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  1. I guess there could be 2 extremes on an inaugural cruise - lots of growing pains or best staff, food etc to make a lasting and favorable impression on media and on board vip types Maybe I'm thinking inaugural cruising is like a top tier airline inaugurating a flagship route. In any event, I would try an inaugural cruise.
  2. I found the discussion about Havila Kystruten intriguing. So much so that I visited the website. Seems they have lots of work ahead of them (including staffing). It'll be interesting to see what market forces will bear on the pricing of the coastal sailings. Or maybe it will end up being cartel pricing. Who knows? But options are good. Will follow the company's plans and progress to see what happens and how their coastal plans develop. b
  3. grayjay, Thanks for the excellent tip about promenade deck. And the specific cabin information. I, previously, looked at the cruises out of Hamburg - but decided a few days at sea getting to and from Hamburg would not suit me. But it seems that Hurtigruten treats these sailings more like a "conventional" cruise.
  4. GC, I agree "search" and "google" are my friends. I read each of the 61 ship reviews and 43 cabin reviews here on CC for the MS Finnmarken, and 48 Polarlys ship reviews (alas no cabin reviews on CC) . But with all the helpful folks - including you - providing me with great tips and insight, I thought that this would be a good spot to ask and shake the CC knowledge tree once again. And you are absolutely right - the trip will be perfect - regardless ship (and I dare say weather!)
  5. SarniaLo, That is exactly the type of description and feedback that I was hoping for. Very helpful. I really appreciate your help.
  6. Hello all, I'm back with another follow up question. I am considering sailings on the MS Finnmarken or the Polarlys. Most likely in the expedition suites/mini suites cabin category. Any comments/experiences /tips/advice you may has will be appreciated. (Please let me know if it is better to spin off this question into a separate thread). Thanks so much!
  7. grayjay, Thank you very much. You provide some compelling reasons for direct booking.
  8. WOW! WOW! WOW! A heartfelt thank you to each of you who posted in response to my inquiries and follow-up. I really appreciate that you shared your views, experiences and tips with me. The posts have been extremely helpful as I move closer to picking a ship and date. And I really must second "Travel2?" sentiments about this forum. It is refreshing to find such knowledgeable and helpful people to e-converse with. around her, newbies like me feel welcomed - thank you to each of you for that.
  9. Bella0714 more data = informed choices = better decisions until.... mother nature shows me who the real boss is! But then I know I gave it my best shot.
  10. SarniaLo, I am US based. I prefer and really enjoy doing my own research, planning and direct purchasing of all aspects of my independent (and preferred) travel arrangements. On occasion, when I use a TA for some $$$ savings (usually for cruises) - I do all the planning and say to TA please sell me xyz and then I go away. I've never had to interact with them again (except for final payment). But I'm thinking with Hurtigruten, it'll be a direct transaction.
  11. Travel2? Thanks for your post. As a first time Hurtigruten cruiser - would you have any specific do's and don't's (double apostrophe catastrophe) for a Hurtigruiten newbie? Anything you found particularly helpful in your planning? (If you'd like to share) Thanks!
  12. SarniaLo, That was a delightful post! Thanks for sharing your experience and observations. I think the choice is going to be March or October. I agree that it is crazy to use historical data to predict the future - but it is a fun geeky exercise (in futility, perhaps). BTW - I enjoyed reading your travel blog noted in your post signature.
  13. Hallasm, Thanks for the tips. True enough about the other thread. I cited it because I realize that using ".no" site may make moot using TA for pricing advantage. I should have been clearer in my post. As a point of interest - I'd like to hear if others have used TA's.
  14. Thanks GC. Great posts. BTW - I am really not all that clever. Hehehe I also came across your post commenting on northern lights in another CC thread. That was quite helpful also. As we discussed in a previous thread - I get sea sick easy, but will take my chances. After all it won't be like the Atlantic in Hurricane season. right? I keep repeating that to myself. And Hurtigruten was not in the news recently. But we'll go and if I get seasick for a day, I will still have 10 days to enjoy. I'm nerding out on meteorological and astronomical data - day/night length, cloud cover, precipitation amounts, moon phases etc... it is kinda fun - but ultimately I realize it can be (may be, ah, ummm is) an exercise in futility - because there could be 11 days of clouds or 11 days of no solar flare activity. But, in any event, but we'll have the coastal views and travel experiences to remember. Thanks for your help and sharing!
  15. Thanks GC. I can relate to many of the points you make in your post. And while my jaw drops when I see the suite prices, they my be "worth it" in circumstances you mention and I can relate to. I am narrowing my choices to fall or spring. While I know weather and northern lights are unpredictable, can you comment some more on what you experienced in these two aspects of the trip. Also, one of my favorite question (Or 2) - what is one thing that you did not like? And why would you recommend a March sailing? Looking forward to any information you can saher. Thanks so much!
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