised Celebrity, RCL (to Many kids ) Carnival ( to no frills) and NCl ( not our cup of tea) The music and entertainment is to our liking on Celebrity and pool area is more relaxing.. Kand J
  12. Great review Linda, thanks for taking the time to do all the work. It was fun reading along with your trip. K and J
  13. We have used cruise lines air before, It was useful for Alaska, but not for San Juan, If booking for Mainland in the States , always found better prices and better flight times on our own. On Air to Alaska, yes we were able to pick our seating. K and J
  14. Any time dinning is really not anytime. Alot of people who can't get early select anytime and reserve a table for the lenght of the cruise. Which I kind of think defeats the purpose. When it first started on Princess you just walked up when ever you wanted to dine, depending on your day, port days sea days what ever and you could get a table very quickly. But now people reserve at start of cruise fotr say 6:45 or what ever there's always a wait. Then when you get seated there are tons of tables that people just didn't show. Talked to Maitre D about it and he said they have to hold them for 20 minutes. Makes no sense to us. Kand J
  15. We always try to eat dinner on ship. If we miss our scheduled dinner time. we just head to the buffet . We are not big fans of San Juan, been there enough times, that we don't need to see rain forest or forts again. And yes for tipping, we had some great service for room attendants to servers, a little extra is always appreciated by them. Kand J
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